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Our tools to successfully work remotely

The employees of zauberware technologies live at different locations in Europe. As our company follows the philosophy that competence does not have to be physically bundled at a fixed location, we do not need to restrict our choice of employees on their place of residence. And vice versa, it is no problem for zauberware if a team member changes the place of residence. To be successful with this model, we use certain tools to coordinate our cooperation.

This is the second episode of our "TOOLS at zauberware" season. Read first article here.

Teamwork Desk for customer inquiries and as an e-mail replacement

A top integrated service desk that does not offer all the functions of Zendesk, but allows direct access to Teamwork. For example, tasks can be added to customer queries and viewed directly.

Teamwork Desk

Concerning e-mails, which are also an important information source for other team members, we use Teamwork Desk not only for incoming inquiries, but also misuse the tool as a complete e-mail replacement.

The price is comparable to competitors on the market. It is nice that you don’t have to pay for accounts which only get access to the information, and do not perform any customer communication.

Really pity is, however, that emails can only be forwarded to Teamwork Desk, so IMAP synchronization is not possible.

There is, like for Teamwork Projects, a free trial version: https://www.teamwork.com/friend/zauberware <-- affiliate link !

Thanks for reading: Next episode goes about Facebook Workplace or read the full article here.

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