Does a Weekly Routine help keep you grounded?

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The Benefits of Routine

The benefits of a daily routine have been well discussed the past several years for increasing focus, automating your productivity, reducing mental fatigue, and much more! So well discussed, in fact, I've avoided providing my take on the subject (although I may still if I cultivate a unique enough perspective to share.)

One benefit of a daily routine I've noticed, but not read about, is an overall sense of feeling grounded. I'll explain what I mean by that.

I Work form Home

I'm lucky enough to have a day job that's allowed me to work from home for three out of the past four years (one of those years I spent living in NYC, going to an office.) While working from home presents its own challenges that daily routines can assist with, I've noticed a new ailment that comes with the territory: a chronic sense of displacement. That is, a feeling of mental disorganization that often conflicts with an organized reality I have built for myself - I suspect this is a symptom of performing 80+% of my tasks (personal & professional) in one place: my apartment.

I imagine working from home exacerbates a feeling that other non-remote workers might experience to a much lesser degree. And, this is more than just about not having a social life as it persists with engaging in social activities.

An Experiment

I need another grounding point - a place I return to frequently (preferably on a schedule) other than my apartment (which, the home, might be the primary grounding point for most people.) 

I'm kind of thinking of it like the character Desmond's concept of a "constant" in the TV show LOST.

Recently, thanks to all the new Star Wars content consistently being released by Disney, I've developed an interest in comic books. There's a comic book store about a mile away from me and (I didn't know this) apparently new comics come out every week on the same day: Wednesday. 

Perfect for a new Weekly Routine

Every Wednesday, in the early afternoon before I start work, I'll stroll to the comic shop, pickup my new Start Wars books/whatever else gauges my interest while talking to staff/getting to know them over time, and then simply walk back. The entire process should take about an hour, which I think is a good amount of time to test out a new routine.

[Here's one of the series I just started following, if you're interested.]

I probably won't be able to give you a useful update for a month or two after I write this, however I will report on my progress.

Have any ideas? Comment below!

If you have any advice or feedback on what I've written here (the routine or even another solution to my issue,) please let me know in the comments below. Also consider upvoting this post if you enjoyed the content!


I've worked from home for a few years as well and I've never thought to add something like this. I mean, on occassion I'll go somewhere to mix it up, but have never thought to schedule something similar. It's a great idea and I will try it out! Thanks for the post!

Thank YOU! Oh wow I read your post on Reddit yesterday, very nice to see you!

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I bought a 4G USB wifi card so that I can ride my bike around town, do some remote work while sipping coffee in a cafe, then ride the bike some more and back home, then do some more remote work. This allows me to PRODUCTIVELY get out and see stuff while maintaining productivity. When I lived in the US I would do the same things, including the bike in cafes AND the many public libraries scattered throughout the cities (like Los Angeles, San Diego, Honolulu, etc.). It's the PERFECT balance, I have found. But adding a "weekly" component also sounds like an ADDITIONAL good idea. I will ponder some possibilities for my situation. Perhaps a LONGER weekly bike ride...?

You posted a question in quite a different angle.

Perhaps, you can do something out of routine once in a while. Like do something or a few things out of spontaneity or sheer amusement. I know it's a different perspective from what you're aiming to achieve (if I understood it correctly) but my take on this is that because you have set almost everything as a routine, even your "new go-to place", it all seems like a task. Even your home doesn't give you the same comfort anymore because it has become part of your tasks.

Maybe you need something or somewhere fresh just to see and feel something different. Try inserting a small window for spontaneous activities in your schedule. Maybe what you need is not a new routine but a different one.

Hope this thought helps. 😊

Daily routines are awesome! I also have weekly routines but I am not that strict about them cause my program changes due to work. One thing I have found to really make things easier is spend an hour on Sunday to plan the backbone of your week. Not everything, just the necessary things and appointments. Then every night I plan the next day thoroughly. I haven't work from home, but I always hated the feeling of waking up and going outside (I am a salesperson) and thinking "Now what???".