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Hey Everyone, dRAMA from the DRAMA team here with a few quick updates.

We have the start of a Dashboard Page:


On this site you can transfer DRAMA from one account to another. A nice feature for those who would like to award a DRAMA, and don't yet have 10.

You can also see a list of recent awarded tokens and the DRAMATIC Posts.

It is no secret we were having a problem with some users abusing the token distribution and we have no problem protecting the fun in DRAMA by blacklisting people who abuse the bot.

Our Blacklist is up and running with four proud users Blacklisted for devaluing DRAMA by just handing it out for the votes or Tokens.

Sorry, Not Sorry!


The DRAMA token was created by @whatsup
The Bot was developed by @inertia
Creative advice and inspiration were contributed by @elgeko, @steemitqa and many others in SteemChat and SteemSpeak.

What is the value of the DRAMA token?

The price of the token is determined by the market at:
Last Trade: 1.09900

How Does It Work?

Accounts that hold 10 DRAMA Tokens can issue new DRAMA tokens.
If you hold 10 DRAMA tokens AND find a post or comment filled with drama
Type !dramatoken to issue the dramatic person a DRAMA

You will receive an upvote for your curation efforts.

This is where @themarkymark is mining DRAMA, so try to keep up.

Thanks everyone see you on the BLOCKCHAIN!

All the boring details: https://steemit.com/drama/@dramatoken/a-dramatic-official-launch-of-drama



According to my research @themarkymark is not using any child labour in obscure factories. He creates it out of thin air.
I would say he uses the highest standards of sustainability and ethics of any drama artisan.

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It's true! Marky is the best at taking NOTHING and turning it into DRAMA

Dramatically it arise! Yeah I see this token has a bright future ahead! Go on @whatsup, I think it's safe to use steem-engine with our active keys! That's the place that I am still stuck at!


Yes use active

Haha! Awesome!

I wondered where that little nugget came from. I thought I may have scored a token pouring some satire on a post or maybe was rewarded for a small part in the dramatic flag wars here.

Of course it was @whatsup, one of my longest standing favourite steem people.

I really like the idea of this token and the ability to give them away to people who entertain me with their wit, emotion and drama.

Now I know. Thanks!

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The token is fun and hopefully awards real engagement. When people care about something sometimes that emotion comes out in DRAMA.

Its a fun way to break the tension and reward our passionate players. In addition the upvote goes to people who curate with eyes on the site!

Respect and resteem

I need 4 more DRAMA tokens to award drama..

WTF! Am I not dramatic enough? I don't know how to be more dramatic.. I try to troll, abuse, write anything to get attention.. and yet all I get is FLAGS .. WTF!!!!!!! BEAR IS GETTING UPSET

It's hard to get a drama token and supply is also limited. Then how can I send drama token to a friend?

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Drama can be earned or purchased.

It's not a right, it isn't free, it something that one can participate in if you so choose.

You can send DRAMA to other people on Steem-engine website or dramatoken.info mentioned above

Hey, I see multiple people giving themselves dRama. Can I join in on that fun?


This dRama token was given in order to bring light to the people who are giving themselves dRama tokens and I wanted to be part of the fun and case use dRama while doing it.

You have DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

They have been blacklisted. Would you like to join them?

:) Take it easy Princess.

Hey, I'm making a statement. Can't ban me for that. Don't do it whatsup.

Is Dramatic ! I have just one DRAMA token.

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You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

Dramatic dRama 💙 ♩♬♬

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Drama is passion, passion is emotion. Emotion drives action! Let's do this!