Earning $60 SmartRewards with SmartCash (Σ)!

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I bought almost 2k SmartCash a little over a month ago because the smart rewards and community projects make it a fun coin to jump in. There are a number of posts on the benefits and a few people more knowledgable than me have recommended it. On the 25th of December I earned 148 Σ from my smart rewards!

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The cool thing about smart rewards is that it allows you to earn SmartCash by just holding it in your wallet. That. Is. It. The great thing is that it will happen again next month if I just keep it in that address!

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If you haven't looked at SmartCash then you should check out a few of these posts:

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I bought it when it was at 370 satoshi.It's allready good investment. :)

Yep. It is a nice one to have for sure.

Congrats on your earned interest. I wished I did the same but oh well there is always time to catch up with investments. Hope smartcash don't blast off too much before I save to a 1,000. As always go SMARTS!

I think we are all still early in the cryptocurrency game. My plan is to just keep adding to my portfolio with coins I think have a future.

I'm keeping my eye on this one. Price seems way too high for the moment. I'll try buy some once it hits the lower levels again. Seems like a great way to earn some more passive income.

Yeah. It did jump a lot in the last few weeks. Probably not the best time to "buy low".

SmartRewards and Smart voting system are great! Can't wait for SmartNodes and InstantPay killer feature!!

Yep! It is going to be cool to see where those end up.

Great, SmartRewards is great, I'm already waiting for January 25th.

Great post, just got into smartcash a few days ago, still trying to learn as much as possible... Exciting times!

Wow! I really want to get to 1,000, but that could be a little tough. Have you sold any of you Steem or SBD to buy SC?

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