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Hi Steemians,

You may have seen some of the posts roll out from my recent comments about building a new Steem-based application. Let’s refer to it as “Destiny” for now.

This was one post that caught on:

Destiny is, and will be, a team effort. And not only a team effort, but a community effort. That being said, this is a new product; an app built under a new corporate structure that incorporates new talent to execute a vision I’ve wanted to achieve for years - Make Great Communities.

Some have asked, what will happen with Steemit? As this new app launches, which everyone will be invited to join, will continue to operate and serve Steemians. I will continue to be CEO of both this new venture and Steemit, Inc., which will maintain course coding the Steem blockchain and pursue its mission to Make Steem Great for Apps.

I won’t be saying much more for now. But I will say this: My team and I have learned a lot over the years, and we’re putting that wisdom to work. The product I have envisioned that finally onboards normies into crypto en masse is becoming a reality.

Steemit CEO, Ned Scott

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If it is built upon the STEEM blockchain, then yes, I am really looking forward to it and all the best wishes...

I didn't even think about the possibility of it not being built on the Steem blockchain, but I really hope it is. I would be a bit weird to do so much development with SMTs only to create a new blockchain for the new project though. I mean, isn't SMTs made to make these types of projects doable without having to build your own blockchain?

We are all in the waiting world.

I am waiting to see the good news

Yeah, nothing like another @ned led bullshit company. I guess he's gotta blow through those funds somehow.

Don't get your hopes up, he says they've learned but we all experienced HF20.

You can't teach a lame dog new tricks...

Sir, I have been sitting in on all the meetings and I can assure you we will be "head and shoulders" above the competition. No flakes here.

I cant wait for the day Bernie says: "Ned, you did good."

You and me both.

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Someone please do a CSI "Enhance" on that whiteboard... Stat!


Fuck, Hahahahaha.

ahahahahahahaha. Nice.

You win this day.

thats some next level enhancing...

Thats the best result i could achieve. More forensic informations and further analysis is required to close this case. ;))


NoNamesLeftToUse - Simple Diagram.jpeg


lol... This made me laugh!

LOL me too! Whatever it is it’s going to be YHUGE! His clearly working hard because mans hairdo is lacking lately

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Hahahaha I tried to zoom but failed to see anything !

Looks like it was intentionally blurred out. That's part of the suspense lest one of we smartass devs will build it before Destiny comes😃

I was hoping someone hadn't already mentioned this. :D

these are really nice to see, think a lot of people appreciate the personal interaction and signature and stuff .... gets out handwriting analysis stuff

Delegate to @battleaxe @ned

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if I ever got even a sliver of what some do I am telling you it would be used to the best of my ability and considering I can squeeze blood out of a turnip and have connections ....well I will not hold my breath on it although some on here know what I've created and had "boss" postitions in on intnl level but again I don't hold my breath on it but who knows. Thanks @vegeta

I'm not always on steem, but I enjoy your posts. Would be nice to see delegation from whales go to you.

maybe my abc's are just not right, oh vell
thanks @vegeta

Team Good Alpaca loves this post! Nomnomnomnom!
Delegate to our project via SteemConnect:
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big timers do this and while I usually reserve it for people delegating to this network which supports OTHER good causes, initiatives and shoving here if people wanna see what the vision is which is to "Help the Helpers" on here as well as when we need to be the Pleb "steemcleaners" at times , lol nom nom

"Some have asked, what will happen with Steemit? As this new app launches, which everyone will be invited to join, will continue to operate and serve Steemians. I will continue to be CEO of both this new venture and Steemit, Inc., which will maintain course coding the Steem blockchain and pursue its mission to Make Steem Great for Apps"

Ummmm guys. Which part of this didn't u pick up? Lol. We've learned over how fucked up the steemit shit over the years and now going to launch something else different? Am I missing something? Steemit has been on fucking BETA for 2 years and now there's another project without finishing this one? uhhhhhh....

I like that name and I wish it might be something much more worthy! Sounds good! Go on, we always attached with STEEM as #1 Blockchain project!


We can’t wait to see what you’ve got cookin’.

This sounds like music to our -and others’ ears.

We’re also very curious about the community effort part. Is that a contribution to development kind of thing or what. Do tell us more !

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Yes I know the secret... a mannequin social network ;-)
Plastic Fantastic

Steemitri The Mannequin

😂 😃 @steemitri.. you never failed with the mana and mannequin😀


My team and I have learned a lot over the years, and we’re putting that wisdom to work. The product I have envisioned that finally onboards normies into crypto en masse is becoming a reality.

This is great news, Ned.
Looking forward to the roll-out.

First of all, you're looking great! Whatever that secret is about, please share it with us, too :-)

Second, I feel extremely excited about that new endeavor since I was always hoping that you would accept the challenge to create that one killer dApp on top of Steem by yourself.

This post - together with STEEM being currently ranking #1 in the Netcoins contest - just made my day. Thanks for that and keep us posted!

We are never supposed to sweat any blockchain contests considering that we have more active users than any blockchain existent! 🏥♨💙

I couldn't agree more. However, it seems that the large majority of those active users still needs a little kick in order to cast their votes...:-)

Yes they need a kick.

First of all, you're looking great! Whatever that secret is about, please share it with us, too :-)

maybe look at this

Looks like I’m still winning the hair war @ned can’t wait to hear about your new project.

By reading that other post you linked to and this one, this just feels like a similar situation as I see the OpenBazaar and OB1 development goes. Where one is the decentralized open source blockchain and this "Destiny" will be extra goodies built on top of the chain. I don't want to compare it directly to Busy, SteepShot, and other apps, but.. I guess that could be kind of a proper comparison? The free portion will still be free but venues of monetization for devs built on top?

dan looks very pale


Hey Ned, would you please consider supporting the @SPL as we are already a great community here on Steemit that could use your support? Before you get really super busy with your new venture, it would be great if you could just shoot us some delegation and SBD's. Thanks!

This is the best solution!

The product I have envisioned that finally onboards normies into crypto en masse is becoming a reality.

Isn’t that what was supposed to be for the past 2+ years? And why was this never achieved...or even really attempted?

it was david. thanks for helping. join us in whaleshares ;)

What about the account based upvote instead of SP based ? Is there any news? last time I checked the idea was worth considering especially giving the fact that you suggested protecting investors by creating a good income based on your SP,,this will definitely give steemit an edge as a real blogging site,, the current form is more like an investment/blogging site. Anyway good to hear that you are working on steem blockchain, I wish u luck ! [Upvoted for visibility]

It looks like is not really a focus. I wonder if it ever has been. All about apps. Makes sense, considering that nothing much other than aesthetics has really changed here on the interface over two years.

This is a super reasonable question. As someone who has been using since the very beginning, this site is very meaningful to me. But Steem is now powering many other applications as well. Steem is about more than now and we're just trying to develop solutions that benefit everyone. I think the most important point to bear in mind is that the more we develop exclusively for, the less we are developing tools that help every Steem developer. If we build tools that help every Steem DApp, then not only can become better, but every other DApp can get better too. When we were looking at the game theoretical, cultural, and cryptoeconomic problems that were manifesting on, we came to the conclusion that purely UI based solutions ( is a UI) would be at best a band-aid that benefited only one organization: us. Whether we're right or not does not change the fact that the reason why we chose to focus on what we have is because we believe that what we are doing will solve the most problems and enable this ecosystem to scale to the next level. Steem is capable of powering a web application that you love. That's huge. That's something no other blockchain protocol can do. We don't want to limit that potential to just one UI and just one site. This is a technology that can transform the entire internet, and we intend to see just how far we can go with it. Steem is an enormous community on the internet. is one UI for that community. What we are doing now is setting the stage for countless more communities, each with their own currency (SMT), but all powered by Steem.

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads." - Back to the Future

Just to be clear, "Destiny" will be launched on the steem blockchain, or will there be a new blockchain and new witnesses created? Thx

You may have seen some of the posts roll out from my recent comments about building a new Steem-based application. Let’s refer to it as “Destiny” for now.

Steem based.

Account based voting was never presented as a replacement to stake based voting. SMTs and Oracles have to be completed to enable account based voting. Once SMTs and Oracles are launched, account based voting will become possible not just for us, but for anyone.

I really don't understand this even though I read it more than once.. I'd love to have you break it down for users such as myself to understand.
Pretty please, I'll be grateful.

Sounds exciting!
“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”
― William Shakespeare

Spoken like a true politician. So many words and secret promises. I wonder if this projects a good image about Steemit, having its CEO working on something else...

It's good.

We seem to forget that is just an app at the end of the day, an app built on the steem blockchain.

They could decide to shut it down and we would all have, blogs, steepshot and others.

We have been too focused on steemit and ned and U think decentralizing his stake, trying to give developers tools to work with etc, should be the first priority.

Maybe even get rid of the frontend one day.

These are great news @ned. I believe in this platform and the future of STEEM is looking bright. In STEEM WE TRUST. :-)

Crypto world is moving fast, blazingly fast, but at the same time nothing in this special world has a solid form. I like the idea of something new on the Steem blockchain, why not! The most important is a solid foundation, which Steem definitely is, all others is a kind of playground in which we can make our dreams come true.

very cool, looking forward to it!
Drop by SteemSpeak for an AMA when you are ready.

am i still banned? :D

Hello @officialfuzzy, no, of course, you are not banned. In fact, I have been meaning to get in touch with you and clear some confusion between us. Jump in anytime you like.


Excited to see what Density, I mean, Destiny is all about :)

I like men of vision @ned. Dream the dreams and work the work. All the best for the community.

Yep. Nothing like a man of vision.

look at the tags ned used....
I believe this new idea is definitely "gathering steem"!!

love it! thanks for pointing that out :)

Still kind of curious to learn more about this project. All the best by the way

Having your assurances theta the birth of "Destiny" project will not affect steemit's growth. I hope like other STEEM DAPPs, #destiny will further strengthen the need for STEEM as a coin and you should look forward to how STEEM can have realtime acceptance. What I mean is that a project such as a #STEEM-CARD will make much sense and will further strengthen STEEM to heights in the crypto market.

Goodluck @ned

A community will be great with the efforts of a team, hopefully with Steem Great for Apps the steemit community is getting stronger in the world of Cryptocurrency, I have long joined Steemit, the progress of community is found at
thank you @ned Scott

Glad to see you publishing more content @ned - it's great for investor confidence on the platform.
I'm super excited to see what this thing will be. Thanks.

this interesting

We support you @ned. It is good to see your new actions.

I like the name, consider keeping it ;)

This is encouraging news.
Thank you.

우리는 창조적 인 사회에 발전이 적용될 수있을 때까지 모든 밝은 생각에서 비평이 형성되고 발전해야만하는 것을 비판 할 수 있습니다. or we can criticize something that criticism must build and develop in every bright idea until development can be applied to creative society

Should we expect a full reveal at SF3? Awesome news.

We the SteemChurch, is one community which eagerly awaits its Destiny!

Thank you friend Ned.

Hey @ned, check out what your users think about you delegating 2M SP to

From what I can tell, the site barely works for anyone...

We always look forward to your new project @ned

Such a great effort i know some of them are disappointed but i know you will make things better about the community..

Thanks for being always active as our CEO Happy #STEEMing

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Destiny is here!

Well-done @ned!
We can't wait to get to the destination for crypto normies. I believe this will add more value to the steem ecosystem!

@Nairadaddy: Founder of @Air-Clinic!

Now this interesting....waiting to see what Destiny looks like.

sounds exciting! can’t wait to see the new project and best wishes on expansion.

What can I say... exciting. Scary. Confusing.

But bring it on.

hehehe...With you on Confusing

always. You already know me :D ehehhe

We really are looking forward to it.
All the best.

Welcome "Destiny"
Optimistic about some great output from @ned's behind the scene projects

I just hope this does not hurt steemit. With that said..... I better get a damn invite! lol

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Don't forget to vote people!!!

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It seems like a brilliant prospect cooking, only if we'd get a little taste or an inkling,however all the best @ned

‘...normies into crypto’ - that’s what I wish. Even my grandmother is bored with Facebook, can’t wait to get her on ‘Destiny’.


lol... a cool grandma you have.

Why don't you first satisfy this community on steemit, by implementing a better Voting and reward system?
And get rid of self-votes and raise the curation rewards, that is what this community demands!
But yeah we are also looking forward to your next destiny!

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hopefully later it will be even better and perfect

Good luck!

This is an excellent initiative @ned. I have always believed in Steemit and the Steem blockchain. I hope that this new "Destiny" takes us into the promise land.

I am so glad to see this happening. As a photographer with a large social media following on other platforms it has been near impossible to bring across any of my following to steemit. It is simply too complicated a on-boarding process. If you need anyone with an eye for design to review your interface let me know ;-)

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Destiny!! Now we come to you. But the questions is, is this a good thing for Steem?

Awesome :)

I wish this project the best.
Kudos ned ✌️

Have no idea what it could be and will just wait patiently. I am a bit techno dumb and everything is new these days for me lol.

Hi @ned perhaps you should also look at project as well.

Is this about steemit 2.0 that I have been hearing around?

Sir, that's EOS based.

Looking forward to seeing Destiny come to life, @ned.

Initial Community Offering !

The product I have envisioned that finally onboards normies into crypto en masse is becoming a reality.

Translation: Power Up now while you still can because it will be very hard to do so later once Steem has mooned.


Hey @ned, Where did you learn to write so misty?

@ned if you need assistance for the team in UX/UI id be happy to assist.

Sounds cool, I look forward to hearing more!

Very interesting! Can we expect the new application around the same time SMT's will be ready (January 2019) or later ?

The fate of destiny is great!!!😉🔮🍀

Too little revealed Ned. I hate suspense, at least throw more bone into this Destiny project. I hope it will not run mutually exclusive of steem?

exactly! throw us more bones :) ;)

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Looking forward to meeting #destiny, I'd like to know what she's like. This is almost like a blind date. Anyways, go and vote for Steem to be listed for free on Netcoin through this link

Wowww a new Steem-based application!! So excited about it!! I’m sure it’ll be great! Really look forward to it:))

That sounds promising ''Destiny''

You are looking fit, Ned. Tells us your secret.

steem destiny to our steemians community !
thanks for your efforts and wish good progress !

may the steem be with destiny ! :)

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Good luck!

(Complaints to follow)

Bring it on

Curious to see what's about to come and selling my sould to go to SteemFest, if anyone is interested.

The main goal of Steemit, Inc, is to make Steem great for apps? Is platform development going to be focused on?

All Steem is right now is notifications for 5 people in the ecosystem for random data updates 3B1FF746-5631-4626-A1BA-447C6F3B629F.pngm

And these two comments


and here is to crypto getting out of the crypt (-:

For sure if it's a steem blockchain project this is of course great news. To bad the hardfork fails in this aspect. Let's keep it positive tho but with a reality check on what's really going on. Be well and steem on.

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Curiosity level 1000 at the moment...

Woow, looks like something amazing is under way!

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I won’t be saying much more for now.

Thanks Ned!


It's great to read that you and your team are staying on course with steem and building from there... if I interpret your post right. btw, looking good. keto is showing results. Did you experience mental obstacles while switching to keto? Which ones? Or did you just lower calories?

Best wishes Ned!

so nothing about the interface?either we should use dapps that change it or getting screwed by it, cause if someone is curating manually he/she will take long long time to find good posts and general to look for things given our numbers. Note also that we are far from getting huge numbers of people here and already the current interface doesn't help, imagine if too many people come....

In other words it's like the "make content" is becoming secondary in steemit

Ned, Is Destiny going to be on SMT or just a new Blockchain like steem?

He said Steem-based. I'm guessing it's a flagship SMT. If it's a separate Blockchain then I'm going to throw my toys on the ground and have a hissy fit.

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I was having a bit of confusion there btw.

It's pretty unlikely that @ned will go start another blockchain from scratch. There's nothing he can't build here! 🏥♨💙

Destiny, I like it.

Thank you for the further clarification Ned. It was important to come from you. :)

We are obviously curious to see what Destiny is about. Sounds... prophetic.

This is awesome !!!
You and your Team are a great inspiration for me !
Have a good weekend
Best regards from Germany, Lars

Congratulations @ned!
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Congratulations, we win together

It's exciting times indeed!

Felicitaciones @ned
Excelente iniciativa! La innovación siempre da pieal avance y la expansión de las ideas creativas.<