Kingscrown`s Curation Knights - Make Passive Income With Following My Votes

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After 2 years here ive gained over 28 000 followers, many joined my discord and asked how could they vote early on my posts or other things that i chose.

Thanks to @BuildTeam now you have an option to easily follow my voting guild on Steemvoter Beta for passive curation rewards

Here are the steps:

  1. Create account at with emil and password, even if you have few accounts just 1 main is needed. Login.
  2. go here and link accounts, this will use Steemvoter from @busy guys, fully safe - almost all apps on Steemit use this for login.
  3. Go to which is my guild and click "Follow Guild". Then chose 100% as vote power (prefered, min recommended is 10%) and delay of 1 or up to 5 minutes.
  4. Do the same for all accounts linked.

If anything doesnt work ask on our Discord.

How curation rewards work? In short (there is some variables) If you vote earlier than others with power, you get % of their vote on the post. So its best to vote in the middle on bigt posts or late on small ones. I will chose best times to vote on stuff here and with guild you will following passively.

My Official Discord Crypto/Steemit Group -

Follow, Resteem and VOTE UP @kingscrown creator of blog for 0day cryptocurrency news and tips!


Outstanding to see the amazing @kingscrown taking the lead in Guild promotion. I've joined and have asked a few of my dolphin buddies to hop on as well! Lets make this Guild #1 for followers and quality curated content! Long live the King!

sir,can you give me tips on blogging? i see your name as techblogger

Hey bovine friend, are you having fun? I really hope so. Steem is a place where everyone can come along and play. Share ideas, offer interesting opinions, and make valuable contributions to discussions.

I just gave you a little downvote, it is not meant to decrease your visibility but just to let you know that your stupid little comments are not helping you or anyone else.

what sort of comments i have to write?

Reputation of 77,it is quite a high reputation no.

Excuse me @kingscrown. The curation rewards and payouts are set in a particular way for a reason. One of those reasons is to encourage good curation and to reward those that take the effort to identify good posts (the posts that should eventually receive higher payout). Promoting a post on to trending and encouraging gaming of vote timing is simply unacceptable.

I generally found your work on the platform to be good. Your actions of late are starting to give me concern.

Yeah, this lazy "follow me" approach will only make it so people have no idea what they are voting on, the problem with that is that they have no control over their investment. And it promotes laziness

I'm glad you are enjoying the new Steemvoter beta and happy to see you taking the initiative to setup this Guild! I hope it works out well and benefits all your followers! Looking forward to seeing how it develops going forward.

its a great system for gain on steemit

Thank You Brother, will join today

Very interesting! But I still cannot understand the whole process! I shall have to go through this slowly!

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for share about reward that was really helpful I am going to try these steps you mentioned and will let you know how it goes.

It's not passive income if you have to "actively" do something (e.g. upvote) to make the income...

yeah but you dont. you signup and its passive for you.

Great your post 🎁

Wow..does that work. Thank you as I am still figuring out steemit and ways to progress. I think I found right post and right person.

@kingscrown congrats on getting 28,000 followers. and thanks to @minnowbooster also for his great lovely mark. #minnowbooster

great system for gain on steemit acounat

very good I have been following your blog and writing very well. I hope we can be friends! OK? I also hope that you can pay attention to me and cast a valuable vote for me! thanks again! @zero12345

GREAT POST. My respect and high salute for your step that shows more generosity. I just comment with this word. I hope you accept it.

kingscrown has sailed in steemit more two years
Sail and dive deeper and deeper
build your reputation and huge followers
your works have made you bigger

You paddle away in the middle of a steemit ocean
we find you getting more attention
until transformed into whale, dear
your generosity is becoming increasingly widespread here

now you share tips on getting passive income
curation becomes a way to overcome
increase self-growth
to raise self-worth

Thank you @kingscrown
Thank you Steemit

Warm regard from Indonesia

I had been following instructions for curation rewards and consistently getting it , thank you again for this new update , I will follow the same ,

Upvote for Upvote And Reply my COMMENTS

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If i have 100 sp and i vote on post how much curation may be given to me approx

Thanks for sharing

Good info sir great work nice.



I am going to join it.

you just conquer the steemit platform,keep it up and share your tips to anothers.

Very thoughtful. This is the kind of thing that will bring about communal development. Keep it up!

Am new didn't work for me

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hi @kingscrown

i am new to this platform. Have read about curation rewards..can you further guide me as to how I can this post help me earning the same more in a more simplistc way. Thanks

Just did everything @kingscrown

very very good post congratulations and thanks for sharing

Congratulations :)

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

having issues following the guild,says i have to have 1000 vests. kindly come to my aid

@kingscrown Great stuff!!! Thanx for the share.

28000? That's huge, you know a whole lot of people still do not know how this curation process works as well due to the technical informations behind it, I'm right on I'd be following your votes

Sorry, I followed your explanations but I can't login to in any way, @kingscrown

I'm stucking on it and I don't know what to do now. Nobody on discord at this time... is working fine...

I think I will ask on discord later the day...

kind regards