Am I in the Shadows of STEEM? - Freewrite Day 737

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As long as I have been on STEEM, I have been told it is stupid to waste my time helping small blogs grow. I chose to start writing minnow tips and helping little people when I was still under 100 sp myself. I have never stopped, and do not plan to. As much as we lose the little guys is as much as I try to save them.

My more successful friends here picked a niche and went whale hunting, or used the heck out of bid-bots until recently. Or went huge with delegated sp and do great curating the big boys. Most of them do not live off this money so they are substantial players here now, for whatever that is worth.

I have tried many things here and gotten lucky with some. I have managed to survive with mostly STEEM and STEEM related money since Dec 2017. And now I need this to continue and even do better. I do not care if the STEEM price is low. I can still succeed.

I’ve been on a STEEM challenge for a few weeks now. I made one small change and now the changes are everywhere. Lots of things are improving and I feel optimism for the future.

My advice to anyone small and trying is always to stick with the positive. When you see a post is ranting about something – close it. Stay with the people that are pro-STEEM, pro-minnow and pro-content creators. The people fighting and down-voting do not need your help. You instead need to grow your blog.

My most recent summary of Minnow Tips is here:

You CAN Succeed on STEEM

And I am currently dPolling daily minnow tips on my @bxlphabet blog. A lot of people are getting help over there now. Please go take a look and try those ideas. You will have a great result.

I won the Conference Fee to STEEMFest in Bangkok!

Just the other day, I got this great news. I was going to be in Bangkok anyway, but now I will really be at STEEMFest.

If you would like to help me get to STEEMFest, you can!

You can upvote any of the posts on my three STEEM blogs, especially those older and close to payout:


  • You can send any amount of STEEM/SBD to my @fitinfun wallet.

  • If you would like to send cash by paypal, please contact me in Discord. Sending that money to a member of TeamMalaysia instead of to me directly ends up being quicker and with much less fees.

  • If you would like to send cash to my Thailand Bank account where I can access it with no fees while there, please contact me in Discord to get that information.

My Discord Contact Info:


My post is for the #freewrite daily challenge by @mariannewest for the prompt of “step out of the shadow.” Freewrite is a great way to post on STEEM when you do not think you have the time, or talent, or anything to say. It’s a great way to start regular posting, and I know you can do this too!

Here is Marianne’s freewrite prompt post for today. Give it a try and surprise yourself.


fitinfun You can do it if I did! sharon before and after.jpg

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That's a very good question, @fitinfun and I think this post (that I wrote just right now, by the way) is 100% connected with yours:

I see you are writing minnow tips too, @wiseagent. The more the better, and good on you to go bilingual.

As to some of your points:

I pretty much follow everyone I ever see who seems worth it. I am not particular since I do not ever look at my feed. If they follow back, go me. And I go into steemworld every so often and follow everyone who has followed me and is above Rep 45, if I have not already. I want all the people, lol.

I do not do too much random voting, since I auto-vote and have certain things I manually vote daily. So I have no vp to give and my 2 cents is not too relevant anyway. Commenting to help others is more valuable than draining my sp.

I'm not big on resteeming. I tweet more than I resteem.

Invest time researching who is really worth it

That takes little time for me. Most people I see ARE worth it, and I rarely look at certain one-photo posts, and never look at posts without text.

As to you idea about engaging with people, we are on the same page. If you are not already there, please join the Engagement and Curation Leagues of @abh12345. I have a post on my other blog about it here:

And the newest post is just now out here:

All you need to do to get in is leave a comment on this post above, and you will be there next week. Being in the group is the single best thing I did to grow and meet good STEEMers.

I'm so glad to connect with you, and find another minnow tipper :)

I have to say thank you for your support to minnows and congratulations for that excellent news!

Thank you so much, @isgledysduarte. You are someone really working it, so keep going!

The most correct decision you have had is to help other people grow, you will be more than rewarded. So certainly the saying "get out of the shadows" applies to you. Receive my affections,

Aw! Thank you so much, @felixgarciap. I will not stop. We need people here. I'm so glad to be connected to you!

That’s wonderful and keep spreading the love x

I am rooting for you!!

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