We Need Cryptoragement

in crypto •  5 months ago

What is that word? You may wonder. It may interest you to know that not even google and Wikipedia combined knows the word, nor its meaning. Lol. Anyway, I have been pretty thinking out some weird words lately as a result of my brain playing tricks on me.

Brain Tricks?

Yes, I have had very high expectations of the cryptosphere although I know very little about the financial systems. I have observed the fear in people and low morale even here lately. It is affecting me, just like everyone else 😂. Afterall, we all have the red fluid flowing in our pipes veins.

I saw something thrilling today though. A light of hope in @ogoowinner's post today. It means we shouldn't give up anyways but rather remain OPTIMISTIC.


Stolen from Pixabay


What can help in these trying times? Optimism, diversification encouragements. We can look each other at the eyes and say Do Not Give Up. Let us share cryptoragement ENCOURAGEMENT to all.

My signout message is:

There is usually LIGHT at the End of the tunnel.



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Cryptoragament....hehehe! Really some good brain tricks!😁

Most of the person I joined steemit with has given up, to be honest with you, sometimes I get really tired because of the way things are now. But one way or the other my strength comes back when I see and remember that there are few persons who believe in my stay here and will support me nonetheless. Encouragement from few friends has really been my help in these trying times. However, I am almost optimistic that things will get better here!

Cryptouragement haha I love that! So creative


Lol. Thanks

Yeah right, we do have to have it.