People Around The Stage In The Yeongsanjae Ritual

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One of the interesting thing was looking at people’s appearances around the stage.
There were lots of people there.
They showed me different types of interesting.

The most interesting features were the monks and the nuns.
The life of the monks and the nuns looked like very mysterious for me.
There lives seem to be different from that of the ordinary people.
Because they abandon everything they had. We, ordinary people, think they must be different from us.
So looking at the monks and the nuns was kinds of interesting.

Below are their appearances.
Some monks put the white towel to protect their head from the Sun.
It was looking humorous.


Some monks and nuns were taking the photos of the rituals.






In other place, there was a man caring the food for the ritual.
It looked very heavy, but he carried that box by himself.






The candidates for the local election were busy to introduce themselves for coming election in the ritual stage.




Election must be continued.

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Beautiful .. But life is greater than this
Simple and beautiful .. Thank you for your wonderful picture
Great post well done..

Obviously one of the innocent looking

Memorial Day in Korea is a sacred occasion but also ironically, an opportunity for politicians to canvass the crowds.

It's a stark contrast - nuns and monks who have separated themselves from the world and politicians who are fully engaged in the politics of government and attaining power and worldly influence.

Memorial Day should also be a solemn day this year in keeping with the recent proposed summit between Kim Jong Un and Trump (Now an accomplished fact) that offers hope of peace or detente for the entire Korean peninsula.

Maslow says you have to meet people's physical needs and security before addressing their spiritual needs but I beg to differ - the nuns and monks appeared to have already attained what the politicians can only aspire to achieve.

Have a good day, my friend.

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So amazing to see the cultural differences :) thanks for keep bringing more of this everyday

it must be the most interesting thing is to see crowded people have fun on stage ..

The monks and nuns looked very happy. I love the colorful food buffet. Everything well organized and healthy.

@slowwalker, Absolutely I learn most from you. I looking various Buddhism culture than Sri Lankan Buddhism culture. It has no wonders. Every states has various things. But Buddhism level also same.

The most interesting features were the monks and the nuns.

Absolutely They are very different than normal humans. It mean both monks and nuns abandon everything if they had. Their life style so spiritual. Final image sets feel deeply my heart. Those man try to provide foods to who came to do ritual there.

photography is very nice dear. and hopefully your trip please my good friend. and I really need support from your friends. please help my blog entry once a friend yes @slowwalker

When I was in school, it was taught by nuns and monks. I would have to say that I always thought of that as other-worldly. Something above a normal human being. They were very special and as a young person, fun of them hands separated from me.

This would probably distress them as they do not think that way I was once told. The person who told me this was a nun. I like how you caught them in action. Taking pictures, put in towels over their head and just being a regular part of the crowd.

I wonder how much practice it takes to be able to manage that heavy tray of food? That man has amazing strength!

I bore witness to the historical event of the hand shaking and the speech live with each other. May we be blessed to have a joint peace between us all.

I hope the ritual was very satisfying.


purportedly according to the information I heard monks and nuns were not married during their service .... is it true the issue I heard was @slowwalker???

Your photos perfectly reflect the life that revolves around you. I really love watching people, and your photos give me the opportunity to watch someone, too, watching people. Good luck to you and Love.

Ваши фото отлично отображают жизнь, которая крутится вокруг вас. Я очень люблю наблюдать за людьми, а ваши фото дают мне возможность наблюдать за тем, как кто-то, тоже, наблюдает за людьми. Удачи Вам и Любви.

beautiful atmosphere and very busy, each doing activities to perform rituals, @slowwalker.☺️

I am always impressed by the amount of hard work carried out in the background for events. Shown in your pictures admirably. I haven't been to Seoul for over 20 years but I do remember a people that were happy and at peace with themselves. Something I never achieved in my western life style.

beautiful photography @slowwalker

Waoo hermosas imagenes , me encanta el color , la tradicion y lo bello de las frutas, buen post,saludos.

Lots of food presentations there and the guy who brought the food seemed very strong ..

As it seems it sure was a great place and the people out there do look great and their otfits were interesting as well.Seems like two woks were done in a time ;)

While as I have seen few monks words they do speak very wisely and their words are of great value as well.Should listen to them from time to time if possible .

I've missed some of your interesting publications because of my Internet that every day lets me enter less Steemit, monks can have a cell phone? and that ritual they do for what?

I always appreciate the good pictures, @slowwalker.
I took a picture this time, too. Please look at it. You don't have to vote for me. Thank you for looking at my picture.
your fan @chataek