Why is @bxlphabet called Caleb?

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I worked hard on finding a name for my son, but Caleb was pretty much predetermined.

I read a book called “Searching for Caleb” by Anne Tyler when I was in my 20’s. At that time, I did not ever think I would have a child, but as soon as I read this book, I thought, “If I have a son, his name will be Caleb.”

Then in my 30’s when I was pregnant, I knew what his name would be: Caleb. Whew! One big decision was off my list!


This caused an uproar in many people. I got all kinds of push back.

  • “Caleb is a Jewish name.” (No. It is a biblical name.)
  • “Caleb is the name of one of my gay friends.” (So what?)
  • “Caleb sounds like Caitlin.” (What???)
  • “You can’t call him Caleb.” (Just for no reason?)

But I bowed to pressure. I went back to the drawing board and read a few baby books with boy’s names. I could not find another one I liked.

Caleb is defined as “bold and doglike” in those books. I was afraid of dogs at this point in my life, but still I was not deterred. Caleb was the name of my son in my dreams.

I went to the Old Testament where Caleb appears as a scout with Joshua. They go to a place overlooking scary giants and decide they can beat them.

I could not get the name of Caleb out of my mind.

I decided to wait until he was born and see what I thought. I did not even know if he would be a boy until he was born, so maybe it wouldn’t come up.

But he was a boy, and as soon as I saw him, I knew he was Caleb, and have never had any regrets with his name.

He was always a brave kid, and such a loyal friend.

Now my son has ptsd for many reasons and is scared of everything. He can’t sleep, and wakes up from horrible nightmares when he does. My son will do anything he can not to fall asleep.

When this started happening in middle school, I did not know what to do. I did not realize he was suffering from ptsd and would not have known how to treat it if I did.

Now I know from research that the most successful course for treating ptsd is learning strategies for pushing back the fear, and finding other people who suffer too so you have support. My prayer is that my son succeeds and can go back to being the bold person he started out being.

I want my son to beat his giants, and I know he can do it.

This post is inspired by my son Caleb and the powerful sermon I heard in church this week. I will have more to say about that in future posts, and this is Part One.

~ @fitinfun

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Your story is really touching, I love the name Caleb too and many people bear that name here. I found out for the first time it's meaning from you "Bold and doglike" that's a very nice complement.

Jesus is still in the business if healing people neither is the Holy Spirit tired of touching lives.
Never loose hope, Jesus has healed your son. Believe it, proclaim it everyday.

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Thank you so much for this wonderful comment @botefarm. I'm interested to know this name is common near you. It is not as rare as it was in the US too.

I appreciate everything you say and your prayers as well. This means the world to me. I am so glad to be connected to you.

"Believe it, proclaim it everyday." I will. Thank you so much.

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the name of your son very rare and it is biblical thats why is rare


It is becoming more common, but still not many have it :)

You chose really nice name for your son. Caleb sounds great


Thank you very much :)

Nice one, great story


Thank you!

Howdy today fitinfun! oh this is wonderful and I love the name Caleb! I don't know what "doglike" is supposed to mean though, what kind of connotation is that? Anyway you did the right thing! Also, why should other people care so much about what you name your kid? None of their business. So many people are idiots! lol.


I think the dog-like idea is that he is loyal. That is what I took from it.

When you are pregnant, everyone wants to tell you what to do - or the sex your child will be. I chose not to know and thought he would be a fat, brown haired girl. Only one of many people said I would have a boy. But there he came - thin and long, and with neon orange hair. That was the best day of my life :)


hahaha! "Neon orange hair" ...that's amazing fitinfun and I'm glad you named him what you knew was right.


Hospital staff came to see this sight as word spread lol. People think he dyes it. I could always find him quick on a crowded playground :)



ya know...that is totally amazing. I've never seen hair that color naturally! And it would certainly come in handy to spot him in a crowd! Is it still that color or did it change as he got older?


It was even more stunning when he was a baby and young. It glowed like a light bulb. It's getting darker as he ages but not by much. People said the color would fade but it never did. I had to teach him early to say thank you to people when they complimented his hair. He turns heads with it and people gawk.


howdy again fitinfun! yeah I suppose people think that he dyes it to get attention! When he was little they probably thought YOU dyed it to get attention.

Sound and tone to a name makes the person, great old names! Caleb has meaning, it is a strong name, glad you held onto your decision Sharon.

Great hair all the girls would switch you for any day of the week @bxlphabet


So true. Lots of women tell him that. Thank you for the support, @joanstewart. I'm glad I did not cave too!

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