Sunset in the Tyrrhenian Sea (1 SBD quiz inside)

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This magic moment

Earth rotation gently carrying us
into the twilight zone.

Assiduous molecules
and airborne dust,
eagerly scattering away
the green and the blue,
photon by photon.

Red alone
and it's long-waved companions
they are allowed to pass,
largely unhindered,
to the joy of our eyes.





After which Nobel Laureate was the scientific phenomenon named, which I elaborated in this (attempt of a) poem? 1 SBD for the Steemian who provides the correct answer first.

Thanks for watching and 'til next time!


All photos were recorded by myself with a Canon EOS 7D. All rights reserved.

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Rayleigh. If I'm right, kindly send the 1SBD to @church-of-piglet.

Good shots, more difficult than it looks at first glance 8-).


Lord Rayleigh, indeed!

A messenger is on his way to the @church-of-piglet , with a full SBD in his saddlebag :)


Blessings be upon you! If only every Steemian would do this, we could finally fix the Learjet.

After which Nobel Laureate was the scientific phenomenon named

Venkata Raman.


Thank you for participating in this little quiz!

The light scattering that was named after Sir Venkata Raman does occur in the atmosphere, too. However, it's contribution to the red-shift of light observed during sunset (and sunrise) is hardly appreciable (by eye). This effect is mainly caused by the light scattering named after John William Strutt, 3. Baron Rayleigh (<- correct answer).
Both types of scattering are related yet differ in a key aspect. Raman scattering is associated with energy transfer between the photon and the scattering molecule resulting in a shift of the photon's wavelength (or color so to say), whereas Rayleigh scattering only changes the direction of the incoming photon without changing it's energetic state (i.e. color). Light with short wavelengths (perceived as green and blue shades) are scattered more strongly and thus are removed from the incoming sunlight.


I thought you made a typo because that name is so long, but no his name is actually "John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh"!

Thanks for the physics insights!


Raman scattering
Raman scattering or the Raman effect is the inelastic scattering of a photon by molecules which are excited to higher vibrational or rotational energy levels.
It was discovered by C. V. Raman and his student K. S. Krishnan in liquids,
and independently by Grigory Landsberg and Leonid Mandelstam in crystals.
The effect had been predicted theoretically by Adolf Smekal in 1923.When photons are scattered from an atom or molecule, most of them are elastically scattered (Rayleigh scattering), such that the scattered photons have the same energy (frequency and wavelength) as the incident photons. A small fraction of the scattered photons (approximately 1 in 10 million) are scattered inelastically by an excitation, with the scattered photons having a frequency and energy different from, and usually lower than, those of the incident photons.


i like ramen. mmm.... ramen... oh... wrong person XD

Das nenne ich einen "Sunset Deluxe"! ;-)


Danke, das ist tatsächlich einer der Besten, den ich einfangen konnte :)

Greetings @shaka,

Lovely photographs......just splendid.

The poem is well done, thoughtful and serene.

All the best to you from bleujay/bentleycapital


Perhaps @ocrdu has the answer......really do not know.


Thank you @bleujay! As you rightly assume, @ocrdu got it right.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen


Thank you for participating in this Quiz!

Hardly anything has advanced modern medicine more than the discovery of X-rays by Röntgen. It has no impact on the beauty of sunsets though :)

Coming too late to compete in the quiz again (damn! :D) but those sunsets shots are incredible @shaka. I never capture the sun that big in my photos...

Btw, you have some decent poetry skills too! :D


Thank you!

Key for those sunset shots is to strongly underexpose so that the sun still has some color and retains it's contours. Everything else then is pitch black and needs to be exposed in post-editing. If you look closely you can see that the dark parts in my shots already become somewhat noisy, so there is obviously a limitation to it (with standard equipment like I'm using).


Sounds good, thank you - will try next time :) So far, I have mostly ended up with something like this:


It does not look too bad I think but the size and sharpness of the sun is a far cry from yours...



Sir Isaac Newton? :) Wohl eher nicht, den Nobelpreis gabs ja damals noch nicht.

Ich mag Rätsel. Als Kinder haben wir uns oft diese Geschichten gemerkt, die ungefähr so gingen:

Drei Männer liegen tot auf Erde. Einer von ihnen hat ein Stück Streichholz in der Hand. Wieso?

Deine Ode an das Farbenspiel erinnert mich an die Mondfinsternis, die in ebensolchen Farben zu sehen war und mich ehrfürchtig machte.


Der gute Newton ist ja kaum genug zu würdigen aber im Bereich der Lichtstreuung hat er sich meines Wissens nach nicht hervorgetan. Sicher beobachtend aber zur Beschreibung dürfte das Wissen um die Quanten gefehlt haben.

Drei Männer liegen tot auf Erde. Einer von ihnen hat ein Stück Streichholz in der Hand. Wieso?

Keine Ahnung :D. Ein Stück Streichholz klingt danach, dass jemand den Kürzeren gezogen hat. Aber warum hat es dann alle drei erwischt?


:-))))))) ganz Recht. Es dürfte nur ein Toter auf der Erde liegen. Ich habe im Geist die Geschichte gemixt und das Ende dann falsch erzählt. Meine Erinnerung war nicht zum Besten.

Such a great contest

Thats are my photography

fantastic shots shaka..
I love sunset photographies..
here is mine


A beautiful sunset, It's amazing how beautiful nature we have.

Hello Shaka! beautiful pictures, no idea of ​​the correct answer, but grateful for motivating the community.

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How are you friend @shaka a nice place

I read the question to the contest but I can not understand very well I think that my translator does not do a beun work asiq eu I do not understand the question very well

You talk about a Nobel Prize I do not know much about these awards but I'll wait for a success and good to learn a little

Max Planck, Great advances have been made from his theory.

Whatever the answer is (unless it refers to the recent eclipse, I don't know) the photo and poem are beautiful

Greetings @shaka! Once again you came back with some excellent photographs.
You mentioned C.V. Raman in this poem. C.V. Raman discovered Raman Effect or Raman scattering which is widely used in the identification of the materials and various other applications. He won Nobel prize for this discovery in 1930.


Thank you for participating in this Quiz!

Regarding C.V. Raman, please see my answer to @dhimmel.


Thanks! I forgot about lord Rayleigh.

Hi shaka how are you? Both the images and the poem are beautiful

I do not have the answer to your question, step to say hello


lg von la gomera zu dir :-)


Danke Dir, Grüsse zurück!

@shaka, First of all great to see your Poetry and in my opinion you've captured amazing piece of pictures for sure.

And these pictures is reflecting one thing and that is Sun is hiding slowly under the mountain and creating awesome essence.

And if we observe carefully then for sure there is an breathing and artistic essence of nature and that is the reflection of the Sun in water.

Keep capturing awesome scenes and keep writing these kind of poetry pieces which are great to read.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Absolutely incredible shots! Amazing:)


Thank you!

oh wow
it looks like an amphibian glider
that person is brave!!


Oh wow it looks like
An amphibian glider
That person is brave!!

                 - faisal79

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Great pic!!!

Beautiful pictures of sunset, every single moment is unique, the sunset sometimes look similar but still there are never the same. Wonderful capture of beautiful moments :)

Nice picture

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it's a nice shot @shaka. I think a Nobel Laureate was the scientific phenomenon. the title is "for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves".

nice poem with a great photography

It was difficult to understand the contest, and I think it's great that it's a riddle... The good can not be easy.
Great work with the photographs.

Amazing sunset really.
The pictures are perfect.

Beautiful shots to discover that's so awesome to witness something like this so lucky and you got the answer of the riddle :D

What a nice combination! Science, poetry and photography!!

Exceptional photos!