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RE: Yerli əhalidən, sadəcə itirilirəm müqavilə ilə işləyirəm.

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Hi - hey! Did you come here because this guy downvoted you with a bunch of random accounts, without reason like a coward/total loser? If so I hope you will come support my work/feed to help spite him. I don't do a lot of stuff for this site anymore because of people like this on the platform. I like to make art and poetry. It's not for everyone but I am just a regular person still trying to live my life and maybe write a little poetry out into the void. ANYWAYS - I don't know why these accounts are downvoting you or me, but I hope maybe it can bring you and me together. It's hard enough being a content creator without this type of stuff happening to you. So Maybe this guys cunty-ness can bring you and me together. I need friends - I feel like throwing my thoughts into the void can be hard but maybe you and I can be a support to one another. Drop by my work and say hello - Follow and resteem if you can and I hope I can reciprocate the friendship.
Cheers and much LUV!
Poetry posts

Here are a couple of my more recent art posts and poetry! Please check me out and follow! I am glad we get to meet - even under stupid situations like these. Aw well - Now we party! Spam this guys threads with your work so I can come check it out when I come to spam his threads with my posts too.

Please reply with some of your favorite posts this week and I will go check them out too!