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RE: Steem: Get Rich Slowly Is The Message

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I have a question... you said this:

"As one who does believe in the long-term view of Steem"

Well what exactly is the long-term view of steem?

There is no roadmap that I can find and the lead development team has shown no desire (or ability?) to get done what needs to get done in order for steem to thrive...

What exactly is the long term view of steem?


5-10 years.

Why are you dependent upon the "lead development" team? The only thing Steemit Inc needs to do is get the master nodes set up in a way that it can be decentralized. That is coming soon from what I read.

Outside that, it is up to the other developers. Steemit Inc is becoming less important. Hell, in 4 months, Steem Engine put together a few items on Steemits list (exchange to handle tokens created on here and SCOT (SMT-like replacement)).

I am not dependent on them, but they are the most well resourced of any other developers on here. We have had trouble getting anything built with $1+ steem for close to 2 years. You think we will have developers build something of significant value here when steem is sub penny? The best developers aren't going to build anything on here for free... especially when platforms like EOS are paying them millions to build there via special development funds. And we expect steem to compete with that?

You could be right although I am not sure we ever see sub penny STEEM (I presume you are meaning sub Dollar).

We will have to wait and see. I hope you have some EOS if you are that confident about what they are doing over there.

You asked what I thought and I shared it. Time will tell what unfolds.

No, I mean sub penny. This project is still worth over $100 million even with prices at .30.

It really does have a lot further to fall if they don't create any more value here.

I was just using EOS as an example.

My point was that steem isn't willing to use whatever resources they have/had to give this a chance to compete, which is pretty disheartening.

Time will tell indead, but i feel like our only chance at this point is to tag along with a crypto wide pump, which currently steem is being left out of.

That or luck out and have something amazing built on the steem blockchain which is going to have to be done without much help/funding from steemit,inc or steem itself, which only lowers our chances.