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Happy Weekend to everyone! It has been a very exciting week all around, including much participation and a new sponsor! I have put a lot of time into all of these new tables so let's just get right to it.

Soft Launch Post


This weeks theme is 'Creative Use of STEEM POWER'

Participants please respond in a comment or post detailing ONE organization, company, application and/or project built on STEEM, locking up STEEM POWER, that you believe best meets the theme of this weeks contest.

Important Rule: Please do not repeat your own recommendation from the previous week

Please include:
WHO - Who is the team behind the project?
WHAT - What are they doing?
WHERE - Geographical location if appropriate, but also digital location - please provide relevant links to where more information is located.
WHY - Why are you nominating this project? See also: 'So what?'
HOW - By what methods is all this being done?

This contest is currently open for all participants to win weekly prizes of SBI.


This week's winners were as follows:


The guidelines for this contest will continue to be refined as we move through the soft launch period, but I like complete sentences and complete thoughts and links and discussion and passion! Let me know what you are building or what your friends are building or what you think is really cool that is being built.

Come and win support for yourself and others!





Current Grand Prize Pool:


369 SBI + 100 SBI = 469 SBI!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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OK so this week I nominate @socialbot!
It is in service to @schoolforsdg4, so in essence, it is an extra way to fundraise for the kids!
@schoolforsdg4 is giving slum children in Bangladesh access to an education, and they get some of their funding from Steem. Steem also supports their weekly fruits program to help the kids get some good nutrition, and the @womenempowerment program, which teaches women sewing skills so they can have a business and earn an income.
All of these programs are run by @azizbd.
People can support with upvotes and direct donations to the school of course, but also with socialbot, by using the service to buy upvotes (you can send between 0.1-0.75 Steem for a vote) or by delegating to the bot. Delegators also get a daily payout, so it's a win-win situation!

@ecoinstant, and all participating,

Congratulations to everyone that won on this Week 1 contest:

I missed the deadline, I fear, when I turned in my submission for the @steemterminal, @heyhaveyamet, and @steem-aide communities, but I know many of the wonderful people in these listed communities, and congratulate you for standing up, and promoting positive energy on our blockchain!! Thank you again @ecoinstant, for allowing us a place to support those who are #buildingbetter !tip


Keep playing @wesphilbin, I would only ask that you would take the nominations one at a time (1 group/project per week) - and please be patient with me as I am using this soft launch period to tune up the rules and my post templates.

Soon the real competition for the grand prize will begin!

Oh no worries brother... I came in on the end of the, "oh now that's a great idea" lol... I will divide them up then for sure... appreciate the reply, my friend :)

this is my nomination for this week.....

Firstly, the subject of my report is the @freewritehouse.

@freewritehouse is a non-profit that is nominally about providing opportunities for Steemians to exercise their writing muscles, but it has become so much more. As a community, @freewritehouse has worked to welcome new Steemians, and given them a daily task (#freewrite) that is both simple enough that anyone can do it, and engaging enough that it provides real value to the larger community. They've also been sponsoring contests for years that has the ultimate effect of more users spending more time on the platform. All that time on the platform makes folks invested in the success of the platform and has gotten more than one person to buy and power up Steem themselves. (I count myself among those.)

Who: the community of freewriters, founded by many, but most notably @mariannewest
What: tasks, community events, contests, writing, supporting
Where: online at @freewritehouse and @mariannewest and IRL, as freewriters have built friendships that lead them to visiting each other
When: every day, sometimes multiple times a day
Why: to engage users, to improve writing skills, to build relationships, express creativity
How: by organizing community members to reach out to each other, by offering writing prompts to get the gears turning, by hosting contests to reward engagement, by collecting knowledge and teaching resources and acting as a hub disseminating supportive, non-judgemental goofiness~borrowed from @Improv because it is written so well


It is a good answer.... 😝


I'll nominate @spinvest .. its a investment club started by @silverstackeruk which locks up SP into different investments earning members a passive income..

Good post

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I believe I have sold all TULIPs and ADDAX on my accounts, I appreciate your concern and messages :)

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Hooray! :)
Thanks a lot!

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@ecoinstant, Keep up the good work brother. You are trying to bring all the Project Knowledge on one table. Stay blessed.

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Chiree please tell me which projects you would support!

  • Marlians.

In my opinion this project is effective one and it's a creation by @surpassinggoogle. He is trying to monetise dreams of others by bringing the ULOGS into picture which means content which derives you for being you. @surpassinggoogle is in the list of speakers this time for SteemFest 4 and we can find more in depth ideas for this space.

This project is created by @dmilliz, @miyard and @donald.porter and this is about Jamaican Music and Culture but most importantly, in my opinion these people putting efforts and step by step succeeding to integrate different use cases for JAHM Token specially for Tourism and Hotels. For more more we can check out https://www.reggaesteem.io/ interface.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

Hey thanks for the mention. ReggaeSteem was created by all three of us though. It was a mutual idea that we decided to work together on as a team. Team work makes the dream work 😬

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Welcome and thank you so much for correcting me. Stay blessed brother.

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