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I am a huge fan of decentralization. The recent discussions that are taking place is really affirming that idea in my mind.

My view is we need to take as many steps as possible to move in that direction. It is not going to be an instant or overnight event. Nevertheless, each time we do something that gives people more options, the closer we are to achieving the end goal.

@actifit put out a post announcing the latest update. While this was something that I suggested, I did so because I feel it is for the benefit of the community.

We have a lot of applications on this blockchain with more coming. A few of them allow for wallet access which is helpful to transferring STEEM/SBD or downloading rewards. One of the problems I see if that few of them actually allow access to one's Steem Power. To me, this is a major issue.

The past couple months saw many discussions about the state of Steemit Inc and how dependent upon them the ecosystem is. Steemit is still the most popular application and allows for full access to one's money. Only a few other applications do that.

I am happy to convey the news that @actifit is now one of them.

Their latest update adding the ability not only to Power Up using the application but also to Power Down. This is vital.

Powering Up:


Powering Down:


One can also cancel a Powering Down if it is already started.


Since the team is seeking to reach outside the Steem ecosystem, it is good that the application has the warning about what Powering Up and Down entail. We take it for granted that all are aware of the 13 weeks. but that is not the case. Many newer people might not be aware of the time frame it entails.

This is really exciting news to me. I look at the entire ecosystem as a numbers game at this point. I have no idea which applications are going to make it long term. Some that are very successful today could be gone in a few months. Therefore, the more we can get accessing the different aspects of the blockchain, the better.

We also need this since we do not know how regulation is going to come down. While some countries are embracing the move, others are clamping down. The simple fact is we have no idea how all of this will play out.

Thus, redundancy is very good. If an entity decided to go after the blockchain, we are insulted if we have a large number of applications that provide many different benefits to the blockchain. Full wallet usage is a necessity.

I am glad the Actifit team took this step.

One down, another few hundred thousand to go before full decentralization.

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... I am a huge fan of decentralization

Me too ! Very much so.
It has been maybe 3-4 years back since I keep saying (on every single opportunity someone listen to me) - "I see the future world connected+decentralized"

In this context , I see more and more problems the old consensus algorithms ( POW, POS) has to offer. Centralization starts to be visible more and more on BTC, ETH, EOS and even Steem.

As I constantly, day after day keep searching for that "next Bitcoin killer", somehow, about a week ago, have again re-discovered another consensus model , which went away from POW and/or POS.
I'm referring to OBELISK, from very low (yet) on the list coin SKYCOIN.
I was really impressed how far they have gone, from what I have seen back in 2015-2016.

Have you ever tried to learn @taskmaster4450, what they offer, and what their vision is?
There are a few links (I have resteemed recently) on my blog, which have lots of info in one place. Maybe a good place to start.

Good job..Actifit leading the way

Great job by actifit. Glad that I used them everyday and make sure I did my 5k steps. Personally I am content I can do my exercises and Steem is part of it. Soon it will be all actifit points.
Keep on getting fit.

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Excellent move by @actifit just what we need to be able to not have to rely on steemit as much :)

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I'm glad to see this happening we are up for a very exciting journey towards decentralization.
Well done @actifit!

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“I am glad the Actifit team took this step.” We are all taking steps to better health and a better blockchain.

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Makes me proud to delegate to them!

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Me too. I upped it yesterday. They deserve it.

Very nice, @actifit continues to surprise me. I keep meaning to undelegate my coins away from them on my main account because I gave them a delegation on my alt account.

However, with all this development going on I'll just let it ride.

That sounds like great news! I'm not totally grasping the enormity of this change, so I'll have to do some research to better understand the benefits of decentralization. But after I'm sure I'll be just as excited as you are, taskmaster!

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The idea of this move helping with decentralization is that it provides another avenue for Steemians to access their Steem Power and power down. There are only a couple applications outside of Steemit.com where one can do that. I believe busy.org can do it but steempeak cannot. Steemworld is another way. Those are the only ones off the top of my head. And now we can add Actifit to the list.

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They have proven to be much more than just a fitness Dapp as they were one of the first to use the new code to claim and create accounts. This is what is needed more of across the ecosystem!

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That reminds me, I need to claim some more accounts. I think my RC recharged.