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Our tools to successfully work remotely

The employees of zauberware technologies live at different locations in Europe. As our company follows the philosophy that competence does not have to be physically bundled at a fixed location, we do not need to restrict our choice of employees on their place of residence. And vice versa, it is no problem for zauberware if a team member changes the place of residence. To be successful with this model, we use certain tools to coordinate our cooperation.

This is the last episode of our "TOOLS at zauberware" season. Read first, second or third part.

Amazon Chime for Webmeetings

We use the new Amazon Chime service for web meetings with several subscribers and when a telephone dial-up from different countries is to be offered.

There are only a few solutions which are not based purely on WebRTC, but above all provide a simultaneous audio connection via computer and dial-in via telephone even in many countries.

The price looks ok at first glance, however, the telephone dial-up numbers are quite expensive and won’t look like landline ones.
Currently, for us, the best solution on the market, other possible tools would be Webex, which we used a long time before, and TeamViewer, where not only the remote access to another computer, but also web meetings are possible.

Amazon Chime Pricing

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