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RE: If You're Frustrated About The Price Of Steem... Realize This!

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Very good article about options. People are angry when their money lose the value in steem, because they get this for making content. Maybe they don't even think about investment in steem. They will think only about securing cash, which left on their wallet, but who really think about long term profits? Answer - stake holders. Steem as a cryto compared to bitcoin is pretty young so it's possible that with that many incomming changes like next HF, the price will get rollercoaster. With #newsteem there is so many opportunites to be whale on specific tag. How you will feel, when you will have power like a whale? I think it's awesome feeling.


Exactly what I was thinking! newsteem is all about changing one's mindset and and taking action to improve Steem, not just break it down without out any solution.

And that whale feeling is something only the 1% will feel, so it's hard for me to judge because i'm not in their shoes. If I had a million Steem right now, I think I would be using a lot of my brain power figuring out the "right" move in the long and short term lol

Maybe just self upvote like bernie who prob doesn't have enough time to properly post and curate because i'm sure he's rich in real life too lol

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