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Hey everyone, @bulleth here with an update on the BUILDTEAM token supply and everything that's been going on in the market!

First auction recap

The first auction was a huge success, with early adopters doubling their investment in a just a matter of days. We received bids from 20 different people and each participant ended up receiving 1.73 STEEM per token:

 Total Pot         = 2100 STEEM
 Bids Received     = 1214 BUILDTEAM
 1 BUILDTEAM       = 1.73 STEEM
 Participants      = 20
 Average Bid       = 59.7 BUILDTEAM
 Max Bid           = 147  BUILDTEAM

New issue and token supply

As 1214 tokens were bid in the last auction, only 3786 new tokens will be issued in August.

2000 new tokens were issued on August 15, bringing total supply to 19 000. Another 1786 tokens will be issued on August 31, which will bring total supply at the next auction to 20 786.

Of the 19 000 tokens that currently exist, 13 859 are held by directors and company accounts that are unable to participate in the monthly auctions. Of those 13 859 tokens, only 1493 tokens are currently available to purchase on the open market.

State of the market

BUILDTEAM last traded at 12 BTS ($1.48), down from a record of high of 18.46 BTS earlier in the week (over $3 at the time). There are currently 2348 tokens available for purchase on the open market, with the lowest ask sitting at 11.99 BTS. The highest bid is currently 11 BTS, with buy orders totaling 3377 BTS.

The three largest holders of BUILDTEAM who are eligible to participate in the next auction are:

prosirius101 (1090)
bull-eth     (604)
netuoso-42   (545)

Get in quick!

The next pot will be announced on September 3 and rumours abound that it will be even bigger this time, with more than 3000 STEEM up for grabs. Considering BUILDTEAM was trading at 15 BTS at the last auction, with a pot of only 2100 STEEM, in my opinion these tokens are incredibly cheap right now. There are currently more than 350 tokens available between 11.99 and 15.

As BuildTeam staff are paid on the 1st and 15th of each month, mid-month will likely continue to provide opportunities to pick up tokens at a discount. Don't expect them to stay cheap for ever though, when the last pot was announced, price doubled in 48 hours:

So if you are looking to get your hands on some BUILDTEAM for the next auction ... you better get in quick while they're still cheap!

How do I buy BUILDTEAM tokens?

Tokens can be purchased on the OpenLedger -

If you already have an OpenLedger account, use this link to go directly to the exchange pair:

How do I participate in the monthly BUILDTEAM auction?

We recommend reading the following posts to understand BUILDTEAM better and participate in bidding:

What determines the price of BUILDTEAM tokens?

Like all exchange traded assets, buyers and sellers determine the price of BUILDTEAM tokens. Current supply and the size of the monthly profit pot are the primary fundamental drivers.

The Team

Who is behind BuildTeam?

The BuildTeam's organizational structure looks like this:

--------------------THE BUILDTEAM--------------------

BuildTeam General:

@thecryptodrive (@buildteam co-owner, CEO and Steem/Peerplays Witness)
@reggaemuffin (@buildteam co-owner, Steem witness and CTO and Lead Developer of @minnowbooster and @steemsports)
@cryptomancer (@buildteam co-owner and CTO and Lead Developer of @steemvoter)
@coinhawk - (@buildteam Business Development Manager)
@techblogger - (@buildteam Business Development Manager)
@bulleth (@buildteam Business Development Manager)
@tech-trends (@buildteam Assistant Public relations officer and Chat Moderator)
@bania (Nigerian Community Ambassador)

Developers: @mildfun, @netuoso (witness), @on247

Designers, UX and Multimedia: @carlosd15, @kozak, @velimir (Multimedia Manager & Writer), @shrey, @heelzkinu

@theprophet0 - (@steemsports General Manager, Editor-in-Chief and Steem/Peerplays witness)
@scottybuckets (Steemsportscast Presenter)
@writingamigo (Steemsporstcast Presenter and Editor)
@sirlunchthehost (Steemsportscast Presenter and Video Journalist)
@gnocdepatat (@steemsports community manager and writer)

@princewahaj (@steemsports SEO expert)
@murda-ra (@steemsports consultant and @minnowbooster Discord chat moderator)


@smooth and @neoxian (@minnowbooster advisors and liquidity providers)


What is the best way to get in contact with BuildTeam?

Please visit our Discord support chat for help with any questions or problems you may have:

Thanks for your interest in BuildTeam and stay tuned for more exciting projects!

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Have Trade able markets....​


We are focusing on BUILDTEAM/BTS market for the moment as we'd rather have one moderately liquid market than many markets with no volume.

Seems a good investment to me I will read more about it.

Please comment on my post about investment in market

Thanks you @buildteam
New issue and token supply


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what is build team?


Hey, @buildteam is a team of marketers, developers, managers and creative thinkers who build apps for blockchains like Steem.


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Try refreshing the page - there should be at least two pictures and a bunch of text :)

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We only do these updates once a month and there's a lot of info to get in!


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In doing this you seem to have a better understanding with @bulleth and @ thecryptodrive as CEO is a good pointer that builds teams into something great.


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good info

Can i buy btc??


We don't have a BTC market set up yet as not enough volume, the easiest way is probably to use to convert your BTC to BTS :)

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Good to see this token doing well. Can anyone help me get some more detail:

1.Where can I find a table / chart to check the monthly profit of all the BUildteam's steem based project?

  1. What percentage of this profit is assigned for token holders?

  2. How many total no. of employees have you got currently? What is the total emoluments being paid to them.

  3. Is it decided that you will always distribute a fix amount of only 5,000 tokens to your staff every month?

  4. What if some day acquiring this token seems costly to you, would you generate tokens on your own instead of recycling? What stops you to do that?

Any answer to these will be highly appreciated. TIA!

Build Team Good Job!