Is Salt the spice of life?

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Have you ever wondered why everything is so incredibly salty?

Of course it has something to do with the oceans and stuff like that, but what I really mean is why do so many people insist on throwing a truckload of salt in every dish?


Of course Salt has several benefits. One of those being that it is dehydrating. It removes moisture from food so that bacteria is incapable of growing there. It's called curing, and it makes meats and various other foods a bit safer to eat.

However, salt is also known to raise blood pressure. It's not a good idea to eat it in large quantities.

If you look at the back of a package of almost anything, you'll find that salt is the main ingredient. Usually almost an entire day's worth of salt is in even a tiny package of whatever it is you want to purchase.

I just ate a frozen pizza. It was called a Meat Trio and it was quite good except that it tasted a bit salty. I checked the package and it had an absolute boatload of salt in it. Who would even want to put salt on a pizza? Does salt really need to be on a pizza?

It's the same for almost anything. If it's frozen food it's covered in salt. If it's restaurant food it's covered in salt. The only way to really be sure that your food is not covered in salt is to cook it yourself and be sure not to use a lot of salt.

Now you have to be really careful even if you do that because most seasoning has salt as its main ingredient also. If you try to add some steak seasoning to your meal, you will find that it is something like 90% salt.

When salt is the first ingredient that is listed, that means it is the main ingredient. They list ingredients in order of quantity.

I'm not sure why they want to put so much salt and everything. I guess they really think that salt makes things taste better. If things aren't fresh than it probably would make them taste a bit better.

However, I like to eat stuff that is fresh. I don't want it to taste oversalted.

Is Salt the spice of life?

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Too much salt is definitely not good for the body, but since it makes food tasty, people will keep taking it a lot. But they tend to suffer for it later in life.

So it is good to take it in moderation.


Agreed. It's easy to get too much of a good thing though.

I love a little salt on my some of my food, but when things are over salted it ruins them. I think the frozen items and etc have more salt than they use too and I was suspicious that the manufacturers added more salt to try to make up for lack of other quality ingredients. You are right about how much salt is in everything. It's crazy !


Salt can be a good thing in moderation but everyday we find ourselves drowning in it and it becomes quite arduous to wade through.

My biggest pet peeve is the modern trend to cover things in sea salt. I hate sea salt because it's too strong a salty taste. There are some foods that would be delicious if they weren't so dang salty like most things covered in sea salt. I figured a lot of salt was part of keeping frozen or restaurant foods preserved longer. Like fresh foods get old quick so I figured that's why restaurant and pre-made foods have a lot more. Definitely not good for you though.


That's true. It covers up a lot of different tastes as well.

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Yeah salt is immportance for all foods.Without salts food are no taste.

Yeah.. i try to stay away from processed foods and just make stuff fresh - but.... when i do eat prepared foods im totally ready for the salt. just the world we live in.
salt, sugar, fat. the trifecta of the pleasure centers in the brain LOL