Don't throw away your friendships.

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A long time ago my dad told me something very important.

He's not much for platitudes, so it was rather unusual to hear something like this from him.

"In your entire life, you're only likely to have a couple of close friends."


We don't think that way when we're young. We don't realize that all of the acquaintances that are hanging around with us aren't really friends.

They might be near us because we have fun together. They might be spend time with us because we tend to attract the type of girl that they would like to be with. It's very unlikely that we will be friends with those acquaintances though.... when the sun finally sets.

You see, true friendship isn't about hanging out with a couple of girls and hoping to get laid while your buddy acts as a wingman.

It isn't about telling jokes and laughing over a couple of beers during a barbecue. Sure, that's a good time.... but it isn't the sign of a real friendship.

True friendship is about listening.

It's about caring... really caring about what happens to someone.

When you know your friend has had too much to drink, so you take his keys no matter what the consequences are. You might even catch a punch if he's really drunk. You won't let him drive and risk his life though.... because you care about him.

A phone call in the middle of the night.

"It's Jimmy"

First reaction?

"What's wrong?"

There's no irritation there.



People take it for granted.

My friend will always be there.... so it really doesn't matter how I act.

We will always be friends. I don't need to reciprocate. Not this time.

Like all things though, friendship can die if it is not nurtured.

You might think it's not important.

Friends are a dime a dozen.

That is a lie.

True friends are few and far between.

Treat yours well, my friend.

Don't throw away your friendships.

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I got a friend I have had since childhood. We don't get bothered by anything towards each other, ever. We can not have seen or talked really for a year and when we meet we act like nothing happened. Just like we used to spend everyday playing games.

While it might sound like the opposite in nurture, I'm quite confident if I called him right now and asked if he is mad at we sometimes don't talk for months.

He would be like: Dude, are you high or something?

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That's a part of friendship too. Friendship really is an interesting thing.


Never take it for granted, but know what you have. Just like you said in the article:)

Friends is the more important part of our life.
Friend make our life fulfill of enjoyment.A true friend cannot make her friend unhappy anytime.Everybody need a true friend in their life.

That's so true what you are saying, so true. But when you think you have the real best friend for years and then he just uses you and wants your money because of his stupid wife :(
… we are no friends anymore and his wife isn't his wife anymore…
This happened a while ago and since then I am very careful with people and friendships.
Thank you for your post.


I've been in situations that are not unlike that one.


I think everyone has been in such situations more or less at least one. But you learn from it and you are more careful then wom you trust.

WISH i had a friend. :-)


Well, we can hang out sometime if you bring the beer. :)


All I have are cats. 003.png

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