[Manual Curation] Introduceyourslf tag - My criteria to vote these posts

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I get a lot of discord messages every day from newbies asking me to vote on their posts. That´s ok, I actually encourage people to send me links to their posts every once in a while. The thing is, most of those posts do not fulfill my criteria to vote on them so, to be honest, they are just wasting theirs and my time by sending me those posts.

This is the second post I make about manual curation, the last one was about curating the art tag. I will continue to write this kind of posts whenever I feel like. There isn´t a specific day of the week or date of the month, I just write them whenever I fell writing about curation. I write these posts talking about the specifics of each of the most popular tags around so everyone knows what do I expect from a newbie´s post in order to curate it.

What I´m going to do is spread some votes among the various posts I find while browsing the introduce yourself tag and explain why am I voting on them and why am I voting with that percentage.

Now, these set of criteria I use to vote, is not a step by step guide that you should follow in order to get a vote from me. I´m 100% in favor of people posting what they want, when they want and how they want to do it, I am just putting this information out because that is how I base my decision whether to vote or not on a post and what percentage I vote it with.

This is not a rule book and definitely should not be taken as law, I am going to make these type of posts to answer all these questions I get of what do I take into account when curating certain tags.

If you are inviting people to join the platform, perhaps let them know about this post because most of the manual curators take into account some of the bullet points I´m about to list here.

Curating the introduceyourself tag

My personal criteria when voting on this kind of posts is kind of loose, not because I expect low quality posts, but because I expect the post quality of a newbie. This doesn´t mean I just throw votes to every post I find using this tag, but I definitely strive to reward as many people as I can, sometimes I even leave comments in these newbies´s posts.

1 - First timer. An introduceyourself post must be the first post a person makes to, redundantly, introduce themselves to the platform and its community. If I notice that an intro post comes from a Steemian whose rep is not 25, I click on their profile name to see their posting activites. If he/she hasn´t made an intro post before and then decide to make one then I decide if it´s too late or not - I mean, an intro post 10 days into your steemit journey it´s ok, and intro post 5 months after you joined the platform and started blogging... definitely not ok -. It also has to be the first time this person uses this tag - this one is hard to control but usually this tag is the first used, so it´s easier to notice if the person uses it frequently.

2 - Original content. As weird as it sounds, some people copy introduction posts from someone else so, I do my usual plagiarism check using Grammarly so I am sure this intro post comes from the heart and not from the copy+paste realm.

3 - ID check. I find it easier to vote on a post that includes a pictue of the Steemian, showing their face and holding a piece of paper with their username and the date. This is to ensure that there is actually a person behind the account and it´s not just another bot - we don´t need more of those. There´s a lot of people who take their privacy very seriously and I´m fine with that, so sometimes just holding a piece of paper without showing their face, or perhaps just the paper side by side with something the new Steemian likes as a hobby. Probably the steemian likes football soccer, so if he doesn´t want to show his face, why not take a pic of the piece of paper resting on the ball? Anyway, timestamp, that little piece of paper is very important for a manual curator, sadly, less and less people are doing it nowadays.

4 - You only get one first impression, make it count. I want a post, full of pics and swamped with passion. Show me that you are really interested in making Steemit your second home. If I find a small post with just a few lines and just one picture, It´s going to be very hard for me to vote it but, sometimes when a post is amazing, I vote hard on the post and I may even end up following the person. Imagine making your very first post and having already a minnow with a whale costume following you? So make that first impression count, write the best post you can because that lone post is going to set the bar high or low for your readers, your first post is your presentation card, make it the best one.

5 - Smart writing and smart title. Imagine there are hundreds of introduceyourself posts every day. How are you planning on leave a mark? What´s your strategy to make people curious about you and click on your post? Use a smart title, I was very lucky because my post title was very plain and simple but those were other times, now we are competing with a lot more people to get their attention.

6 - English writing. I´m sorry, but if the post is not written in a language I can´t understang, I completely ignore the post.

Are you curious about my introduction post a bit more than 1 year and one month ago?

Hello! About me <- What a simple title, I bet today this title would get me nowhere.

Not everyone is a writer and not all of us are english speakers so I understand if you have a few grammar mistakes but, in general, I expect from these introduction posts a lot of passion, dedication and overall, quality - for a newbie, I don´t expect markdown perfection but I do expect more than 3 lines and one pic.

None of these bullet points are mandatory for me to curate introduceyourself posts, but certainly fulfilling a higher percentage of them makes it easier for me to vote with a bigger weight on these posts.

@theserene - Ladies and gentlemen please allow me to introduce to you to myself

Long post: Check
Nice pics: Check
Interesting subjects: Check
No plagiarism: Check
First introduceyourself post: Check

What would I add to the post: Piece of paper for ID check.

Voting weight: 20%

@david.laguardia - Introducing myself

Long post: Check
Proof of ID: Check
Interesting subjects: Check
No plagiarism: Check
First introduceyourself post: Check

What would I add to the post: A few more pics as teaser, perhaps of the book he is talking about?

Voting weight: 20%

@sweetelyse - New Steemit: Let´s get to know each other

Long post: Double check
Nice pics: Double check
Interesting subjects: Check
No plagiarism: Check
First introduceyourself post: Check

What would I add to the post: Again, a piece of paper for ID proof.

Voting weight: 25%

@herbayomi - A writer, A scientist, A programmer... A short intoduction of myself

Long post: Check
Nice pics: Check
Interesting subjects: Check
No plagiarism: Check
First introduceyourself post: Check
ID proof: Check

What would I add to the post: Nothing!

Voting weight: 25%

@queendina - First post en Steemit, I´m ecstatic

Two words: Video introduction!

What would I add to the post: Nothing! I couldn´t ask for a better introduction.

Voting weight: 30%

There you have it, I hope this makes it clear to you what I look for in introduceyourself posts. Make sure to let your friends who are just arriving to Steemit know about this post, perhaps this will give them an idea of what some whales look for while curating intro posts.

Why don´t you go to these posts and give these amazing Steemians a warm welcome!

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As someone who often curates the Introduceyourself tag, I agree with you that there are certain things people can do to greatly improve their intro posts. Great job with this one @anomadsoul!


Yea. His points are vital as it is fair as well. I appreciate you old steemians who take out time to look out for new users like us. I made an introductory post just two days ago and it was my first time using the tag. I hope you would not mind taking a look at my blog.


May I ask? What's the discord's server nickname of @anomadsoul?

Me estoy esforzando mucho y trabajando bastante en mis nuevos post para obtener algun dia un voto favorable de una ballena como voce! jajajaja algun diaaa pasarás a visitarme y te encantara mi trabajo!

PD: Linda sonrisa, un buen corte y estas perfecto jajaja.


Te falto decir: "Queres que te la mame?"

Jalabolismo en estado puro

I love how you always encourage people to do more! New Steemians, go above and beyond, make a stake for yourselves on this platform.

How do you feel about people sending you up close pictures of their nipples on discord though? Would this earn me a certain someone a flag? This is gravely important, pls respond.

I get it. I posted my intro post late, like really late. I had not realised I needed one and I think I posted it over a month later, maybe even two months in. I was clear in the post that I had omitted to create the intro post, so that people knew where it was coming from.

I wish I would have done a better job with my intro post. It’s was so early and I had no idea what folks looked for and how to make an impression. Still learning this stuff daily here. Reading posts such as this one helps me become a better writer and Steemian!!

Hi Eric, I love that you are so open in the way you mostly do healing, no doubt it's a subject where subjectivity comes into play, but it's a great job under any optics, when I started in steemit I didn't make my presentation, maybe because I didn't know how positive it could be, here I see the importance that can have the person who guides us here, no doubt my new friends steemians will direct them to this post, thank you friend

Wow, que gran trabajo haces @anomadsoul... No solo votándonos, sino también enseñándonos a postear.

Estoy claro que no quieres que se tome "esto" como una guía o como la "ley", pero es super interesante saber o intentar comprender el como votas y el por que... Mas interesante aun es que nos orientas en como "deberían" ser nuestras publicaciones para ser de calidad, o por lo menos eso asumo.
Siento y se que tienes las mejores intenciones, no solo de darnos pescado, sino también enseñarnos como debemos pescar (en el sentido metafórico).


Thanks for your support to the new commers and please keep supporting them.

There's no greater source of motu action than being supported the fist day. I tell you from own experience. Kudos to you @anomadsoul..


@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities


Brilliant in put. Thanks for understanding the need to support the minnows. Great line of thought.

Great overview for your 'requirements' for the IntroduceYourself tag. We believe if you want to make your stamp and welcome to the platform, you need to show some structure and heart. If we knew this before, we would change a few things in our Introduce Yourself post, but no regrets as we wrote our post with what we knew then. Hindsight is 20/20.

Cute as Fuck: Check



Really nice post and nice advices. I read this and then wrote my #introduceyourself. If you could check out I’d be really Glad. https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@valeriadla/i-ll-name-this-the-symphony-of-my-life-and-this-is-where-i-tell-you-a-little-bit-about-me


fuck you

Hi eric, during this post I received less attention from you, whether because I do not hold the paper dipostingan introduce me ago ?? do i have to make a new introduce post ??


Lol. I also thought it was vital to hold the paper/sticker. Hence my doing same during my Introductory post just two days ago. Making a new introducemyself post after using the first time is what is just criticized. I think that's in his point number 1.

lovely @anomadsoul
thank you for sharing

Thank you for supporting newbies on the platform.

@steemminna is a community account birthed out of concern to reach the poor in Nigeria and we have already started some works but in need of some support. We did our introductory post two days ago. Can you pay some visit and support this charity cause.

Thanks as we wait your support.

Thank you @anomadsoul for your kind words and for including me in your content. I am truly grateful! As requested, I have updated my introductory post and included my photo with a Steemit badge and date :) thanks for the tip also, again truly appreciated. Untitled design (3).png

Que bien, felicidades.

Hello sir, thanks for these insight. I also made an introductory post just two days ago and this is to implore you to please check it out. I hadn't used the intro tag before now. And it's an original piece from me actually. Big ups to all steemians around the world. @anomadsoul . Ya all are so hospitable.

Welcome to Steem, @anomadsoul!

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You got a 41.89% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @anomadsoul!

Hola @anomadsoul, que buen material de apoyo este. Lo único que lamento es haber leído esto varios meses después de hacer mi presentación jeje Se te agradece el tiempo que te tomas en hacer este tipo de pots para orientar a muchos y sacar de dudas el porque no son votados. ya que muchas personas piensan que le debes votar solo porque si, porque tienes alto poder de voto y sino lo haces eres pichirre. Y insisten una y otra vez por todos los medios para que le voten, y en vez de acercarse a un buen voto se acercan mas a una bandera lamentablemente.Gracias por el apoyo y aporte a la comunidad. un saludo

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Sounds fair to me.

This is a very good curation policy, especially if you want to curate the beginners, to keep them excited. I like whatever you say above.

Hi, great post I love your work, I have followed you and upvoted, kindly follow me back. Upvotes appreciated. Thank you.

I am not sure if I'd fulfill all the criteria but I'd really love to have your feedback on one of my posts.

Awesome man! It's always a good thing for new people to get a vote when they come in!

It is important to know who you vote and if your job is worth it, we all have our methods to cure posts in the end what really matters is to inspire and encourage artists with our work to overcome and exploit their talent

hopefully your success is always here,

There is an e missing in your titel in introduceyourself.

I love the way you spell out your guild for curation, I believe newbies deserve some support to encourage them but they must prove that they are not bot and also they are ready to put effort to make posts

I think that @anomadsoul correspond to a lot of messages, it is amazing.

Eres un crack, @anomadsoul !
Muy bueno tu punto de vista y el saber cual es tu criterio a la hora de como votar las publicaciones. Tomo nota para ir mejorando mi andada por esta red social y, te confieso que, mi talón de aquiles hasta ahora son las etiquetas. Ya que mis gustos son variados y a veces me pierdo a la hora de colocar las etiquetas.
pero a penas voy gateando en Steemit y no es papaya, como decimos en Vzla jajaja

As one of fairly newbies in this platform, this kind of posting is quite useful to grasp the protocol. Thanks for your posting!

this is the very reason why I encourage newbies to pour their heart out when writing an introduction post, because it matters a lot especially when setting first impressions. Thankyou for sharing your criteria @anomadsoul. I'll surely let the newbies know about this. More powers to you! :)

we welcome everyone to this beautiful family..thanks for this bro

You're doing a great work. Keep it up

The main point which i liked here is, you are not taking any aspect in an negative aspect means, people are coming to you for your vote and may be the list will be long, but instead taking any negative aspect you are guiding them in an right way so that their post can get the right exposure what they are looking for. And it's all about the hard work because everybody reached to a point after hard work and sweat or putting their hard earned money here so everyone have their own limitations and choices and everyone cannot reach to everyone so we have to keep believe in our work and have to improve time to time and the greatest secret is increase the engagements and genuine connection that way you will grow on this platform.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

That's actually interesting!

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Mucho por aprender por eso son tan útiles estos post de los curadores.

Yo soy como una esponja, estoy aquí para aprender y para compartir mi pasión que es la fotografía.

Me gusta cuando la gente se toma en serio lo que hace.


Welcome to Steemit @anomadsoul
For your kind information keep safe your master password.
For cryptocurrency news follow @jyotirmay & Do Upvote.
Join discord - https://discord.gg/64jUKT
See you again

Nice criteria of voting this tag. It's nice to be supported right from the beginning. It's a nice start for this people :)

Thank you for supporting the newbie I hope you will do so later

You are so handsome good heart man @anomadsoul.Thank you for being a great person in steemit.God bless

@anomadsoul I have all the criteria you want right, come to my article to see it for yourself. :))

nice job sharing what you look for! i'm sure this will be very helpful to newbies :)

Nice job encouraging people! :)

Hello, Eric! your support spreads through Steemit more and more))) You have the right comments, I will share your post for my community, let them learn to make quality messages.

Thank you for making great efforts and doing manual curation of posts to support different groups and communities of Steemians. Special thanks for supporting our Ukrainian community :-)
As one of the old timers, I believe that manual curation is what prevents our platform from completely turning into a botland. And being one of the few who care, you are doing a good job.

Hey! That's me up there! Thanks for the mention!

I have been on Reddit for a while and that's where I learned Markdown.

I didn't know how deep this community was. At first, I thought that this was just another Twitter or Facebook. In my short time here I can tell the people here respect and admire original content.

It's a beautiful thing especially when you've been in a place like Reddit for so long. Sure there's some Original Content there but it is so scarce it makes you yearn for something better.

I think what you're doing is amazing for the community especially with stuff like this.

I'm so happy I did that google search.

Me alegra tenerte con nosotros, espero que disfutes tus actividades en esta red social.