Marijuana in Aceh

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Mobil Brigade personnel are guarding at the location of the destruction of cannabis fields in Aceh

Personnel combined unplug Combined Threat of National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of the Republic of Indonesia and TNI / Polri destroyed 10.5 hectares of cannabis fields in Sawang District, Aceh Utara District, Friday (6/5). The extermination was done at two points precisely at Gampong Teupin Risep and Uteun Punti subdistrict.

Police Personnel Revoke marijuana plants

The Main Investigator of BNN RI Deputy for Restriction of BNN, Kombes Iwan Eka Putra said that the destruction of marijuana stalks is about one to three months and ready to harvest is done by burning in place. While the marijuana stalk is estimated at approximately two meters.

"There are two degraded points, 7 points in Gampong Uteun Punti, and 3.5 dots in Gampong Teupin Reusep, Sawang District, North Aceh," he told media crew at the destruction site.

Personnel combined unplug the cannabis plant

He added that the total number of wet calibrated stones weighed 70 tons, while for his own ownership, it is still up to now. Because of difficulties to obtain information due to the local community gampong have a high fear.

Camera : Xiomi Redmi Note 3

Taken By : @rinaokay


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