Gothic Science Fiction

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A while ago some of my friends from real life(?) that are here on Steemit started sharing cool pictures and fun assignments that we did while we were in university, sometimes to show off how good they were, others to show how much they've grow. I don't know exactly in which of those two categories this picture falls into, its good(?), I mean decent...interesting, yeah let's go with interesting!


The reason why I'm sharing this interesting picture is because actually I really like the meaning behind it. But let's back up a little bit just for context 🔊90's movie tape rewind sound effect
You know those days when you're calm, no worry seems to come your way, you could just get casted right away for a yoga comercial...then all of the sudden you remember you have to do a project you've had the whole week to do, but you've constantly postponed the whole thing and now is due tomorrow. Yes. Well that's pretty much how most group projects worked with @claritagigi, @virginohe and I 😬
This time it was for the 'Sci Fi' class. We had to do a picture based on a Science fiction sub genre, we picked Gothic Sci fi/Space Goth.

Characteristics related to Gothic Science Fiction: mystery, bio-engineering (technological advances), different world, virus, monsters, death, destruction. (source)

That was all we needed to read to get an idea of what we needed to do. Especially the Bio-engineering part, we figured: Hey let's just dress Clara as a gothic robot, we'll put Virginia praying to her, Oh and let's add some crappy-sharpie-made-henna on her hand just because it looks cool, and blah we'll make up some dystopic meaning later.

We were going for some Edward Scissorhands look, and all those 'robot' lines are made with paint and sharpie (obviously)😂 YOLO I guess

Now I must put a little disclaimer right here:

If you're expecting this to be one of those stories where lazy people do things lazily and divine justice comes around and smacks them in their faces, you're in the wrong post muchacho (ew)
Turns out everyone in this SciFi class was just as lazy (in some cases even more than us) so it was pretty much a battle of who makes the less mediocre job 👍 Welcome to the last semesters of Uni boi! (ew, stop it)


Now let's go to the cool part: The meaning of the picture. The meaning, I must emphasize, we invented after taking the picture. One of the requirements of the assignment was to put a title to the picture:

Bárbara but why are you putting this gif from the pptx presentation in s p a n i s h here? This post is in english boi...Well I like that bird effect ok and I wanted to show you :'(

That's from Elfen Lied especifically from the opening song, Lilium by Kumiko Noma. We used this because I had just recently rewatched it. This anime shares some similarities with the story we were trying to create, so naturally we looked for something in the song's lyrics that -forcefully- went with our concept. Mainly because the song is in latin and everyone knows latin makes things look cool.

Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem = Blessed is the man who endures temptation

"The human in his obsession to make life easier and easier with technology forgets the most important thing: the existence and prolongation of his own race" Our excuse explanation behind the title.

Prepare to be astounded by some forced semiotics

"This piece tries to represent a Robot with wings that in this dystopian world is seen as an angel and praised as such, because it gives women the ability to have children through science (artificial insemination, in vitro, etc). Because of this ability and the fact that humans can't fly, she's seen as divine." Seems legit.

"An element to consider is the Henna tattoo, this is commonly used in India and the Middle East. Brides are marked in preparation to meet their husbands, to increase their luck and fertility." You see that, you see how the internet makes things unfair for responsible people...

"Another element present in our photo is the branches of trees, which in the Bible"...Yes the bible, we went there...that's how desperate we were for meaning. I blame the latin, after you use latin you can't just make lighthearted things. "represent: heir, descendant or SEED. Many times they refer to Jesus Christ as 'the branch of God'. The branch is used metaphorically throughout the Bible in 4 different ways, to represent the possible results that that 'seed' can have, they are: The king, the servant, man and God." Those branches were just part of the decoration in Clara's living room :)

"Then, if God creates humans and decides if they become kings, men or servants, and humans create robots, they decide if it becomes king, servant, pair or even God, as is the case." HAHAHAHAHAHJHBMJJH aghh...

Stay in school kids, at least to learn how to cheat in life, how to beat laziness.


It's in a fancy font, you can't ignore it now

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HAHAHAHA OMG. I'd forgotten the specifics of our presentation and what bull we'd fed the teacher, AND that it was due the next day xD You gotta admire our ability for improvisation and utilisation of all materials we set our eyes on.

Pretty much our greatest talent 😂❤

Woow, it's great to see people that praise good anime (big fan of Elfen Lied too, hehe). Hilarious that you opted to get biblical only because of the use of latin. I hope to see more of your work in the near future! Cheers!

Wait wait wait you HAVE to see this then, I found out about this channel recently and akghshdg, he did an amazing analysis on Lilium (the title track)

Oh and it's in spanish😂 I don't know why I wrote this whole reply in english

Uff, what a great great great video. I just used to enjoy the track without knowing any of this. As the guy says: a contrast between tension and hoc for the anime. Thanks for sharing!

(I reply in English for the sake of your posted in English)

Never knew gothic girls were that hot @purplevision

Space goths kind of cool.

I am beginning to see the appeal of Gothic Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), didn't know it was a thing until now here with this post with this angel. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.