Who shall I delegate my SP to?

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I'm a firm believer of supporting people who have helped me to grow on Steemit, and where possible to support other quality content creators. That's why I prefer to hold the majority of my SP. That's not to say I don't delegate any of my SP out, but I try to limit it around 30% which still leaves me with a respectable 16 cent upvote today.

My biggest delegation is 1250 SP to @silvergoldbotty. Recently I've been looking at the upvotes from them, in the past few days I get about 33 - 34 cents. When I post from @busy, their upvote is slightly higher than @silvergoldbotty with no delegation at all! And when I compare that to @qurator, I delegate 100 SP and get 10 to 11 cents upvote. That got me thinking, am I getting the best return on my delegation?

I started to do a little digging around today looking at various places where I know people delegate to, and quickly pulled some data based on how much people have delegated and the returns they get. This is no more than a data gathering excercise, and a snapshot of the returns they received in the past few days. I haven't looked into the details of each of the delegatees at all. This is what I did:

  1. I looked at at least three delegators who delegated different levels of SP for every delegatee
  2. where possible I choose accounts who delegated recently so the results wouldn't be skewed with any early bird bonus etc
  3. SBD to Steem conversion assume 0.47
  4. all returns are from the past week
  5. where there are fluctuations in the daily dividends, I've taken the 3 day average where possible
  6. weekly dividends are simply divided by 7 to get a daily return
  7. I assume my @silverbottygold upvote is worth 0.34 /0.47 x 75% = 0.5426 SP after curation
  8. finally, I took the daily SP return for each of my finding and extrapolated it to 1250 SP so I can compare it with the 0.5426 return I get from @silvergoldbotty

So what did I find out? Let's take a look at those who does a weekly payout first. I looked at @steemhunt, @actifit, @dlike and @accelerator.

The returns for @steemhunt and @dlike are consistent for all three users, and when extrapolated to 1250 SP delegation gives 0.09 and 0.12 Steem per day respectively. For @actifit the returns range from 0.048 to 0.012 which seems to indicate the returns depends on how much you delegate. So if I were to delegate 1250 SP to @actifit, I reckon I'd get around 0.08 SP per day. The clear winner from my analysis is @accelerator where the daily return is 0.6 SP per day. However, one thing that needs to be noted is that I believe all the other three dApps offer some form of tokens on top of the SP and SBD returns. I haven't looked at how much the tokens are worth and whether they are worth 5x the SP and SBD to bring them on par with @accelerator. Right now, I guess not? The future, who knows?

Next I looked at delegations to some bid bots that pays a daily return. Love them or hate them, they're not going away.

There isn't a massive difference between the returns from the bidbots. @oceanwhale is the lowest from the four that I looked at and it seems the return may be based on the delegation amount. The next is @therising, 0.57 SP which is a bit better than my delegation to @silvergoldbotty. Next is @ocdb, they're the only bot I use and they return all profits to delegators. The daily return is between 0.64 to 0.66SP. And finally @smartsteem has over 0.6 SP return per day as well. However, the range is quite big and I haven't had time to look further into it.

And finally I looked at a few non bid bot delegatees.

According to @share2steem delegators get up to 25% APR, this is a lot more than what the three delegators are geting these couple of days. I've never used @share2steem before and I haven't had time to fully understand their model and how they achieve 25% APR yet. @wherein has created a lot of hype recently and attracted a lot of investors within a short period of time. Their return isn't great, around 0.15SP per day, but they also upvote you. This depends on how much you delegate, these levels I've shown get between 3% to 8% which is worth roughly $0.13 to $0.32. The last delegatee I looked at is @justyy a witness, and one of if not the longest running delegation service within the Chinese community. There are step returns at 350 SP and 600SP and above. I would net 0.34 SP per day with 1250 delegation. You also get complimentary upvotes which are dependant on a number of factors including delegated SP, reputation, your support to him as a witness etc.

I pulled this together in a spare afternoon by just snooping around people's account so this is by no means a detailed analysis of who offers the best return for your delegation. It's just some high level data gathering and a snapshot of the returns this week. There could be (but I hope not) errors in my workings. There are probably other factors which I haven't covered like the value of tokens and non SBD/Steem return that doesn't appear in ones wallet. I'm aware there are some small inconsistencies in my findings, but nothing in my opinion that would sway the findings too much. Last and not the least, this is a just a small selection of options, there are many many more out there which I'm not aware of or haven't looked at today.

If you're aware of any other good delegation opportunities, or have any comments on the above, drop me a comment. Thanks.

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I think it all depends on what you want to get put of it. If it is just to support them then that is fine, but if it is for the rewards then it is useless. Someone curating and supporting other users should expect a return of 5 SP a week from curation rewards. Obviously this needs a little work to get the timings right, but it is not difficult to achieve. I will delegate to @wherein very soon as soon as I pass the 5000 SP goal I set out for. I believe in this project and that is the only reason for the support as i make more just keeping it and curating.

Engagement is very crucial here and tbh thats where I fail and hence why i dont delegate too much out. That way I force myself to be more engaging. Still I need to work harder on that.....

That makes perfect sense. You missed out that wherein are giving tokens to delegators of more than 200 SP. If I am not mistaken it is 6000 or 7000 tokens.

Hi @livinguktaiwan, seems a long time since we chatted during the MAP community days. This post popped up on Ginabot, so came for a read.

I think you may be the first, apart from myself, to analyze the returns from what is now called MAP Rewarder. It is a managed fund, with a few strategies, depending on the Steem blockchain conditions, activity, prices etc.

The returns you show are about right for the weekly payouts to delegators, but they do not include all the bonuses, such as daily upvotes and random higher upvotes and free SBIs.

These make it slightly trickier to calculate an average but, for example, a 1250 SP delegation would receive an upvote equivalent to 0.0095 STEEM, so if posting daily that comes to an extra 0.066 STEEM approx per week (or 75% of that as author rewards).

The random upvotes are designed to change the reward curve so that low-value delegators may receive a higher percentage return whereas the high-value delegators still get higher absolute values.

Just as an example, a 30 SP delegator who receives a 30% upvote will have gained about 0.7 STEEM (actually 75% of this) which is significantly higher than the average weekly return of about 0.1 STEEM for that level of delegation.

Compare that to, say, a 3,000 SP delegator who receives the same 0.7 STEEM upvote but who will also get about 10 STEEM as the weekly payout. The percentage increase for the smaller delegator is thus highly significant.

Sorry if ended up a bit long - thanks for the analysis :-)

Thanks for stopping by @accelerator/ @rycharde and appreciate the additional info. Will definitely look further into the fund now!

ps Thanks to the MAP support in my early days

Wow, a detailed breakdown. So far I only delegate to @justyy, @cnbuddy and @qurator. From your post, found that @accelerator raise my interest and I think I would consider to add my delegation to them 😁 love @ocdb too 😎

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@accelerator is a very good option and they provided me and many minnows a lot of support during my early days . The additional benefits mentioned in the comments section certainly improves the returns further and goes in your wallet immediately and not having to wait for tokens to get realise. That's good if you're looking for immediate returns.

Hi, the support to minnows continues albeit one step removed by supporting curators. Some of the @accelerator profits go towards upvoting some curation groups from my own person @rycharde account. Because of the drop in activity over these past months, upvotes to curators are perhaps about 80% of upvotes, the rest just testing out other users.

Guess I still very much need as much support as possible 😁 in the meantime, I would also like to help the plankton to grow as well. Like wise, delegating to @accelerator and other initiatives as mentioned also made us part of a supporting force for the growth. Haha, currently still focusing on Steem and not other tokens. So ya, direct return with Steem would be great.

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Nice! It's been a while since I last looked at these kind of stuffs because of the low steem price, didn't bother to look at ROI anymore. Had pulled back most of my delegations, except for a few small ones.
As our posting rate drops, I had also stopped using upvote services like qurator and stax.
Maybe I should start delegating all SP to ocdb and get daily returns :)

OCDB certainly is a offers a good return especially for the if you're not not posting that much nowadays. Hope to see you guys more active again soon.

Thanks @steemhunt i looked like at already l, hopefully will get time to look at the others

very interesting and precise analysis, even can be a guide for the newbies of this complicated ecosystem 😂

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Thanks. I think the newbies in the CN community are very knowledgeable in the whole delegation game 😉


Tipu is one that I delegated to! So far I'm really excited because it does the daily payout as well as definitely gives me a return on my votes.

Really liked your article and I'm thinking about the next delegation for growth as well

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Thanks @ganjafarmer. I started the looking for a at @tipu as I saw the there were many delegators but they don't seem to be paying for out to everyone everyday. I wasnt sure how they worked so dropped it in the end, but it is one of the i definitely want to look at next time

It's definitely one of my favorite ones..

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目前来说,行长是最靠谱的。超过六百代理,除了年利还有三次点赞。微印则是一次点赞加年利。听起来还是不划算,不过目前在囤币,将来还是个未知数。S2S 好像也是有点赞的。不过我有微印了就没打算研究。分不到身😂

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S2S 拿6%收成哦。真的分不了身。

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我收到的s2s 大概在$0.06 左右。其实是因为它方便,也没管太多。但它的点赞团挺大的。总共大概能收获$0.3左右的赞吧。还没试过一天三次(至少发给两次都有赞)

Wherein is quite good as well, maybe you can consider it, 住英台 :)

PS: If you need more advices, @travelgirl can be your good adviser :D

me??? she did a better analysis than me ar .... I am just talk talk la LOL. btw its 祝英台haha

Yes, I also looked at @wherein, if you take into account of upvotes they're quite good as i mentioned

I think it divided to two aspect, for short term, delegated to some rewarding bot will return the sp quickly. For long running, support some well develop steemian or groups have a chance to be a whale at someday!
How about Steem-ua? I didn't explore it deeply, is it worth to be delegated?

Yes, that's the difference between supporting yourself only or supporting the platform as well.

@steem-ua delegation on determines how many upvotes a week you get but not how much. The upvote % is based on your rep, engagement and something else which i forgot, so difficult to find compare.

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Directly, would like to say I need delegation

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