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About exchanges

There are many market exchanges being released, that are just fork or a copy of some other big exchanges - that we are using in our daily life, which doesn't consist any innovation nor anything new that people would be willing to use for. Me as a follower of a blockchain projects, I like reading the whitepapers of the projects, since that part is where a an intention of a person can be hooked up. I heard about a new exchange that is released, which made me curious to go deep and read more about it, at the same time share it with you too.

Onam.io Exchange


The whitepaper of Onam took my attention , I am sure it will take yours too , in the Table of Contents when you will read mostly about the Features of the exchange. This is why I dig down more why all those features. And in their Twitter I read about their tweets, asking for community what they want to see in the exchange - which gave me the message that they do really care about User experience and about their future users. This is what I love the most about any firms that does this. Unfortunately the exchange markets are only focused to get more users and more transactions and earn millions from the fees also from coin listings.

While ONAM has countless features


This is a proof enough for everyone to see the features and understand that their main aim is to bring the Digital Asset Exchanging to the next level. With best user experience and making everyone satisfied, I am sure their primary goal is not profit. Here is the reason why, you can understand from the fee amount by the exchanges, which is only 0.05% and see the other exchanges;


Other solutions

Expect the lowest fee in the market, Onam is easy to use I got a chance to create my account and it was super easy, also you can open your account with ICOS ID.
So the traders will get the main benefits from the features, mainly from lowest free option many volume will be used in the Onam for sure, because people hate paying a high amount of the fees, especially if they are day traders. So they day traders or lets say people that trade short would definitely low the main feature of the low fee.

So lets talk about the security;

Onam is secured there is no way for any DDoS attack , phishing and other hacking problems because they have their own “Advanced Threat Prevention, Intrusion Detection, and Trade Surveillance systems”. Meaning that machine learning system will be identifying irregular activities and won't let them effect the exchange. Which have totally encrypted database!


Onam exchange is giving a high importance the regulations (adhering to compliance, security, and usability) because of some statistics as shown in the photo below how many coins or bitcoins are being stold from the exchanges that do not have a security and regulations,


Talking about activities , the scalability of Onam is insane, while it can handle 10 million transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nanoseconds. For a person to understand or use this exchange better the User Interface is prepared supporting multiple languages, giving a possibility for 24/7 assistance on the exchange. For better trading there are auto-trading options also getting signals from the exchange is possible. But getting those services from the exchange are for any person that holds the ONAM token which are erc-20 based tokens and currently have an ICO. I grabbed some, why you do not do that too?
You never know what the future can look like, we can see Onam replacing big exchanges. They already started to list many interesting coins and tokens on the exchange where any person can go and make their tradings.

But for one thing I am sure, professional traders will love this exchange because it has many features that professional traders know and understand mostly.

Once the exchange goes online, it will support trading of these digital assets:


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