Am I reaching my steemit goals?

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It was 23 days ago that I did share the progress of my Steem account! So, it is time to look back at the past 23 days!

Steem Power

In the last post I did have 531.214 own SP, now at the moment of writing I do have 586.793 own SP. That is an increase of a little bit more than 55.5 SP.


The black line is the trend line, the blue line is the goal I do want to reach and the red line is my current progress.
As you can see I am running a little bit ahead. Normally I should have around 541. This is based on an increase of 13 SP per week. But in the last 3 weeks I over performed with 14.7 SP, 15.4 SP and last week even 20.213 SP. In the past 23 days the increase was 10%. So way above the inflation rate!

While it is getting harder to get a posting value above the $ the SP increase seems steady! But as human as I am I also look at the posting value expressed in $, strange cause I do know that it means shit!
Steem has a value of $0.69. This means that all upvotes value did lose a third of their value!

Don't be fooled and don't look at the posting value in $. Try to see it as just a representation of vests, because this is what counts.

My investment in @steembasicincome and @upvoteshares were good investments. SBI did upvote 30 of the 31 posts I did write with a total upvote value of $6.81. @upvoteshares did upvote 22 posts with a total upvote value of $1.51!
@investorsclub is also active again and did reward me with upvotes of $1.43!
Also the free upvotes from are still worth it with $6.19! @hr1 did only stop by twice and donated $0.13!
All these things do add up!

The increase could have been more, but I am building up some liquid steem. The reason for this is that I do need it each week to sponsor a contest and that round 4 of the upvoteshares program will open up pretty soon. I did receive 2 more of these, so I do need to have the steem ready!


In the last post, steem-ua wasn't even official so I only looked at the reputation of the steem blockchain!
This grew in the past 23 days from 57.438 towards 58.07! This does rank me at place 7900. This rank hasn't much value but I did look it up to compare it with steem-ua!

My steem-ua rank is 3.217 which does place my on spot number 8232. So both are for my account pretty much in line! I will write something more about steem-ua later in my post!


Well I did my first ever delegation. I did start out with a delegation of 50SP to @steem-ua. But after looking at the 2 first upvote they gave me, I decided to increase the delegation to 100SP. I am thinking about even increasing it to 250 SP, but that would crush my upvote value!
Steem-ua is a 2 side cutting knife as I do see it! If lots of people within your community are delegation to it, you are less or more also forced to do the same. Why? It is simple everybody who does delegate will have a decrease in upvote value, so that means that the upvotes your post receive will have less value, forcing you to also delegate to cover some of these losses.

Let me be straight I do believe in steem-ua. I was first undecided about it, but it looks really promising.
In the past 10 days (since the first delegation) I did receive 4 upvotes from them with a total value of $1.25, which does place it at spot 11 in my contributor ranking since my last update!
To bad, that it has the cost that other people will feel this too, because my upvote value did decrease a little bit!


Pff, it is really hard to be engaged on Steem. There are multiple reasons for this.

  • the football season of the kids is going on in full force again;
  • the number of interesting posts in my feed in down, and I only place genuine comments;
  • I am also active on Scorum, which of course also consumes some time;
  • I just can't find the energy to find new people to add to my follow list.

In the last 3 weeks I did write only 314 comments and posts. This used to be around 460 for 3 weeks.
So I will try to change this, it is long time overdue that I have been listed in the engagement league of @abh12345, which I do still sponsor!
I will try to add 25 new steemians to my list and will go over my follow list again and unfollow the ones which didn't post in the last 3 months!

What do you think about steem these days?

Will have HF20 which is coming nearer have an impact?
Are you still engaged?
What do you think about steem-ua?


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Peter you do very Well and you know it!
Especially with Steemit AND Scorum. These 23 days were very good even in times off less engagement. I am Jealous! All these great analyses I dont even know Where to begin.
So a compliment for you. Youre posting, analysing, delegating, parenting, sponsoring and Working!!!

I am still very much engaged S3rg3 tod me yesterday after 8,5 months I need only 106 sp to be a minnow so I am off to that, and Steem-ua I have delegated to. I have to little time so I am foing the best I can WITH alot off enjoyment !
En verder staat family op 1 !
Is tijd niet gewoon de factor hier?


Tijd is inderdaad een factor. En natuurlijk staat family op 1, werk op 2, vrienden op 3 en dan komt pas social media!
steem-ua gaat zeker helpen met het bereiken van 500SP. En denk eraan all beetjes helpen. Op de upvote op deze comment :)

howdy from Texas sir fullcoverbetting! well sir..I was on steemitbloggers to find someone to visit tonight and saw your name and I say Hey I know that guy!
so I'm stopping by to say hi. I love you numbers guys doing alot of the figuring for us number-challenged types like myself.

So you think that upvoteshares is a good investment I think? and I'm already in steem-ua.
great progress you're making with so little time available! thank you for all you do to help others too. God bless you sir!


Howdy from Belgium @janton!
Didn't know you were also a proud member of the @steemitbloggers family!
Statistics is my hobby, so numbers are my friend and they almost never disagree with me!
I really like @upvoteshares. The biggest difference with SBI is that you can sell your share back if you want to get out. With SBI it is a steem lifetime commitment!
Steem-ua is promising, but at the moment I do have the feeling that you are more or less forced to delegate to it. If you don't you could stay behind compared to the one who did!


howdy again sir fullcoverbetting! well I love the work you "numbers guys" do because I don't know how you figure all this stuff out, have you figured the ROI of upvoteshares?

I agree that steem-ua is a great investment and concept, I think it's going to be huge.

So you are in Belgium, I never hear anything about your it a stable government and economy?


@erikklok did this 2 weeks ago! You find to the post on his blog.

Time will tell about steem-ua. Has been 3 days ago that I did receive an upvote from them. I should have 4 per week so ...

Belgium is stable enough 😁


howdy again sir fullcoverbetting! thank you so much for that post about upvoteshares and yes, we will wait to see about steem-ua and hope it succeeds!

Great to see your progress. It's going pretty good I'd say (at least a lot more per week than I get).
Indeed don't look (too much) to the $ value now. The more Steem/SP we now collect, the higher the (potential) gains in the future. In the short run it might even be good if the price stays low because less people will be "competing" for the rewards that are distributed weekly. Besides that, it might be a good moment to buy some Steem with fiat.
I do see the "problem" with staying engaged on Steemit (and other platforms), especially now that the "real" life has started again after the holiday period. In my case, that for instance means I focus less on Scorum.


We all have to make choices. For me it is a hard one. Steem maybe has much more potential but on Scorum I do have much more influence!


That's true. For me it is less difficult, since I have more "influence" on Steemit (and I also haven't found the right sports stuff to write about for Scorum).


The winter is coming, so speed skating maybe?
Let's hope that there will be an elfstedentocht! That would be a blast and for the Netherlands and as input for a great Scorum article!


Speed skating could be an interesting one indeed. However I don't know whether non-Dutch people would like to read that.
An Elfstedentocht would be great indeed. It has been too long since the last one...


It indeed is. We do need a winter like we had this summer, but then the other way around!
Chances are getting smaller by the year! Would be great to see another of this epic race!

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

It is certain

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.


I do like the answer! Silently hoping to break 800 before the end of the year! But that will require much more post not related to sports betting!

Great that your account grow more rapidly than expected.

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Indeed I am still surprised how well I am doing over here!
Not the best writer in the world!

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Congratulations on the advancements and achievements on the platform!

GREAT to see you delegate to @steem-ua!

There are SO MANY great initiatives on steemit now than compared to when I started in July 2017.


It indeed is. It is sometimes even hard to decide in what we do want to participate in!
Better this way, than no project at all!

Have you calculated does take you more with 15% cut than you get with these free upvotes from


Busy doesn’t take a cut besides the curation.
Actifit on the other hand has beneficiaries.
Or didn’t I understand your question correctly!

Well done on being ahead of your projection! I like how you are charting your progress here!

I'm still trying my best on the engagement front, but still have a long way to go to become a full minnow, although I am one "in effect" via a delegation from a kind Steemian who's helping build minnow accounts!

Asher's leagues have been a great encouragement for me; made some nice connects, and have made it into the list for the past 19 weeks in a row, although not to the top-25 yet.

I like the idea behind steem-ua, and I'm glad the more recent revisions now include more weight for site participation. Before that, it felt more like "just another richlist."



Asher's league indeed rocks! A few month ago it was easier to get into the top 10. My highest ranking was 4th or 5th, can't remember exactly.
Engagement is the only things that can push this blockchain further!
Steem-ua seems promising, but we will have to look back after a month or 2 and see if it does what it promises to do! Creating a bigger midfield.
The problem we all are having now is that the value of steem and upvotes are decreasing. This makes it a lot harder to give upvotes to comments!
I also have some nice delegation, which allows me to support others a little bit more!
Thanks for the comment!

Don't be fooled and don't look at the posting value in $. Try to see it as just a representation of vests, because this is what counts.


These are impressive growth figures! I congratulate you on the effort and its payoff! After spending much of my last 7 months buying STEEM to grow my SP, I am now looking to leverage my position into being more active and engaging across the ecosystem to continue my growth in SP. I am interested in learning more about your approach so thanks for sharing!


My approach is mostly build around passion! I decided 4 month back to also write about sports betting which probably did save me from the burn stats.
Also the free upvotes from busy do help, people do underestimate how these upvotes do add up!
Besides that I did heavily invest in Steembasicincome and #upvoteshares. Daily upvotes from these project do keep you motivated to keep on blogging!

I am following you back! Looking forward to see you evolving into a great Orca!

Hey, @fullcoverbetting.

First off, congratulations on the growth. I'm glad others are keeping track. I think it's a good thing, really. You don't have to be a stats person or a number cruncher. You just need to be interested in where you were, where you are, and where you're going, which I would hope would include all of us.

re: life getting in the way of Steemit

Well, I've been absent myself, mostly due to my wife's hernia surgery and subsequent recovery. That's in it's fourth week, and the week before that I hit a Steemit wall. So, there you have the tale of what's been going on in my world.

re: HF 20

I believe it will have an impact. Velocity should. The self-upvoting window change will probably do something. We'll see if it has a positive change, though.

I think I answered the question of whether or not I was still engaged earlier. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

I'm concerned resource credits will have some unexpected consequences, but other than the fact that its new and different and Murphy's Law likes to rear its ugly head, I have nothing else to base that one on. If there is an issue, I believe it will be dealt with accordingly.

With SMTs also announced, we're left in the dark about Hivemind 1.5 and Communities, unless I missed the update and implementation announcement in my hiatus. Nope. Just checked. Nothing.

re: steem-ua

At best, I'm on the fence in a wait and see mode. At worst, I think two out of its three metrics (followers, witnesses and engagement—there may be more now, but I haven't heard about them yet), are fundamentally flawed. I will let you determine which two I think are off base. :)

Keep it up. Do what you can. That's all you can do, really.


I can understand that the health of your wife is much more important than being engaged on the Steem blockchain. Hope that she recovers fast! You can always ask @simplymike because she knows what it is!
Glad that she is back on her feet and being able to post actifit posts! Well done girl :)

I do regret that steem didn't give more attention to the community part, but I do need to trust them to they made the correct decision. I did read the H20 paper and don't think that it will have much influence on how things are going on at the moment!

Concerning steem-ua. I do feel that at the moment it is almost mandatory to join! If too many of your community did delegate to steem-ua the support will drop which they can give you. So to cover this, you need to delegate also!
I will give it some time and make a conclusion after one month or so!

Looking forward to see you ending on the lucky number 25! Would be great to grant you the price!


Het Peter,
Congrats on the growth.
I was wondering about all those numbers. Do you collect them manually?

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