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Parenting is a wonderful act instituted by God in the Garden of Eden by instructing Adam and Eve to procreate in Genesis chapter 1vs 28.

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Children first point of contact is with their parents, they get to experience and learn love and support from their parents first before any other person. Any child that experience proper love and care will exhibit it through his or her action or inaction.

Parents suffer a lot to ensure that their children are properly taking care of. They show a lot of love and support to their children, and this love and support always propel the children to become better citizens. Parents keep awake to ensure that their children sleep, they go hungry to ensure that their children have food to eat, parents have confidence in their children when others lost confidence in them.

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It is dishearten to see some parents who abandon their parenting responsibilities thereby denying most children love and support. Most people have argued that the hostility experienced among children is as a result of lack of love and proper orientation from their parents.

Love and support of parents inspires children to become the best in the society. When children look back and discover the suffering their parents pass through to ensure that they have a better future, it gives them the energy to push hard in order not to disappoint their parents.

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Parents should continue to do their best to show love and support to their children no matter the difficulties in doing that. For us to achieve a better society parents must intensify their effort in playing their parental role.

Guys what do you think? Share your experience or thought with me in the comment box.

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i couldn's agree more with all your assertions @hynet
for every child future growth and usefullness in the society starts from basics and parents are the number one teachers. nature and nurture centers on family. parents has a great role in the welfare of child and society at large. good read, nice topic and great post worthy of my 100% upvote from @kenhudoy

Thanks for sharing you thought and for your 100% upvote

welcome as always

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Harmonious family @hynet good post I like

Thanks, I am glad you like it

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Great post! To bad a lot of children don’t have parents who care about them.

My dear, that is really bad. God always has a way of providing people who play parenting role for them. Thanks for sharing your thought.

Absolutely true!

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This is very interesting, parenting is an amazing role that comes with a lot of responsibilities. when one is loved it will reflect in the way the person treat others. nice work as usual. upvoted

Thanks for coming around.

I have benefited immensely from love and support of my parent. I can say that is inspiring.

Thanks for sharing your thought.

As a girl i feel very delighted when i get love and support from my parent. I must say that love and support of my parent has given me enough energy to move forward in life.

Thanks for sharing your thought @angelmercy

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Parents play a really important role in the life of the child. First, the parent is God for the child. Therefore, I am always outraged, when parents are deprive children, because parents love and care about their children the most! Recently I started to study this subject, the number of such cases is huge!!!

Yes, you are right @naditinkoff, the role parents play in life of their children are very important. Thanks for sharing your thought.

Very interesting topic. parents are always supportive to their children. upvoted