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We just pass the threshold of 10 months in 2018.
It sounds like yesterday it was January 1st.
Today we have less than 60 days
to jump to 2019.
If you recall #steem started the year in high note.
This is a snapshot of #steem in January 7th 2018.
You can see as well the other tokens around #steem.
Without further ado #steem still in the same place just a price fluctuation.

  • Ardor went down more to 10 cents.
  • #Stratis way down to $1.56 , the valuation changes too.
  • #Populous went way down to $3.63. Big drop compare to January.
  • #Kucoin went down to @1.09. Everything was high then.
  • #Tether as a stable coin did what it should do. Too many competition. Credibility ?
  • #Steem was $6+ now down to 81 cents.
    Please keep in mind all these coins are erc-20 altcoins.
    #steem in the other hand grew from 246+ million to 282+ million around 35+million more.
    Somehow we sustain a balance sheet and growth accordingly


30+/- days ago we have to go through hard fork that made us
worried a little bit.
No more bandwidth and welcome Resource Credits.
Still do not get it clearly but we are moving ahead to better things.
I have heard now it is harder for newbies to make a living in #steem.
A big reminder #steem is a crypto currency.
There is a fee associated with running the blockchain.
#steem is not a freebie.
#steem is a freemium social media where your posts may earn #steem.
We need valuable steemians, valuable posts to get it off the ground.
If you truly understand #steem, do yourself a favor and get Steempower or delegation.
Good timing to buy #steem and get it off the ground.

I recalled

  • #esteem to start with.
    There are many ways to connect to the blockchain and see what is going on.
    The good part for steem we have many ways to see what is going on.
    There are many applications to post, to see actions in the blockchain, etc..
  • #esteem has been around and still moving the chain. It has an ios version and it looks like a mini #steemit app.
  • #partiko has been really good. Very intuitive and easy to use. Still need to add all components to run like a standalone @steem application.
  • is very nice. First time I used it #steemit was down and was running still. It was the proof to show the blockchain was fine. It is different than #steemit but way advanced and ahead of the competition. I enjoyed using it lately to post.
  • #steempeak has a neat interface. I like the part where you can create a post and set the timer in the future to have it post. It takes time and money to run a site on top of #steem. I am trying to understand now they are asking for help donations to further the site. Hopefully the whales of #steem or #steemit can land them a hand to earn more.
  • #steemit has been the defacto way of connected to #steem. Everybody uses #steemit somehow everyday. It is the first and maybe the only way to do more than posting for steem.
  • till to this day I do not really understand how it works. I will refrain of saying anything about it. I know it has to do with developers.
  • #steemify is a deal breaker for any steemian who wants to follow other steemian. It is a notification application on top of #steem. It has an ios app. Kudos to @blockbrothers for create it.
  • #ZAPPL has been promoting itself for a while. I really do not know where they stand. Anyone ?
  • #steepshot was very promising and for some reasons it is falling out of sight. It is a good way to post a quick photo and move on.
  • #dtube is the video formula for steem. As you can see I am not great in video. I have used it and anything giving me hiccups turn me off. I will continue to write instead of posting video.
  • #Appics will be another notion of steem application. I guess they are waiting for SMT to launch. They did an ICO. I am hoping the best of luck for them.
    There could be more applications in the making.
    @ned talked about something new like destiny.
    It will be a deal breaker. I have a feeling it will be a online store for steemians. Just guessing.
    I mentioned SMT and ressources credit. So many great thing for 2019.
    #steem has been very interesting lately.
    There are a lot of news on #Coinbase these days.
    We are part of the 40+ tokens that #coinbase might add to their platform.
    I am pretty sure very soon #steem should be there.
    SMT might be the breaking point to this new horizon.
    Again we are in November and no sign of crazy FUD,FOMO, ETC...
    This is the way 2018 may go in the book. Consolidation.
    Expectation wise remains the same. Buy low and sell high and you will be fine.
    That is the way life goes, until then keep on postin'


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