I'm moving to Busy.org

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Sup everyone. So, i've decided to start using Busy.org as my main interface to the Steem blockchain. There's a few reasons:

  • I rly like the notifications for new followers, comments, upvotes and mentions. Reminds me of the ease-of-use of Facebook. Nicely done.

  • It shows the Steem price in a very clean interface

  • You get a free upvote from Busy for using their hashtag

  • They are building out a WYSIWYG editor (of sorts)

  • You can save multiple draft posts (very handy and allows for quick future posting)

  • You can easily and quickly search through your historical activity

  • The search results aren't littered with Google ads (wtf is this garbage?)

  • It displays someone's current vote power and upvote worth in their Account homepage.

  • And most important of all...it appears that they give a damn about the user experience. Goodbye, Steemit.com. Thanks for breaking the ice, but you have lost a daily visitor. Long live competition!

In liberty,


Oh man, this is great news! As a UX designer, using @steemit is like nails on chalkboard. Will loop back once I've gotten my hands dirty with their interface. The only thing from memory that stands out to me as an oversight (and this came from our research for @steemsmarter) is their "account weighting" doesn't take into account delegation of Steem. Not bad considering all those wins... especially notifications!

the notifications are epic. Now...it only needs a "night mode".

I also want to use busy.org but can you please tell me a way to login using my posting key as I do not want to give my active key to login.

really good point. I've been disappointed with apps like DSound and Dmania and Busy.org for not letting you only use your Posting key but rather your Active, Master or Owner keys. I realize many use SteemConnect, which is currently the Steem standard, but why not offer only Posting access?

Since Busy.org allows you to operate the wallet too, that's probably why they require a higher level of permissions, but why not leave that to us to decide how much of the Busy.org infrastructure and integration we want to unlock with our appropriate keys? Great comment.

yes that is what I wanted them to do. All it takes is for one hacker to crack steemconnect somehow and all the active keys will be exposed. I have been waiting for a long time to try busy.org but sadly they still won't let me login using posting key so for the time being I am stuck using only steemit.

Wow brother, great article. Totally opened my eyes to new dimensions. Few noob questions: I guess you keep the same SP and Reputation you've already built on steemit. How about the reward pool? How many users vs. Steemit use it now? Do the trending posts get as much money as on Steemit? Do I have to re-build my following? ( I guess yes...) Thanks a lot Ashe king :)

it's exactly the same. You can post on Busy.org and nobody will every know the difference and your posts will show up on Steemit.com exactly as you are used to. It interfaces with the same Steem blockchain.

no way that's amazing! So you can basically get paid on both platforms on the same post? Thanks bro!

Great overview of busy.org! Maybe this will get steemit to overhaul is UI/UX.

I'm looking for a new interface as well and busy.org seems to be an option.

Steemit.com is just a proof-of-concept implementation. The rest of the developers are free to build whatever they want on top of that.

I use steemd.com as kind of a "notifications" tool, but busy.org seems to be a reliable alternative. Filter activities, voting power, and vote value seem to be interesting features as well.

What I miss the most on Steemit.com is to find relevant content. I'm sure there are some interesting authors and posts hidden somewhere, but they are so difficult to be found on the trending and hot tabs. So, if someone knows an interface that could provide that, please let me know.

Thanks, Ashe.
After the panel presentation by Lily, Kenny, and Erika at Anarchaforko yesterday, I was re-inspired to create content on Steemit. With the information you have provided, I know it will be much easier to do so. Thanks again!
Incidentally, are you still competing in the Heineken Men with Talent Bottle Opening Competition?

welcome back Flynn!

@ashe-oro I know of busy.Org
But I didn't know they had such a feature.
Pure masterclass💯✔.
I'm porting my steem account to busy.org with you @ashe-oro
Thanks for carrying your followers along.
Its a Sunday, this awareness is a relieve to me who has experienced error 504 gateway error alot yesterday on steemit.


busy.org remind you everything and notification of every user like facebook it will great fun of using that sure i will try it !

This is nice, mostly i make my post with the esteem app, but would try using more of busy now and see how it goes. Thanks for the info

ur welcome. How have you found esteem to use?

Well it has the notification thing too, even when am not on the app, i still get notifications like whatsap. I find it easy to upload pictures on my phone. Its easy, you just search through the gallery and it upload the link itself. Though have not tried tagging esteem in my post i have not gotten any upvote from them.

Only that part of your rewards go for fubding esteem is a little annoying in my opinion - i‘d rather pay once for unlimited use

ooh, really @ashe sir?
I know Busy.org is good but Steemit is also not bad
Don't leave us permanently . . . . Use both Busy.org and Steemit.

As his posts are on the blockchain, you will still see them here

It's mean, If he post there so we will be able to see it here
so then what's the different?

The userinterface for him - technically, steemd, steemit and busy all have the same information, but the way they choose to and what information they display varies a lot. So you can choose your “surface” that fits your needs

Wow that really looks a lot better indeed, makes Steemit look pretty ancient. The fact that you can see voting power and new followers saves a whole lot of time, no need to visit all those extra websites.

Nice, I shall check it out to be able to keep in touch with you.

Is it the same login as steemit, or do I need to make another username, account, etc?

Yep. Same login, same account, same everything. Cool.

I am always on mobile. I like the auto save drafts and content preview on busy but I am not familiar with codes especially the center command :( and I can't find social media buttons. Steemit mobile view is better and I love tweeting so after posting from busy I go to steemit. :)

Good post, good luck and have a good day :)

it's looking cool to use busy.org for steemit blockchain thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with us keep sharing like this @ashe-ore

Good post, good luck and have a good day :)

I must remember to head to this first off. I’ve used it a few times and really like it.

Hello @ashe-oro

This is very revealing and I am going to check it out now. Thanks for the update

@eurogee, the founder of @euronation community

Good my froend

convinced! I will try to use busy.org from now on and I will see how it goes1

I also moved to Busy since I discovered the notifications, it makes everything much simpler. Apparently they have a little delay but it is definitely a big step.

I think busy.org is a much better interface to Steemit especially because of the notifications, I can see my voting power and the neater interface. I didn't try the search yet but glad to know that the results are much better than that in Steemit... my brain doesn't see ads anymore though. It knows how to filter them out and go straight to the good content.
I never got an upvote from busy though maybe I didn't have a big enough following. I will try it again.

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