BuildTeam Launches 'BuildTeam Basics' Awareness Campaign on the Steem Platform!

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Hey folks, @techblogger here with an exciting new announcement from BuildTeam. We have been busily at work trying to accomplish several challenging and complex roadmap goals for Q1 and Q2 2018.

You may have noticed that we recently partnered with Social Wallet in an effort to bring more attention to the Steem ecosystem through their exciting token sale and ability to send any cryptocurrency (including Steem and SBD) to billions of people through the use of their innovative social media cryptocurrency transfer platform.

Beyond that we recently helped develop new tech that allows ICOs and Token Sales to integrate Steem and SBD as accepted payment methods for soon to be launched tokens, with full SteemConnect and Vessel desktop wallet integrations, in addition to traditional manual payments.

But more importantly, we feel that a lot of people still do not know about the valuable services we provide to the Steem ecosystem. Because of this, people are missing out on exciting opportunities to grow their Steem accounts and create a massive following on Steemit.

What is the BuildTeam Basics awareness campaign about?

Here's where the 'BuildTeam Basics' series comes into play. We will be taking our time in the next few weeks to tell you about each and every one of our services, how they started, how to use them and more importantly, how using them will benefit you directly.

This series will be spread across blogs including this one, @BuildTeam and our two flagship services @MinnowBooster and @Steemvoter.

The information provided will mainly focus on but not be limited to the following categories:

1.) MinnowBooster Pro Tips

Tips and tricks for maximizing value using the @minnowmooster service. To jump right in head over to the MinnowBooster website and take a look around!

2.) Steemvoter Pro Tips

A complete breakdown of @Steemvoter, what it is, how to use it and how it can make you a Steem rockstar. Want to use Steemvoter right away? Just head over to the site and make an account.

and finally...

3.) BuildTeam Basics

Information regarding new and exciting partnerships and developments with BuildTeam. Ways in which people can get involved with BuildTeam and future plans coming soon to the Steem blockchain and beyond!

The Goal

It is our goal that at the end of this campaign, Steem users will be more knowledgable about the many tools in which they can use to build their Steem accounts and become experts in using the Steem blockchain as curators and publishers.

There are many exciting developments on the horizon including potential new services, partnerships and advanced functionality being added to existing services which we will be telling our readers about shortly so stay tuned!

For more information about BuildTeam visit us on the web at

We appreciate your support as we help to make Steem the greatest blockchain on Earth!

Join the conversation on our Discord chat

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Want to support BuildTeam ? Here's all the juicy details.

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Keep up the good work.

yeah, it looks nice as it helps minnows to be more familiar with Steemit!


This is awesome! Can I translate the pro tips you're giving to Hebrew and share it with the Israel community?

Thanks in advance.

I'm sure that will be alright. Go right ahead when they are published and let us know in discord when you post your translated versions.

Thanks! Appreciated

We can use all the information you can offer, when I say "we" I mean me. lol

Always good to get more input regarding not only the most efficient way of using @steemit but also information regarding etiquette etc. really love this platform and community, I think it is the only crypto/blockchain based platform that leaves you with a feel good feeling whenever you use it. I love the positive feedback, encouragement and interaction it really is awesome.

Long live @steemit
stay blessed, and keep up the great work.
from a huge supporter and fan

hot prospects for the future really...thanks!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@Buildteam doing really a great job, I appreciate this, go ahead, good luck 👍👍👍

steemvoter website does not load

Did you try refreshing your browser? I've had a problem where I've had to hit refresh from time to time. Let me know if that clears things up...

Hi @ash we checked and it is loading fine on Chrome. It doesn't play nice on Firefox and IE. Might work on Edge, but always on Chrome.

yeah it's loading today!

brilliant content

Great post.

it's a very good concept .....and good job..

Am i the only one cant enter minnowbooster website?

Have you tried using the Chrome browser?

a very interesting story. surely many people see it.

Hey @buildteam! Do you have any information about Steemvoter facing technical issues? My rules don't work at all, meaning that only half of my VP is allocated as it should according to the rules set in my Steemvoter account. The account is active, I even paid 3SBD for the Premium Service but the results are terribly bad. I can't rely on an autovoter if it doesn't vote as it should you know...
Looking forward to your feedback!!
Thanks, Marly -

Very good information
Can I translate in German?
Greeings from Berlin

Yes sure

Thanks you! now i am really eager to learn more about your services

I like your posts. do not forget to follow me @hazrami. thanks

Very nic post.

Your post make me amaze,SteemConnect+Vessel desktop Wallet we can called that a Fusion @buildteam

awesome - you guys are rockin - followed and upvoted


good luck

Awesome content!

What's the advantage of delegating your voting power to bot for reward over using it to vote yourself?

Well, it just means you can passively earn without having to create content. Also self-voting can be frowned upon by certain Steem communities. You are also helping others to be able to purchase votes to get visibility on their content while getting paid for it, everyone wins.

Thanks, that makes sense.


Really reflecting and sounds an interesting projects ahead and yes we need more awareness regarding the Steem Blockchain which inturn can attract other people towards amazing Steemit Platform. Thanks for this update and keepup the great work. Thanks for sharing this post with us. 🙂

Stay Blessed.

looking to learn :)

i think that is great announcement for me. thank you keep it up.
i resteemed and upvoted your post

very helpful keep it up......

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awesome good work your post is very informative

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lots of helpful information in one place. Thanks

Hi I am following to you and your blogs. I want to about earning on steemit. Follow back and upvote my blogs thank you

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I likeyour thinking

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kudos to @buildteam & @techblogger ..

I've been following buildteam since launched and have been investing in it . I must say that out of all the development projects and collaborations seen on steem , you guys just never fail to deliver. Kudos to your team for your efforts to build the trust of fellow steemians . I've been growing my own community over the past 7 months and we are experiencing a very rapid growth rate with over 900 members in the community . Would there be any form of collaboration or support for communities which we can work together with ?

You may have noticed that we recently partnered withSocial Wallet in an effort to bring more attention to the Steem ecosystem through their exciting token sale and ability to send any cryptocurrency (including Steem and SBD) to billions of people through the use of their innovative social media cryptocurrency transfer platform.

Beyond that we recently helped develop new technologies that allow ICOs and Token Sales to integrate Stealth and SBD as accepted payment tools for soon to be launched tokens, with full SteemConnect and Vessel desktop wallet integrations, in addition to traditional manual payments.

hey, I asked bituniverse to add BUILDTEAM as a trackable asset to their crypto tracker, you can now actually track it :)


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Good post