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We must always remember, the masses have no idea what is taking place. They are completely unaware of what is being developed and how fast things are progressing.

Keep this in mind when you are looking at the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry with frustration.

Today, my boss read me an article he found online. I do not have a link to it since I have no idea where he found it but I will give you the general points.

Basically, it dealt with the fact that mega-technology companies are now data harvesters through the cloud. They run huge data centers that were amassed over the last decade. Personal information turned out to be a gold mine yet this might only be the tip of the iceberg.

Cloud technology is starting to take over. Not only are people storing personal data there but it is something that the enterprise world is starting to do. The cloud companies did a terrific job of creating products that actually process the data which companies are finding it impossible to turn their backs on. The idea of business data ending up on the cloud was completely crazy a decade ago.

Of course, 25 years ago, the thought was nobody would shop online since you had to be a fool to put your credit card out there. Obviously, this turned out to be wrong.

Getting back to the article, it mentioned that the cloud will only continue to grow and that centralized data farms would explode in size. Eventually, all data will be on these centralized systems which will only make those companies more powerful.

As this is being read to me, I was saying to myself "bullshit". In my view, this is completely without any merit since it misses what is taking place.

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all lack one thing: trust. Over time, they all end up like Facebook, hacked and caught using the data of others. It is impossible for a centralized system to avoid this. Couple this with the fact that these companies business model is dependent upon monetizing that data and you can see how change is not going to happen.

My boss asked me what I thought about this and I simply said that centralized systems would not survive. Over the next decade, we will see the rise of decentralized ecosystems that are better able to protect data and give individuals/companies control over it

This all went right over his head. He knows I am involved in crptocurrency yet does not take any initiative to learn about it. One of the biggest moves in the history of the human race and almost all are asleep for it.


Most cannot conceive of something radically different. Blockchain is going to change a great deal about the world. It is a fundamental piece of Web 3.0.

Steemians are well aware of this simple fact: data (information) is money.

The mega-technology companies profited handsomely from it. The average person still goes on Facebook each day printing money for Zuckerberg and his cohorts. He or she does not realize the money that is being burned. Fortunately, for those who are on here, we know what the game is and are profiting from it.

Blockchain is going to be huge because there are too many other powerful technologies coming online. The fact that we are looking such developments as the Internet of Things and AI means that blockchain is a necessity. I love the power these technologies offer. That said, the last thing I want is to be tied to Amazon or Facebook. I have no problem with my refrigerator ordering things for me; the difference is I want it all tied to a decentralized blockchain as opposed to on Amazon's network.

There is one application that is going to turn the world upside down and blow the present system out of the water. It is one that is going to be widespread like email. Almost everyone will be using it and it will make most of the established entities obsolete. This will also take blockchain and put it at the forefront.

That application is a digital identification system.

At the point this is developed, we will see decentralization pick up steam very rapidly. This will instantly give people control over their data while also providing the ability to monetize.

I feel there will come a day when we look back upon the cloud like we do mainframe computers. It was a part of the computing process for a decade or two but that is all: part of a process. Blockchain is the next iteration in network development.

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Cloud, as you said, is mainframe 2.0 decentralized only so far as the location of bytes on a single physical cpu in a single socket, somewhere in its virtualization layer.

Yes, there's redundancy, but that's still a vulnerable, single, physical location. Where there is redundancy, that's clustered in the location of other redundancies.

Makes it very problematic from a "continuity" standpoint, but so long as this "reduces cost" ie... let's lease this hardware... someone always pays the price of this corporate cost cutting.

The irony being, other options are far cheaper, more robust, and better scalable. It'll take time, but it will wake. :)

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Global open digital identity. Yes. We need it. So much more can be done with this.
People be paranoid about it though

Even with decentralization, I’m not going to trust my refrigerator to order food for me. That bastard will order kale and Brussels sprouts just out of spite.


Lol I think mine would do the same if it were able :)

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It'll be your government who will fill your refrigerator. They know better what's good for you, hehe.

Sadly, I equate the blockchain as the cryptoid of the cloud; but, with added uses should crypto ever take hold. I'm optimistic that it shall.

But, we should never forget that nothing and no one can truly be trusted. That's not paranoia, that's called wisdom. Take it for what it's worth.

Speaking of worth noting, Steem is linked to Google, which may as well be an open door for all things lacking

While I believe blockchain investors will someday reap a harvest, it's technology; and, get the gist.



Agree with your point of view.

Mind you, that cat's got a point.


I also completely agree with the cat.

Data, like money, should not be centralized. It is too great a power for any one person or company to bear. Centralized data stores will continue to be giant honey pots for hackers until they are wiped out of existence. Great write up mate. Cheers!


That's exactly what they are. One aspect of it is what @taskmaster4450 discussed which is potential for abuse.

The big question is how exactly the paradigm shift is going to take place. I find it bewildering to have a front row seat to the scale of the change that is ahead of us as well as the blindness and/or resistance to change most people manifest at this stage. I've seen glimpses of that ignorance being lifted among some of the brightest people I know (much, much brighter than myself). Others have recognized the power of distributed consensus technology and cryptography but considered the powers that be capable of keeping it at bay. To me, the only thing uncertain to the change is its timing and the manner in which it will play out. Technology is like water. It will eventually break through all obstacles and when it does, things can change very rapidly.

I agree. Data storage on decentralized solutions will change our world. Starting with increased security, but also by cutting a major profit stream of some of the tech bigboys. Cloud storage is a huge and growing industry. The shift into decetnralized alternatives like SIA will literally revolutionize data storage, and WHO gets the income from it: users instead of big Tech.

Not to mention, online identity as you point out.

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almost all are asleep for it.

This has been the case for me. I have tried so hard to help integrate Steem into the lives of others. Nobody wants to take the time to start from the bottom. I really hope that the Steem Onboarding project turns out to be a huge success.

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The one thing that worries me is the average person. The average person doesn't know and doesn't care about any of it. And when facebook, google, the government or whoever starts coming up with centralized systems that they control that look enough like a decentralized system to fool the average person then what? I think the majority are going to stick with the corporations like they always have. They trust companies even though they shouldn't because the idea of decentralized anything sounds scary to people not familiar with any of this and they don't have the intelligence, time, or interest to educate themselves. And I feel like for these things to truly work, the majority must be on board.

We have become participants of these data practices becausebof convenience but should look at decentralized alternatives to protect ourselves from attacks on our lives by bombardments of ads and messages conceived for us due to the data we store.

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Yea, owning our own digital identity would be amazing

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