Introducing QuickSteem - Create Steem Accounts with Ease!

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Hello Steemians! @upheaver here bringing you exciting news about a BuildTeam product launch!

Today we are launching QuickSteem. It's an easy to use app for creating pre-funded STEEM accounts using cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC and several others.

Using the QuickSteem App

Actions speak louder than words, so let's jump right in and walk you through the process of creating a new STEEM account with QuickSteem.

QuickSteem can be accessed by:
a) going to
b) Or by going to the new BuildTeam Apps portal and selecting "QuickSteem" from the "Utilities list".

Both will redirect you to the correct url for QuickSteem App, where you will see a username prompt and a list of currently available currencies:

Let's start by thinking of an account name and entering that into the username field. QuickSteem will automatically check if the the username you want is valid and has not been registered by someone else on Steem.

As you can see, the name 'funvol2' was available - lucky me!

Most important task when creating a new account on STEEM is to make sure you don't lose or forget your password.

In QuickSteem you can either copy your master password and store it in a safe place (1password vault for example) or download a backup file containing both your password and private keys for your Steem account. I recommend downloading and backing up the entire set of private keys offline.

Next step is to choose a payment currency.

QuickSteem App offers several cryptocurrency options depending on wallet availability. For the sake of this tutorial I'm going to use Ethereum (ETH) as the payment option.

Once I have selected ETH, I click on the 'Get Payment Link' to proceed to the payment instructions.

I can can now see the payment instructions page with the minimum amount of 'ETH' required for the account opening and the address to which it must be sent. The status indicator under the 'ETH' address says 'Waiting for payment'.

NOTE: If you choose to send a larger amount than indicated in the "Amount", it will get converted to STEEM and deposited into your newly opened account.

For the sake of this tutorial I am going to send ETH from MyEtherWallet.

Let's fill out the transaction details inside MyEtherWallet's interface:

As you can see I have entered the "Pay To Address" and the correct amount of ETH required to make this transaction. I set the gas Limit at 21000 and click on the button 'Generate Transaction' to proceed.

Finally I can confirm the transaction and send it off to blockchain.

I switch back to QuickSteem App and can now see the status has changed to 'Confirming... (1/5)'.

NOTE: Depending on the currency you used the transaction confirmation might take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. Be patient, the website will refresh automatically.

After just a few brief moments the account creation process has been completed and I am able to log in to my new account using the cretentials I backed up in the previous step.

That's all! Quick and easy to use.

What's Next?

I hope you enjoyed this product release as much as we at BuildTeam enjoyed bringing it to life, please let us know if you like QuickSteem's user experience in the comments below.

QuickSteem is also the first of many new products of services we are launching in the upcoming weeks and months, stay tuned for more BuildTeam 2.0 announcements!

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That's really a nice news!

There is just one thing I would like to see there, and that's the possibility to see the price that's going to be charged e.g. displayed for each currency when the particular currency is selected, as at the moment we can't see that otherwise but by selecting each currency and for each clicking the "Get Payment Link" button.

As well, it would be nice to know is the new account is going to be created with a certain amount of SP (STEEM/SBD) in it and how much would it be.
(If I can judge to the newly created account @funvol2 from the given example, it seems it would be 0.625 STEEM and 3 SP!?)

Absolutely! These are great suggestions. Keep in mind that this is just the beta and version 0.01 essentially. I'm sure the development team will review and take these ideas into consideration.

hmm, for me it seems 4.6 Steem is the payment and as far as i can remember, you get some of it deposited to your newly created Steem account as well.

As for the live account creation rate for each cryptocurrency, this would mean live querying the price constantly. Definitely a thing for our devs to ponder... Thanks for the feedback!

Due to volatile nature of cryptocurrencies the cost in currency of choice has to be shown right before proceeding with the transaction to avoid underpayment. We always show a bit higher price than is actually required to open account and pay for transaction cost, and the leftover amount is refunded in STEEM to your newly created account.

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I'm proud to say I contributed to this project and played a small role in bringing it to life! Here's to many more accomplishments to come!

Awesome work, mate! A simple and clean account creation tool, thumbs up!

I would say the same to you! Onwards and upwards stranger!

Great tool. Finally, something easy to use and manipulate from the awesome team @BuildTeam. Congrats for this fantastic achievement.

Nice work team! Special shout out to @beekart who created the QuickSteem logo!

Fantastic work guys. It’s great to see a nice and quick method for account creation.

Question, are you advertising this service outside of Steemit? Maybe some YouTube promotion is worthwhile?

Yes great idea, we will get @nelkeljdm whip up a nice Youtube vid for us. For the next month we are quite internally focussed on rolling out a few new apps and thereafter we will be looking towards external promotion.

Perfect. That’s awesome to hear.

A cool new way to open a Steemit account.

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I wonder why blocktrades was the account recovery for your new account where you didn't use blocktrades for the payment.

I have the same question too.

Blocktrades APi is used at the moment for payment and acc creation. We just made it look neat and accessible for all.

Great work! Is the code which checks for payment in the various methods open source?

Any plans to build something like this for EOS?

Hey Luke. I'll double check with our devs about this and either get back to you directly or preferably have one of them provide an appropriate response. Because it uses blocktrades API we may need to check into that as well. Building applications on EOS is a high priority goal for BuildTeam at the moment so I can certainly confirm the gears are turning in that department. Thanks for dropping by.

As @techblogger mentioned, currently we use a 3rd party API for that so it's not OSS.

As for EOS, the short answer is yes, can't say more at this point ;)

Hey Luke, we currently use the Blocktrades API with an elegant interface which keeps to the theme of our platform which we will be releasing soon. We have development on the cards for EOS as well as projects that will incorporate both EOS and Steem, we are committed to both chains.

Awesome news! I love that we're getting more apps where people can create their Steem accounts without having to give away their phone number and e-mail to Steemit Inc, and also have the ability to bypass the entire queue at the same time.

This is the very useful app for the people who don't want to wait for 2 weeks long or so. Thank You so much for making steemit easier than ever before.

Yes . I love buildteam. You are the guys with state of the art solutions. How does quicksteem differ from steem?

QuickSteem is account opening tool, while Steem is a blockchain

This is a big step towards promoting Steemit. By creating easy means to open a pre-funded account. This is a big leap into the future. I didn't see steem as a currency that can be used to create an account. Please can I fundmy new account using my Steemit account?

You can. Simply use the tool, select steem and it will give you the account and memo you need to send to. Follow the instructions provided and you can't lose!

Thabks Sir

Very good. I hope you also built support for account recovery in case an account is phished or hacked. It's also good to mention on the web page the cost for the account.

A good start!

Thank you

Help @buildteam, I cannot make an account on a mobile device, because there is multiple iframes which my iphone cant scroll all the way down on and also the page breaks. Is this only for desktop devices with a large screen. I can fix if you guys need help. Also on minnowbooster the sidebar doesn't show the logo.
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 7.33.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 7.33.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 7.32.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 7.40.32 PM.png

@buildteam What is different between steemit & quick steem?how can change steemit user name?if you have any idea please share with me.

It is a simplest and new way to open steem's account

Nice explanation of how to use Quicksteem!!!

Great solution for those who aren't patient to wait verification process.

fabulous work done by @buildteam its will help for open account for new people like me

@buildteam Thank you very much for your whole team, you did a very nice job, it can be used very easily,For the next month we are quite internally focussed on rolling,,, what do you think Sir

Oh, Buildteam is definitely rolling ;)

Absolutely correct @furious-one @buildteam is very strong team, this team has work very exchilent,

Excellent creation should be taking into account the suggestions of users and be improving every day to make it look more perfect every day excellent tool for the creation of account credits to @beekart by that wolf so successful 🙋

i love that steem how they makeing growth .and makeing easy to people and type od payment also that nice idea with popular coins . @buildteam ..

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Thank you, just the information I was looking for. Beautiful service you've created. Cheers!

After reading this. I have got this now my friends who are joining after me will not get hard time like me with using steemit like what happened to in my first days. Thank you guys

Hi, what's the total minimum cost in steem, what is your service charge, asides from the amount that will be used in funding the account? Will try it out, if it's comparable with blockteades rate.

We currently charge zero in additional fees.

We are using Blocktrades API which quotes us 4 STEEM for the account creation as the base transaction cost, on top of which we are adding 15% overhead to cover any transaction volatility resulting in a total cost of 4.6 steem.

Anything that is leftover from the actual transaction cost and volatility will go back to your newly created account in STEEM.

So 4 steem will directly go to created account I think. 15% is over head.

Thanks for your feedback. I'll try it tomorrow. Regards

You have an account already

It's a great news specially for new people who want to have steemit account quickly.

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This project help for many people @BuildTeam. quicksteem so easily created just put username and password and quicksteem app use friendly type. I hope every one enjoy the quicksteem app.


thanks for sharing

This way we can built a team of our own

This is the kind of apps that we need! Enhorabuena!

Nice work on this, @buildteam. It's always good to see a new account creation service. The more the merrier!

I would love to see Monero in the list of supported coins. I believe it's one of the most important cryptocurrencies out there right now. It's fighting to keep financial privacy and fungibility alive, and it's got a solid, community-funded research team doing cryptography research and pre-emptive cryptanalysis.

I know that @blocktrades has support for XMR already, but unfortunately not as a method of creating accounts... so you could be the first ones. Even @anonsteem lacks this at the moment, which is funny given the name! ^_^

Hi, is it from Steem or third party app

Hi, it's a third party app from Buildteam. Buildteam has been building services for the Steem blockchain for a while now, we'll see if we can get it listed as an official extension.

This is really good. But why do we need quicksteem , i mean how is it better than blocktrades? Both does the same job right?

Quicksteem simply aims to provide a better user experience

wow, congratulation. Lucky you.

Thanks! Lucky you too :)

Lucky lucky to the both of you! May a whale upvote your posts tmrw. An auspicious day indeed!

@buildteam, Ok it's a good news steem make apps, Apps for Android ISO or window which one lunch first?

It’s a nice uncomplicated way to aquire a new account.

finallysteemitaccounts dot com ? :)

una gran noticia sobre todos para los que quieran esperar el delay actual al crear una cuenta de steemit.

Me gusta lo que el extra te lo depositan en tu wallet de steem

Don’t know if I want to trust so many apps with my password.

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