WINNERS | Sndbox Summer Camp: Project and coding Quest

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This time, the winners were not chosen by neither @guyfawkes4-20, @voronoi, @hansikhouse or me, this time it was a bit different.

So far, more than 40 Steemians proved their own abilities and expertise in their own fields when they won one of the previous Quests... but more importantly, we´ve learned to trust them. Apart from that, considering that the Final Quest is all about project development - that´s a hint for you, previous winners - by all the winners, we decided to let everyone get a bit more involved by letting them handpick those projects they think have development potential and are promising.

These are the projects that received more votes from the previous winners, which means, these are the Steemians who get to join the previous winners and participate in the Sndbox Summer Camp Final Quest:

@joedukeg - Cel Steem Powered art and culture

@superoo7 - My coding journey

@jhnmunoz - The Alexandria´s library project

@tristanoliff - Steemit´s first NGO

@cahlen - Speak Freely TV

Congratulations to all these amazing Steemians! You are in for the Final Quest scheduled for late May, be on the lookout for the announcement!

The next Quest will be the Final one, where each and every one of the winner will show what they are made of and will compete for a spot in The Sndbox Summer Camp taking place in June 2018.

We want to thank the @sndbox team, especially @hansikhouse and @voronoi for giving us the possibility to do this and eventually improve the lives of a couple of well-deserving people.


Congratulations to all winners and success in new stage

Congratulations to the winners, I wish to participate next time.

Wow.. I totally missed out.. Congrats to the qualifiers.

Congratulations to the lucky winners

I would have loved too but didn't get to know on time..
Congratulations to them...
I'll keep following up....
Thanks to you @anomadsoul you've always been great... A wonderful example on steemit..

Que buena la iniciativa para ayudar a los de steemit, estas cosas son las que te hacen tan diferente a las demás personas hermano, mis mejores deseos para ti y espero que Dios te bendiga para que sigas apoyándonos a todos mi pana, Saludos cordiales @anomadsoul.

congratulation to the winners....

Great post! Congratulation to the winners:)

Congratulations to all the winners for this quest and see you in the final one! Onward to the Final Challenge!

Thank you jadeline! 🙌

Than you very much, also to you @ihansunries, congratulations to all the winners

Thanks dear! :D

Congratulation to all winners

congratulation for all the winners

Congrats to the winners.

I usually vote on my posts on the 30 minute mark (or later) to give other people a chance to get Curation rewards but I posted via Busy and I forgot to unmark the selfvote box, Sorry :(

It is alright. We know your heart. ;)

Thank you, really, thank you very much. It's an honor for me to be nominated for the final phase, I'm very happy that maybe you've seen what I've seen in my project, a tool to improve the Latin American art and culture paradigm through Steem.

Wow, never thought I would join the Final Quest, Thanks Eric for creating this event.

Congratulation my idol @superoo7! You made it!

Thanks for helping me to proofread haha

Congratulation 😍

Thank you 😁

Congratulations to all the winners and welcome to the sndbox gathering of aspirants for the summer camp. I wish you all the best.

Congratulations to @joedukeg, @superoo7, @jhnmunoz, @tristanoliff and @cahlen for taking your projects to the next stage. Welcome to the Final Quest! For those who's projects did not make it to the final stage (which we know personally of one - @yasminep), please don't give up hope. There is a huge community of Steemians that would support your project. If you truly believe in your project, try approaching the right community, a whale or two (there's no harm in trying) or use (decentralised crowdfunding site on the STEEM blockchain - only to raise capital, yet if it's guidance and support that you need then this wouldn't be the right avenue for you).

Thanks so much @travelling-two for your support on this! It was a long shot in getting any support, but I still really believe in the project so will find a way to make it happen. Thanks for the idea! I will reach out to the right people. Congrats @joedukeg, @superoo7, @jhnmunoz, @tristanoliff and @cahlen for your project ideas and efforts.

Like we said in your original project post, maybe collaborating with @travelfeed could be a good shout! If not, there's always the idea of creating a new account (@travelseries - we checked that username doesn't exist at this present moment) with the focus of it being a curation account to support those local travel writers writing about their home country/city from their insight and perspective. We would be willing to delegate some SP once we get to 500 SP (currently at 211) as we hope to delegate some SP to other accounts too. Yet, we don't mind contributing a small SP amount to help it get started and if a few others pitch in then the account's upvote can be significant for those local Steemians :)

Fabulous idea. I may just do that! Thank you again for your constantly wonderful ideas

No problems and remember we're here for support if you need it :)

Congratulations to all the winners, there were some good looking projects in there.

Looking forward to late May.

Sorry I missed the vote! Will be happy to meet all the new additions!

Congratulations to @joedukeg @superoo7 @jhnmunoz @tristanoliff and @cahlen. You have wonderful projects. Good luck on the next round of the Sndbox quest :)

Congratulations to all the winners. Welcome to the club. See you all on discord and goodluck in the next round.

Congratulations to all the winners, @joedukeg, @superoo7, @jhnmunoz
@tristanoliff, @cahlen!!!!

Welcome to the final quest, see you on chat :)

My next quest? Getting into @sndbox! August (is it?) cant come soon enough. :D

Congratulations to the winners, I have the time behind this wonderful proposal, but I have not had any luck. I hope I can arrive in time for the next one.

Congratulations to all winners... Its not easy to create good projects... And well, as always, the sndbox team is the best in challenging all of us to be think and more creative.

Congrats to the winners, this is getting better and better, can't wait to the finals :)

I can't even describe my gladness right now! Thanks to you all guys, as I have said so many times: without all your support and guidance, I would've not been able to make this happen! I'll keep trying my best! =)

Best regards from Peru!

I congratulate all winners. They deserve it!

dammit I did not know about this, would have entered my free android app steemer. ahh well. congo to all winners.