The Nigerian Woman

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She was busy trying to close the door to her Mazda car, when she heard a snap, the door handle to her car just snapped and it shocked her because the car was new. She just bought it from a friend that had financial issues, the car was that new. She tried closing the door all the same with the hope of having some stress while trying to open it again when she is done.


After closing the door, she picked her files from the bonnet and packed them on her arms joined together beyond her waist and she dashed out of the company’s garage in to one of the seemingly small staircases that flanks the company to the left side of the underground garage.
She works with an insurance firm as accountant, she gets more pay than many in the insurance company but the money is far from enough.

Lest I forget,her name is Dora Adeoye. She is a Nigerian Yoruba Housewife that works. Meaning she takes care of the home and also, finds time to provide for the family. She drives a used Mazda car which she stupidly sold in an auction and she lives in a one-bedroom apartment with her family of three boys and civil-servant husband.. She is beautiful , says her neighbors in their never-ending rumors.

She comes home by 5, cooks for her husband who comes back home earlier but still heads out to see some friends around, until he finally makes it back before nightfall to eat his darling wife’s meal.

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