My Story and what i recommend for people new to steemit.

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WOW: I already made 3SP and nearly 3 SBD!

This means so much to me!
Especially as i started with 0.5 SP and 0 SBD and slowly made my way up.

How my journey started:

I joined Steemit in Januar and made a #introduceyourself post and then got a few upvotes from a very great people, these then allowed me to make my range bigger by using minnowbooster, and so I learned
a lot abaut steemit.

In this time i also found which i still use today.
And the best of all which gives you the advantage of Voting and then getting other people to Vote you.

As the SBD and Steem prices then had risen very high ( and now as they are high again) I use which allows me to 0.00106SBD per Vote so on good days i get 0,015SBD or more just by doing nothing.

What do i recommend? - For checking your Account - For some SBD income - SteemEngine for Voting and getting Votes back - As an alternative to Steemit which is really good when writing because of the nice gui

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