Beem Workshop Berlin Next Weekend ?

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How to Steem bot with @felixxx

Next weekend, I will stay 1 hour from Berlin Central Station.
I am visiting a friend.
While there, I will give @juanmiguelsalas a quick introduction to beem.

I am confident, that I can teach any Steemian how to make simple bots for Steem.

Time: Unknown - 21/22 of July possible
Location: Unknown - Suggestions welcome
Requirements: Laptop ( Windows or Linux )*
Payment: Will work for food & drinks

* If you have an apple, better ask in an apple store for support ;)

Contact me in Discord: felixxx#4941

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Very cool but do you think most bots ruin the steemit platform tho?


Absolutely not.

'Bot' is short for robot, which describes a machine that does work.
It is absolutely necessary that some functions of an account can be automated.
( For example a witness pricefeed needs to be updated frequently - this is impossible by hand )
It is also absolutely impossible to prevent this automation anyways.

There are many cool bots and services out there, which make steem a better place.

There are some bots on steem that sell votes and that is bad, but I think a change in the reward algorithm could make these bots less lucrative. On a technical level, there is nothing else you could possibly do about it.


Oh okay. The witness one makes a lota sense to me. Yeah I see your point, I think it's just I always think of the bots that sell you upvotes never really liked that. Thanks for explaining this all to me :)

Very cool! If you do something similar in the future a little further south I would definitely be there! ;)


I will be staying 1 hour south of Berlin.


Unfortunately still too northern :/

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  • If you have an apple, better ask in an apple store for support ;)*


Payment: Will work for food & drinks

So, your harvest failed?
Big depression?

But this is an excellent initiative from your side!


Forgot blogging about the potatoes :o

tipuvote! 1 :)

You very kind and generous my 2nd mentor. Will be happy to see it come true

Gut zu wissen, dass du sowas drauf hast. Werde ich im Hinterkopf behalten.

very kind! proud on you! :)

Tus consejos deben ser muy interesantes @felixxx a la hora de crear Bots para Steemit