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RE: How To Actually Bring More Business Owners To Steem[it]

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I appreciate your post here @yallapapi you make some great points. I agree 1000000 percent with adding the ability to advertise on Steemit. And yeah it hurts seeing the price dip so low. The reason however I’ve bought to the bottom and powered everything up is because of the voting bot passive income. For the past 6-8 months I’ve been earning liquid Steem and SBD and re-investing. Should have been selling it (in hindsight) but the passive income vote idea is smart business (just my opinion). Also by powering up you’re building your brand and if you use your stake to upvote others you’ll start to gain some of the most loyal followers ever (because they are incentivize to engage with you). So yes, if I had a crystal ball 🔮 6 months ago I would have sold all my Steem power and bought back in NOW. But you can’t live like that or predict the markets like you say. So you make a decision. Is this good for my business? For my brand in the long term? If so then buy and power up. Let’s give Steem another few years and see how it all unfolds 🔮😎

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this "passive income" from the voting bots is killing steem and hence your investment

please offer a better solution or find a way to ban bots. I’m not for or against them, but if they’re here, I’m going to use them... and this isn’t necessarily true.. the whole market is down right now. Let’s just remember that

I understand your reasoning.
My proposal is to stop all vote delegation on steemit.

That’s a noble undertaking and I’m happy to stop using my bot as soon as there is a unanimous vote on this. but I feel the only way bots will outlawed is if Steemit inc steps in. Not seeing that happen anytime soon

we will see... I believe it is just a question of where the steem price moves from here... that's how free markets work.. if the pain is big enough change will happen pretty fast...

Much like how a crackhead will smoke crack? It's there, it'll mess up the whole neighborhood, but what the hell, why not... who cares, right?

I see your point but this is much different than crack lol and I didn’t create the idea of voteselling. And the idea that voteselling has its goods and bads. Its your opinion voteselling is harming the economy

why do people here produce and post content.
that other PEOPLE read it. right?
so how does it make sense for this platform that you get rewarded by voting bots for exactly the opposite? People not reading your blog but giving their vote to a bot which you pay to vote for you? This only makes sense on steemit but nowhere else on this planet.


why do people here produce and post content.

Yeah it's weird.

But if you write about relevant topics, that people will search for in the future. You know "magnetic headlines" etc like, "How to build a crackpipe from a beer can in 3 easy steps", these articles will potentially get millions of views from search engine traffic, and the fact that some dude used a few low ROI bid-bots on that article will be completely irrelevant...


true... but there is one big problem: people coming here from google will not pay you for your content as there are no adds utilized.. and as we do not have the vote counter any more nobody will know about this anyways...

Yeah, I was reasoning a little with @yallapapi suggesting some ideas on a system to address that issue, with a more or less passive search-engine revenue and I was thinking of what page statistics we could obtain etc, should not be impossible to install somekin of web beacon in a steemit post, I don't like that type of sneaky techy stuff so much, but it can come in handy...

But yeah maybe just normal traditional adds could be an idea for steemit....


That doesn't make any money though. Your casual google searcher who comes here and reads your article there's no ads so there's no revenue for ads and they aren't even a steemit user so they can't even upvote you. Trying to rank posts on google here on steemit benefits you not at all

Check this, it's a way to vote forever on posts...

It just takes a bit of creativity+action to fix these things...


this platform is so fucked. this platform is setup as a blogging platform yet quality blogging isn't what earns you money and isn't rewarded.this is really more like an mlm program or networking site yet it isn't setup as that its setup as a blogging platform

If you incentivize looking away in an attention economy, that incentive will harm the economy. It's not really an opinion. Just basic business knowledge combined with common sense. 1+1=2. That's not an opinion.

And I know it's not crack. That was an analogy. The effect crack has on a neighborhood is similar to the effect bots have on this neighborhood. I did see you a few weeks ago defending the fact you could potentially be selling votes to plagiarists and it didn't seem like that bothered you much.

@nonameslefttouse good "crackhead" metaphor...


there is, just need more people to understand and speak about it to get the devs and witnesses working on it:

Once again the rewards system is not Steems main problem and the vote bots are one of the few things that do work around here.

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