Morning wander through my garden

in busy •  4 months ago

This is my garden (Work in Progress). As you can see, I have lots of random stuff.

It will all start coming together soon, when the new pond gets more organised.

I've allocated another planting area (just before the passion fruit bush) where I'm going to plant some of the fruit trees you saw in the video.




I have other fruit trees behind the passion fruit bush and they will go into the planting area too.

Once this video goes up, I have to wash the fruit we picked yesterday (I know, I should have done it last night). Once washed, I vacuum pack the fruit, using ziploc bags and a large bowl of water and then freeze them.

Enjoy the video!

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Random stuff? Seems to me Mother Nature works on a similar principle, and when it comes to outdoor stuff, she's a pretty fair role model.


Yes, you're right :)

You have an awesome garden! I love all the fruit! We have lots of fruit but I miss my apples and plums... This is the first year I am growing sweet potatoes and I am surprised at how well they are doing. I can't wait to see what your garden will look like when the pond is done,


Thank you.

I'd love to try sweet potatoes, but I'm afraid the growing season is too short for them...?

I watched a video on helping bees and I've decided that some of my garden is going to 'grow wild' rather than me picking out the weeds... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! :)


I like the idea of a wild garden. Sweet potatoes take roughly 120 days to mature. As long as you don't get a killing frost you might be able to if you plant them early enough...

Excellent garden. My house also has its own garden (raspberry, strawberry, parechka, cherry) + we grow some plants (potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers). It's good to have your own products that are grown by your own labor. However, this requires time and effort. I think that "natural" products pay off all the investments


Thank you. The garden used to be more laid to lawn (and laid to waste) but I've started getting it how I like it now.

I do like the flavour of the home-grown produce better than the processed foods we get in supermarkets. The apple trees especially were a bargain and are producing after just two years!

Hello Michell, I also have a garden where I eat several species, especially edible ones. In this season I have planted "Parchita" as we know it in Venezuela and a fruit with a high vitamin C content.
Enchanted with your garden. I share some photos: Avocado, guanabana and aubergines. A hug, Fermina!.



Oh wow! I think those fruits would only grow in my greenhouse and there's not enough room in there!

I only know the eggplant (aubergine) and have no idea what the other two are, or how they would taste.

I sent @photobe over here .. my new photography blog.
great shots... flowers are so beautiful


Thank you for sending @photobe over, I appreciate it.

The flowers really are beautiful and the best thing is, I get flowers for most of the year. I still have a little way to go before I set up my beehive.


I had no idea you were getting a beehive that is way cool.


I have the beehive... I'll do a post on that tomorrow - maybe :)

Wow, look at your garden - it's beautiful! So many lovely plants and fruits - it must be so satisfying to watch everything growing. I can't wait to see the pond finished, too!


Thank you. It really is satisfying to watch. It's hard work picking everything before the birds get it, or they get too ripe and fall off the bushes, but I can live with that :)

I can't wait to see the pond finished too. It's been a decade-long project.


I know many people don't agree with me, but I'm happy sharing my garden and fruit trees with birds and deer. Key word is 'sharing', not being a piggie and eating everything, lol. :D


Me too. I'd rather the birds had some of the fruit rather than it spoiling. I don't put bird-scarers in my garden - except for the blueberries where there's a cheeky blackbird that takes them before they're quite ripe.

love gardening ...your passion fruit is producing nicely!

upvoted and resteemed


Thank you :)

Every time I look at that passionfruit vine, there are more fruits on it! I had a total of half a dozen fruits that ripened the other year. None last year and this year - wow!

Love the photographs. You are a good gardener. resteemed


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