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When I first joined Steem, the "get rich quickly" crowd was in full swing. You had people "marketing" Steem on social media how it was the place to come and earn hundreds of dollars per post. Of course, results tended to vary and many arrived with misguided expectations. After a few posts earning .001 as opposed to hundreds, our disillusioned newbies moved on.

Periodically, we see the same this concept arise. Recently, I noticed a number of posts pertaining to this. A few expressed frustration at not making tens of dollars (I guess we should be grateful for the improvement there) on their posts. For whatever reason, these people have it in their mindset that Steem is a "get rich quick" platform".

As one who does believe in the long-term view of Steem, I feel that anyone who is actively participating on Steem today will do very well financially. The problem with using a term like "Rich" is the term is relative. What is considered rich in Laos is different than San Francisco.

Nevertheless, if one wants to look at a long term trend that will have a nice payout, Steem potentially offers that.

We have no idea what the pricing action on the token will do in the future. If, however, history is any indication, we should see a massive jump in the next bull market. There is no question this will happen just a matter of when. The Crypto-Winter might still be in full swing. Either way, what happens if STEEM is worth $20? $50? $100? Suddenly, accounts with a 1000 SP, which there are 7,641, are worth a fair bit of money. Depending upon where one is, that could be life changing money.

The key to all of this is action.

So what is required to activate the "Get Rich Slowly" mechanism.


The Lottery system has a catchy saying: you have to be in it to win it.

With Steem, you need to be here and active to partake in the benefits. It is easy to get jealous, angry, and frustrated. Those who throw in the towel by powering down guarantee they will not benefit from any growth pertaining to Steem. Even if the token explodes, without holding it, there is nothing.

Steem, in many ways, can be looked at as a part-time job or side business. There is a time element that needs to be put forth. It is not an easy system to grasp meaning one needs to do what is required to understand it.


To understand Steem, an incredible amount of research is required. Without it, one will get overwhelmed with all the different aspects to this. To start, the world of cryptocurrency is completely different from anything most of us saw. Blockchain offers a different paradigm that is foreign to most of us. The idea that seemingly unrelated projects are all part of one makes little sense in the beginning.

There are many different layers to Steem. Peeling these back takes a great deal of effort. The information is available although the ecosystem is pretty poor in regards to search. Hence, sifting through posts of people who one thinks are knowledgeable is the starting point. After that, searching tags and other primitive Internet tactics need to be employed.

Gain a following

There is a social aspect to all of this although that should surprise nobody. If we look at things from a business perspective, companies need to brand and market. They need to gain followers somehow. This is done by creating a stir, somehow.

Even YouTubers who are successful employ these techniques. They often spend years building a following. Steem is no different. Part of the reason people get upvotes is because people are following them.

Interacting with others is key. Unless one has enough SP to self upvote to high financial rewards, it requires the help of others. It can be done, it is just a process.

Consistent Activity

From my observation, the most successful people on here are consistently posting. Some opt to post once per day; others two or three. Whatever the frequency, I can set a watch by their posts within a couple of hours. This is something that went on for years. A couple I am thinking about do not miss a day. Personally, the only time I missed was after the chaos after Hard Fork 20 when everyone's Resource Credits were set at zero.

Consistent activity allows people to begin to "trust" you. This is where some of the haphazard behavior is eliminated. If people know what to expect, they can opt to follow or not. I believe people will be more likely to partake if they know what to expect. Consistency helps to foster this.

Post interesting stuff

Notice I did not say post "quality content". We are passed the days of this being only a blogging platform. Steem is an open system that should embrace all points of view and activity. The mega-social media sites are acting as gatekeeper to what content they feel is appropriate. Sadly, many on Steem feel a certain level of "quality" should be hit or else they are flagged, most often by a bot.

That said, to attract a following, people need to be interested in what you are posting. Provide stuff that people are interested in and they will start to follow. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different tags on this site. Each of those has many different topics underneath them. Likes and interests will vary across the entire platform. Post stuff that people are interested in and they will follow.


This is a big one. It is something that many are starting to lose. The mentality appears to be "I want it now" on Steem. This is not only in regards to personal accounts but the ecosystem in general. I understand it. We are all tired of the Crypto-Winter yet we must deal with it.

None of us knows when the world of cryptocurrency will explode. There are a lot of signs that we are closing in on the elbow of the exponential growth chart. That said, we only will know in hindsight. What appears to be a shift could simply be a temporary move. Things could go the other way quickly.

We are in a long-term development game. Forgetting price, we are light years ahead of January 2018 on Steem. The development is way ahead of where it was then. Yet the token price is way down. How can this be? It shows how little price action and what actually takes place are linked. Markets have a mind of their own. Cryptocurrency is no exception.

It is the development that will dictate where we end up. This is always the case with technology. We are always dealing with the "mousetrap". To enjoy long-term, disruptive success, a better one needs to be created. Once this happens, it required continual updating. The IPhone was a major disruptive force yet did not stick with the IPhone 2.

Steem is an opportunity; nothing more. There are many on here who are taking advantage of it because they believe in the long-term potential of what they see. Most others are not taking the same approach.

The question is which ones will be kicking themsleves in the future. If you are like me, you are doing all you can to ensure you are a part of this when it takes off.

Hopefully we are the ones without the boot to our hind ends.

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All my pet rabbits died fast, but my turtles died years later.

Resteemed. It’s been a good journey so far. The patient users here on steem will be happy in the future. It’s hard to stay patient when you think crypto should be making you rich.

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Interesting post friend and very true everything you express there. Steemit looks like real society, we have to go little by little to build our space. Certainly in principle we think about becoming rich overnight, especially in a world where everything happens very fast, but in fact, of all the networks in which I have participated, although my earnings are not many, steemit is the most satisfactions has given me. Here I continue, learning and trying to climb each day a step more. Thanks for your interesting orientations. Greetings.

These are great tips for those seeking to build an opportunity here! I take many of these approaches as a supplment to my profession and mix it very well. I have always been somewhat entrepreneurial and believe that Steem has allowed me to really live it with great opportunities as the ecosystem developments. Thanks for sharing!

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Amazing points. I literally scroll through content just to find what you post because what you talk about aligns hand and hand with my thoughts as well.

I personally believe the worst of the crypto winter is over. Hopefully crypto spring is right around the corner but if not great anyway.

I agree that too many people on here are simply getting impatient. I understand sure that things need to be improved and done better but it is still early.

The most amazing part about Steem is that projects and things are constantly being developed.

I'd be concerned if that wasn't the case but it's the total opposite.

People just need to be patient and focus on supporting, creating and bettering what we are doing here.

I have a question... you said this:

"As one who does believe in the long-term view of Steem"

Well what exactly is the long-term view of steem?

There is no roadmap that I can find and the lead development team has shown no desire (or ability?) to get done what needs to get done in order for steem to thrive...

What exactly is the long term view of steem?

5-10 years.

Why are you dependent upon the "lead development" team? The only thing Steemit Inc needs to do is get the master nodes set up in a way that it can be decentralized. That is coming soon from what I read.

Outside that, it is up to the other developers. Steemit Inc is becoming less important. Hell, in 4 months, Steem Engine put together a few items on Steemits list (exchange to handle tokens created on here and SCOT (SMT-like replacement)).

I am not dependent on them, but they are the most well resourced of any other developers on here. We have had trouble getting anything built with $1+ steem for close to 2 years. You think we will have developers build something of significant value here when steem is sub penny? The best developers aren't going to build anything on here for free... especially when platforms like EOS are paying them millions to build there via special development funds. And we expect steem to compete with that?

You could be right although I am not sure we ever see sub penny STEEM (I presume you are meaning sub Dollar).

We will have to wait and see. I hope you have some EOS if you are that confident about what they are doing over there.

You asked what I thought and I shared it. Time will tell what unfolds.

No, I mean sub penny. This project is still worth over $100 million even with prices at .30.

It really does have a lot further to fall if they don't create any more value here.

I was just using EOS as an example.

My point was that steem isn't willing to use whatever resources they have/had to give this a chance to compete, which is pretty disheartening.

Time will tell indead, but i feel like our only chance at this point is to tag along with a crypto wide pump, which currently steem is being left out of.

That or luck out and have something amazing built on the steem blockchain which is going to have to be done without much help/funding from steemit,inc or steem itself, which only lowers our chances.

I remember Dan Larimer (@dantheman) liked to say. "Slow and steady wins the race".

Can be applied to a lot other things too

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With technology and development, that certainly is the case.

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Wish everyone to reach their targets. Great post!

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Great piece! I fully agree with the "get rich slowly" notion and the point that Steem is somewhat a side business

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Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.04.22 AM.png

nice post!!

very well said and it is just an opportunity to maybe change your financial fortunes. I get cross when I see users just expecting overnight success as it is the long haul that will win the day. The users who are around now will benefit hugely financially at some point, but there is no rush as we can just grow and get bigger in the meantime.

You are so right! I read a post recently concerning a guy leaving Steemit because of how horrible DTube is to operate, plus he saw no activity on his posts. Yes, DTube still needs some Jesus, and you will not become a millionaire tomorrow with Steem, but I know that eventually it will be amazing for those who stick with it!

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I think all folks here need to look at Steem like how the first Youtubers looked at Youtube when it first started out. They just had fun with it even if some of them knew there were some potential behind the platform, but they just focused on their content and sharing with their audience rather than focus heavily on monetary gains. Of course, even them had a lot of folks just drop from the platform when they wondered why they weren't making any money or getting a lot of subscribers. But eventually some of those earliest adopters who stayed on the platform and who focused on their content became some of the biggest Youtubers on the platform, so much so they might as well be seen as the pillars of Youtube creators. One of those Youtubers is still today among the biggest of them and has made a huge living out of it over the years. You might know him by name of PewDiePie.