The Solutions To All The World's Problems: The Revolution Begins Within

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There are countless problems in this world.

GMOs and pesticides are destroying health. Pharmaceutical companies swoop in with a pill to fix the diseases caused by mutant food and chemical warfare, which cause another dozen side effects on top of it - but they have pills for those too. Governments make it legal to poison the food, water, air, and medicine, while suppressing natural, effective, safe, gentle cures the Earth freely gifts every being she holds in her bosom.

And worse than all those horrors, child sex trafficking is real. The global military industrial complex is real.

Those in power are insatiable sociopaths who will stop at nothing - not even the rape and murder of women and children - to defend and expand their own selfish interests.

Religion is hijacked. The school system is hijacked. The food system is hijacked. Healthcare is hijacked. Government is hijacked.

Every aspect of daily life - from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the way we learn, to the way we have sex - has been carefully constructed by a control matrix designed not to empower and nurture and encourage human potential, but to suck and siphon holy life force and free will to feed the demonic control matrix itself.

The systems that shape our world are super successful and super efficient at indoctrinating complacent consumers and employees.

In fact, the system is SO successful and efficient that we can’t even see the programming. Our minds and feelings and actions are triggered again and again by invisible stimuli, and we perform as the good little trained lab rats we have been raised to be since before we were even born.

But try as the system might, it has not yet broken and controlled the Great Human Spirit.

Throughout my normal ol’ Oklahoman upbringing, something in me longed for something more than the American Dream that was carefully constructed, packaged, and sold to me. Something was amiss with the way I was “supposed” to be.

Waking up to an alarm did not make sense. Selling my limited life hours to go to a job I didn’t even like did not make sense. Using the laughable dollar value someone assigned to my hours to buy stuff I didn’t need didn’t make sense. Dressing like the mannequins walking around the malls did not make sense. Using disposable resources that militaries and corporations pillaged out of the Earth did not make sense.

I thank all the stars in the round or maybe flat earth sky and beyond that the system did not consume me.

There are countless problems in this world, but this is a story of solutions.

ANYTHING is possible! ~ @quinneaker

After a series of inexplicable events I can only describe as miracles because they were so mysteriously different than anything I had been told could possibly be experienced in real life, I unplugged from the career/marriage/mortgage path in search of something more.

The pull, the search, the longing led me first around the world - through deserts, down rivers, over mountains, across canyons, within the rainforest, under water, above the clouds - then into The Garden of Eden.

Each step along the path brought more and more clarity to what I was looking for (healing!!!), until I ran face first into a physical manifestation of all I was seeking:


He is the one who can articulate it all.

He is an answer to an unspoken prayer.

He is Pei Mei, training me to punch through the lid of my coffin from less than an inch away.

He is the one who dreamed of a place where humans can live in freedom, where they can look into their operating system and decide for themselves which programs they want to run.

And even better, he devoted his life and his home to making the dream a reality, and opened his doors and his arms to everyone in need.

He is the one committed to exposing the source code.

I walked and ran and swam and climbed and fell and rose and searched all over the world for the answer to what was missing in my life, getting big and little pieces scattered here and there, and Quinn summed it all up nice and neat on my first day at the @gardenofeden:

The revolution begins within. ~ @quinneaker

Long story short (but if you want a longer version, read my series A True History of The Garden of Eden), I came here to remodel and reprogram myself.

Changing my relationship with myself - upgrading the negative self talk, the shitty food I ate, the poor body image, the disconnected, compartmentalized thinking that seemed so normal for me - would change my relationship with every. single. thing. in my external environment.

Therefore, changing myself would change the world.

Changing myself IS changing the world.

There is more hope, more power, more happiness, more love within and surrounding me than I ever dreamed possible, because I'm using my body and mind and spirit to channel hope, power, happiness, and love instead of woe-is-me victim mentality!

I have learned so much by coming through hell to be here and now, and it is my duty and purpose and pleasure to share it with others.

There are a lot of fuckers causing a lot of problems in the world, but the solutions can be as easy as a shift in perspective:

There can be no abuse without a victim.

That means that no one can hurt you unless you allow it.

It means the abused has full power to change the game.

It means owning yourself and your experience.

It means no one can make you a slave without your consent.

It means claiming your divinity as a sovereign being.

It means You. Are. Free.

And it means we have to stop blaming, judging, condemning, complaining, forsaking, and giving up.

It means WE have to shift the focus from “THEY are so terrible! THEY are such assholes!” to being the best, most honorable, most powerful, most intelligent, most loving, most forgiving, most honest, most compassionate, most considerate, most responsible, most capable people we as individuals can be.

Ladies especially, are you listening?? I know we’ve been so abused and neglected and hurt and manipulated and taken advantage of in this world that hurts us and our children and sisters and mothers and aunts and cousins and friends so horribly, but this is the key:

Rise up in your power, and claim your divine birthright. We are the ones who will change the world.

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.

✨💛✨ Sara!

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