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Hey Everyone! I'm dRama From the DRAMA Project!

Announcing the Official Launch of DRAMA...


Here are the details! This will likely be my one and only serious post to cover the business side of DRAMA, after all that, it is all fun, games and gut wrenching, belly aching DRAMA.

If you want to skip the details jump to the bottom for the TL:TR and start farming DRAMA.


DRAMA is a Novelty Token created by @whatsup utilizing Steem-Engine.com in March 2019

The purpose of DRAMA is tokenize drama, upset, belly-aching, crying, blaming, temper-tantrums and other forms of over-the-top drama found on the STEEM blockchain.

DRAMA tokens will be MINTED by @whatsup and ISSUED to the @dramatoken account where they will be issued by a bot developed by @inertia which allows those who hold at least 10 DRAMA tokens to call the bot and issue a DRAMA token. In return for calling the bot the caller will receive an upvote from the @dramatoken account.

The @dramatoken account is an account created on the STEEM Blockchain to upvote those who issue DRAMA tokens

Bot Functionality

The purpose of the bot is to allow end-users holding at least 10 drama tokens to distribute drama by using a text command it in a reply field.

The caller is the person calling the bot, and the receiver is the author of the post the bot is called to reward.

Use Case: !dramatoken

Sniff for a text command !dramatoken

Check dramatoken balance of caller if < 10 take no action.

If > 9 distribute 1.00000 DRAMA to Author (OP) if DRAMA is available for this purpose.

Make a comment with drama token graphic and text with specific graphic and text depends on DRAMA availability.

Upvote “caller” with @dramatoken 25% (if DRAMA available).

The bot shall match on !dramatoken strictly. The comment cannot have anything besides !dramatoken. It will not match if someone is just talking about !dramatoken in passing.

Bootstrap Distribution Phase

The number of DRAMA tokens avilable each day is 40.00000 DRAMA. This will a) keep the bot from “over-voting”, b) provide a way to tell if the bot will distribute tokens (any time bot voting power below 98.0 %, this means no new are tokens available), and c) provide a sane limit to new tokens distributed. This also means if less than 40.00000 DRAMA is distributed in 24 hours, they do not carry over to the next day.

Use Case: Transfer

Drama token holder can transfer DRAMA to an author by providing a URL in the transfer memo.

This will also make a comment with drama token graphic and text (tbd).

Involves no upvote.

Transferes can originate from the steem-engine.com site as long as the memo contains a valid URL. Otherwise, the bot ignores the transfer.

Dramatic Replies

Two main cases exist. Successful distribution and unsuccessful distribution.

Use Cases for Transfer will look exactly like a successful distribution to the OP.

Use Cases for !dramatoken will attempt to distribute new tokens to the OP, but upon failure, still reply to the caller.

Trading Buying and Selling

Drama Tokens can be traded at https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=DRAMA

A Case for Holding Drama

It is our belief that DRAMA will hold entertainment value to the community. End-Users will need to hold at least 10 DRAMA tokens in order to issue tokens which creates demand, the tokens are issued slowly to create a limited supply. In addition, the @dramatoken account will post earning Steem and will seek delegation to increase the vote value of the @dramatoken account. Which creates a win/win for Steem and DRAMA

It is our goal to test the Market for interest and continue to add features and value to the model to include at some point “The Drama Report”, “The Dramatic Distribution” and other interesting posts from the @dramatoken account. After all, there is no shortage of Drama on the Internet.

Dramatic Long-Term Goals: To reward dramatic content found in other locations such as Twitter, Facebook and other blockchains with a DRAMA token and a link back to STEEM for account creation and to claim token on www.steem-engine.com

We will be branding our Mascot dRAMA who will Author the posts and sometimes make Drama Induced Posts, to keep the entertainment value high.


Other Projects Tokenizing Specific Online Actions are:
Fuck Token

If you think this is a fun project and would like to support it’s progress consider delegation to the @dramatoken account. Contact @whatsup on discord to discuss large delegations in exchange for some promotional DRAMA

Delegation Links:
50 100 200 1000

for custom delegation links contact @whatsup


BUY, TRADE or SELL DRAMA at the Steem-Engine.com Market.


Holders of 10 or more drama tokens can ISSUE new DRAMA tokens.
-Find some drama
-Type !dramatoken in a comment or reply to issue token to the OP. Must be exact match.
-The Drama token will be issued and you will receive a 25% upvote from @dramatoken, currently with a 3000 SP vote weight.


If you don't have 10 drama yet, and want to give someone a drama, you may transfer 1 drama with our same dramatic graphics and note, by sending a wallet memo with a valid link to @dramatoken in the MEMO field.

Small print for the TL:TR - The bot is limited to issue 40 DRAMA a day to keep supply reasonable and demand high!

We do have some extra drama on hand this month to hype and reward DRAMA Issuers, buyers and Transfers! dRama may hold some contests as well!

Watch your Wallet, you never know when DRAMA will hit!

Questions or Comments? Ask in the comment section or ask on Discord.


It's obviously obvious what you're up to.
This pretends to be a 'fun' little token with it's cute character and simple commands... but you just have to scratch the surface to see the corporate interest. You should be ashamed of yourselves!! DON'T USE DRAMA TOKENS ANYONE!!!

If you participate in this token, you're just helping those fatcats in the popcorn industry get richy rich on the backs of poor internet citizens looking for attention.




I think I need to find a way to buy 10 DRAMAs atleast! Nice mechanism!


Fucking nerds.... Dorks!!! The lot of ya!!! * Takes off magic shirt and pits down programming C book * where's the cola and the NES plugged in?
Bring the drama!!!!

You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

Hahaha, love this comment :-D

If you participate in this token, you're just helping those fatcats in the popcorn industry get richy rich on the backs of poor internet citizens looking for attention.


Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

I see your point. It sounds silly and funny but could it be a way of humiliating and possibly quieting someone who needs to be heard but has no $$,

Let the drama begin!

Fantastic and fun idea, perfectly implemented. Now everybody will want to hold at least 10 DRAMA to be able to participate in the game :-)

You're a real drama queen @whatsup, haha
Very well done!!

loved and resteeemed

Whoot! I think it shall be fun!

Yeah it will be! :-)

Y porque solo esta en Ingles esta historia del Drama Token?!?!?!!?Es una injusticia y me siento indignado y ofendido por esta discriminación discriminatoria de un régimen discriminacional del copon!!
Esto es DRAMAtico!


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Sounds like some fun incoming! Look forward to seeing how this progresses!

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Thinking it will be fun!

Have you guys prevented self transfers? And of course there's gonna be multis.

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The multi we decided are good. If you and someone else both want to reward a drama... Then I guess that makes it a 2 DRAMA drama... :)

Drama, baby! More drama.
It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye ;)

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I don't have any eyes to spare

You need to be extra careful dRama. Go buy safety glasses and a helmet. Safety monocle in your case ;)

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