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Have you noticed what is taking place with the mainstream social media sites? This is really getting to the point it is almost humorous.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all getting completely out of hand.

And it is the best thing that could ever happen to STEEM.



Last week, a number of the social media sites went after Alex Jones and InfoWars. This was only the beginning. Throughout the last 10 days or so, many on both the right and the left had action taken against their accounts. This even led to President Trump coming out and saying that social media is targeting conservatives unfairly (to be fair, the left was hit also).

I hope this situation continues to escalate. Facebook and YouTube both engaged in banning campaigns over the past couple of months. Many on here saw their accounts disappear for "violation of their terms of service". This means that, for many, years of work went down the drain.

In a little over a month, STEEM is going to have Hard Fork 20. One of the biggest changes that will come from this is the ability for applications to on-board users. No longer will Steemit be the sole entity doing that. This should allow STEEM to drastically increase the number of users approved on a weekly basis.

Can you see where I am going with this?

This is the perfect time to have an alternative social media platform. with the traditional sites going on a banning spree. All the publicity that Facebook generated over the past few months has upset a lot of people. Google, Facebook, and Spotify are following suit.

STEEM is ripe to take advantage of this situation. The applications on this blockchain are improving. While the other sites still have size on their side, STEEM offers a platform that does not censor. Everything that is placed on the blockchain is permanent (for the most part). At the same time, we welcome those who are ostracized by the "establishment".

It is unlikely that we are going to see the other sites stop what they started. Over the next few months, STEEM should position itself as an alternative choice which all viewpoints are accepted.

Many often question the state of cryptocurrency by asking what problem does it fix? Without getting into the naivety of this question, one big area that we have covered is for those who are disenfranchised. These people can have a voice on the STEEM blockchain.



The abusive power of centralized entities is starting to penetrate the mainstream. While they might not know about the alternative of decentralization, those that are turned away will eventually find what is being created. This is a major plus for everyone who is on here.

Entities that get so big and start to take their customers for granted tend to get sloppy. This is what I see taking place right now. Because of pressure coming from the outside, these companies are trying to show they are monitoring what is taking place. Ironically, they are only alienating the people who frequent those sites. Sure, today, there are hundreds of millions, if not billions, of users. Yet with each ban, there is a group of people who might be turned away.

STEEM is in the process of setting itself up nicely to grab a large slice of that traffic. With viable, working alternatives, we can see an easy transition for many. Having a sign up process that makes it easy to create thousands of accounts is imperative. By the end of September, we will have this.

I hope you are like me. Each time I see someone else banned from one of the main social media sites, I get excited. Those are ideal candidates to join the STEEM blockchain.

If STEEM even takes a small percentage of the users that Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have, it will be a resounding success.

Things are starting to fall into place.

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I agree with you that many people can potentially escape to other alternatives such as Steem f.example. But I wish there were even better mechanisms to sort out content that is not relevant for me or that I don't enjoy. I guess this is a job I have to do myself on this platform, good post

Everything that is censored falls badly, because nobody likes impositions, especially because what is behind all this is a social hypocrisy. Having the power to express our judgments and be responsible for what we say only by the criteria we have is necessary and get readers who do not judge but share their views in environments of respect is the best. Good for Steemit.

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Really a great article my friend. Users database is very critical to social media sites and the cumbersome sign up process on steemit was an obstacle for its growth. Now we will have an explosion of daily sign ups after this hard fork.

This is yet another example of why decentralization has a huge advantage over centralization.

Tangentially related, I got a chuckle while walking in downtown Minneapolis today, I think the first time since I moved out to the burbs. Saw this dinosaur-mindset windowfront and had to take a pic of it:


These poor bastards have no idea what’s coming down the pike.


I dont know, why not was you in my followed list.
Now i can fix this mistake, now you are on it :)

In a little over a month, STEEM is going to have Hard Fork 20

SMTs Release Date

We’re happy to announce and commit to a release of the TestNet in January 2019 along with a release and launch of the protocol on the MainNet in March 2019:

January 15, 2019 - SMT development complete and live on the TestNet.
March 24, 2019 - SMT fully released and live on the Steem Blockchain.

Nice I thought SMTs and HF20 were the same rollout. Nice to know we get some love before that.

We are about to put the finishing touches on Hardfork 20, thanks to our core development team and your thoughtful suggestions and review. As a result, we can now focus on delivering Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) to you.

Guess I need to read more carefully.


Don't forget about Hivemind, which is also separate from those two. I fully expect it to be released betwen HF20 and SMTs.

Thanks for your article. I have to admit I have been so annihilated from Mainstream Media that this episode passed me by... Unnoticed.

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I dont think Alex Jones is a good source of news, however getting him on Dtube would be a huge bit of publicity for Steemit.

rightly so but since steemit is less foused on existing community and more focused on SMT's bringing other content publishers, it does not seem like it would matter, doesn't it?

I have personally benefited from the two video services that are based on Steem. It makes it possible to still have a voice when YouTube tries to shut you down.

Agree with your sentiments. These platforms that were designed to promote free speech, ideas and individuality are now going against everything they originally stood for. STEEM is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the inevitable increasing backlash.

The big socmedia platforms have so lot of money. And they think, they have power, because money is power. And the playing a little tyrrant, and break the rules, try to take from us the basic human rights, like the free speech.

Maybe 10 year later, we can remember those platforms, but just remember, not seeing, because the decentralization and blockchain need burn them all, to the ground. censorship.

It is a pity that the emergence of SMT dragged on for such a long time. We could already compete with all of the social networks you listed. Good luck to you and Love.

Жаль, что появления SMT затянулось на такой длительный срок. Мы уже могли бы конкурировать со всеми, перечисленными Вами, социальными сетями. Удачи Вам и Любви.