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Hello Minnowbooster fans! It's @techblogger here today highlighting some recent changes to MinnowBooster and quickly discussing the different options on MinnowBooster when it comes to delegating or leasing Steem Power.

In the video below I will show you how to participate as a vote seller in the MinnowBooster vote market by clicking on the button below the green voting power bar that says ‘Feed the Hungry Minnows’ or how to delegate SP by clicking on the button below the blue Steem Power status bar.

There is a lot of Steem to be made by delegating to the MB bot or using our leasing market (Returns above 10% APR are available through delegation to the MinnowBooster bot at the time of this post).

It is my pleasure today to present you a short tutorial about some of the cool things you can do from the landing page of MinnowBooster:

So you should now be able to participate in the vote market, delegate Steem Power via the MinnowBooster bot or the Delegation Leasing Market and analyse the different rates of returns on both in order to make an informed leasing decision.

I hope you enjoyed this short leasing tutorial and thank you for all your support.



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Dear admin. How do I undelegate Steem Power, I have tried several times to undelagate with the link that you sent to me but it seems to be not working. is there any other way to do it?

Wird immer unbrauchbarer. Votet nur noch im Centbereich, wenn überhaupt, obwohl der Graph was anderes zeigt. Der Refund kommt teilweise erst nach Stunden. Benutze ihn aber weiterhin für Kleinstupvotes, weil die Hoffnung zuletzt stirbt.

Thanks for the tutorial @techblogger. Was really helpful


Yes. I ageree

I have to say that i earned nothing since June, i got 103 SP


103SP might not be enough to actually be sellable, you need to be able to actually vote for a few cents or else your vote makes no actual difference


But I can delegate out with my 60SP!


Hello @reggaemuffin,

I am contacting you because I leased SP on the minnowbooster platform 3 days ago, sending in over ~651 Steem in total. Roughly 10 hours ago, I got refunds for the orders that were not taken on the orderbook, but got only refunded back 400 Steem when I should have been refunded 520 Steem. Basically, I did not get refunded for 3 orders of 40 Steem each that were not filled in the SP orderbook. The steem username is @steem.services.

Could you please look into the matter and refund the 120 Steem.

Thank you.


Thank you very much @reggaemuffin for the quick response and for resolving this issue. Much appreciated.

yes @minnowbooster I am very much thankful for providing such great tools for account developements. Please keep it up. thank you

Missing 20SBD of vote

Hello @minnowbooster can you pls check this, i send 20 SBD (2x10 SBD, what is a lot for me), but i did not recived vote or a refund!

...its now 3 days


Good job putting yourself out there and making this amazing little tutorial @techblogger ! We all <3 love you

I transfered 3 SBD a @minnowbooster, but i did not recived vote or a refund!

Something very useful to us really
Thank you for the great information, my friend
Well posted

what is the benefit of delegation once i delegate my 50sp what benefit I get I don't know @minnowsupport even @minnowhelper sending benefits for 10sp only.

This is amezing tool and its very helpful for new steem user

This seems like the go!

its really helpful..i must try this minnow booster..

Dear admin. How do I undelegate Steem Power, I have tried several times to undelagate with the link that you sent to me but it seems to be not working. is there any other way to do it?

Maybe I will try this. Thx

good best check my article and give vote

I sent you sbd day before yesterday but didn't received upvotes . kindly check .


Understood @praditya, please join us in our discord support server so we can better assist you! Have no fear, we will sort this out and get you back to voting in a flash!


actually I dnt use discord


Ok, well we offer support via Discord. I recommend you start using it, join the MinnowBooster server and get help with your problem. Cheers ;)


i wanted to be part of minibooster, however finding it difficult to understand , but today i will try again, thank you

@minnowbooster thanks one sir, very helpfull information.

Hey, minnowbooster thanks for your tutarial, i think its helpfull for me and hope others too. coz you channel is most decorated channel. I'll learn from this channel. Thanks keep same feed..

@minnowbooster is No doubt One of the best service i have ever used! Now i am its regulat customer! :)

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


The man!

Best voting tool and instant response. Keep up the good work dear. Follow @text2crypo

Thank you for this, was very helpful, the minnowbooster site is not the most user friendly so it does help having things explained, I have been dedicating a portion of my SP for a while now and am very happy with how it has been working. Just delegated some more SP as I do not always have the time to utilise my SP as much as I should.
thank you.

Very beautiful post Sir Your new posts feel more beautiful like it would feel better in future, I'll try to learn more about you. Thank you very much from my mind

I transfered 0.5 SBD a @minnowbooster, but i did not recived vote or a refund! . Please check your system.

Hi @minnowbooster thanks for such an informatve post

10% commission on delegations is too expensive for me to even look at the option.

I love using Minnow Booster all day Every day!!!

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