Just July: Early Morning Smile

in busy •  5 months ago

'Life is Funny' if you understand it. The unfortunate thing is that most times will get more than expected and get more confused because of it. Today marks the beginning of a new month, and something remarkable woke me up.

I got up with the price of Steem/SBD smiling at me. At first I thought I was dreaming so I decided to make some calls to assure myself I was awake. Shortly after the call, I checked back on the price. Guess what, it has added another green. Whoa, I couldn't have asked for a better way to start this my month.

Yes, it is my month because this month adds another year to my weird age 😁. I wish there will be an app that will take my years back some 2decades ago when all I could think of was play, eat, play again and play some more, then sleep. Life then was funny, but we need to meet reality.

I wrote that we need Cryptoragement in my last post and we got it. I don't think I have any super powers, but I think I should wish that again.



I went to one telegram group today, and saw some persons pleading with Steem not to rise, and I realised we are at a state of war 😂. Some persons are favored by this Bearish movement, while many more are anticipating the Bullish movement. At the end of the day, I can only wait and see which of them takes the lead.



The big question is, Do you prefer the slight Bullish movement to the Bearish movement? The bigger question is, WHY?

I have resolved not to get discouraged by the price of Steem/SBD from this month. To accomplish my positivity, I will be attempting at least 2 posts daily for now. I do not know any better platform than here at the moment. Steemit has helped my life and those of others around me, so I owe a lot to it the platform and people helping me through it. Having said that, I rest my case 😁.


My signout message is:

Never Give Up, put your head Up.



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A happy new month indeed my sweet baby 😍
And as always some wise words and most important thing is to never give up, if you stick around the rewards will be so much greater 🤗
And for me the greatest reward and gifts here are the people here and their amazing support and love ❤️🤗❤️ nothing can beat that.
Not for me anyway! Thank you for sharing your mind and well said. Happy sunday.
Much Love 🌹🌹🌹


Thanks so much dear. You are the best.

Have a lovely night too sweethy 💖

Happy Birthmonth! Thank you for sharing your positive outlook and some encouraging words for the community. Your positive vibes are infectious :)
Best wishes, @crypt0rhodes


Thanks so much @crypt0rhodes.

Staying positive adds meaning to life


Indeed! :)



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Thanks so much

I prefer slightly bearish trend...Because that is when fools get out of their comfort zone and sell steem/sbd, thereby allow guys like me to buy...😂😂😂


Lol. I wish I have a stable alternate source of income this period, my savings would have gone on buying at this Bearish period.

😁😂😁. You have investment acumen.

Thanks for stopping by