Having a few sources of income in steem !

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In this post I want to share my feelings and the possibilities of steem blockchain.

I'm doing my best to power up my account and to grow in steem.

I want to earn the maximum steem I can to feel hapier in steem and to make the members of @dcooperation happy, because I'm delegating all my power to that account.


When I joined steemit, I was writing articles like crazy for almost a year and earning cents from that. Then I joined dtube and start to earn about $100 a month from my videos. Then joined 3speak and I'm earning now over $200 a month. But, I don't think that steem has limits. We can earn here even $1000 and more if we do things right. I'm sure that some people who are always in the trending page, are doing that just like that, even with the recent steem price.

If the goal is $1000 to satisfy all my needs in my life, I have to do my best in steem, or to start working outside of steem, but I don't want to leave and I feel good here. So, I need to do my best to reach my goal. $200 per month is not a lot. I pay taxes $600 per year and I pay for bills about $100 a month. So, the money left for me is only about $100 per month. Do you think that's enough to earn for a human being, at least in a country like Russia. Living here is not that cheap.

So, to have a better life I need to do my best to make a living with steem. It's not that easy to do, but I will try.


So, since we still have dtube, I will try to earn with it at least $100 a month. That means I have to upload a video every single day and I see them giving about 3-4 upvotes for creators and that's about $5 upvote, plus steemians who are following me, plus whales and other curation projects, so I can make the average of $8 upvote per video every single day. 8 x 30 = 240 and with the 50/50 curation system we can have about $100 a month.


Since I will continue creating videos on 3speak, I can make about the total upvotes there $15 and 15 / 2 it's an estimated $7 per video, I can easially keep making $200 with 3speak.

So, that's the total of $300 earned per month, just from creating videos. With a lot of hard work of course. The video sometimes takes a few hours to be created.

But, is that enough for me to live a better life. Of course not, that's enough only to pay bills, taxes and to eat well. But, I can't even travel or buy a car for example.

So, what I will need to do as well.


I will need to improve and grow in tribes as well. And I will tell you what some powerful steemians are doing here. They are just creating different accounts in the tribes and staking tokens there. All I need to do is to choose the best tribes for me and to have accounts there. For example for sport we have sportstalksocial.com and I can share everyday something about sport or train myself and show what I achieved. For creativecoin for example I can sing karaoke sometimes and share that, i just love to sing. For a tribe like neoxian, i can participate in their contests, they seems very supportive. For a tribe like tunes, I may create music myself and share it there, because I will buy a new pc very soon to do that. For lifestyle I can share share pictures of me or something arround. About steemleo, I will share posts like this one where I talk about investment or anything related to it. I'm use marlians just because they accept all type of content and I know a lot of my followers are there. I think that's more than enough and I will be able to make with them about $100 or more.


So, will my life became better with $400 a month, I think yes. Since I didn't yet get my citizenship in Russia and I'm still an immigrant, I will have to satisfy without travelling or buying a car and keep powering up my account and hoping that the price of steem will go higher.

I hope this post will be helpful for those who want to make some money with steem and to grow their accounts and to be happy with steem. Thanks a lot for reading and supporting me.


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Hi @clixmoney! Have you a full list of Steemian tribes? I need to find the better gaming one.

I will write a post about that and send you the link.