Buildawhale Curation Digest 11/20/17

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Buildawhale Curation Digest 11/20/17

Thank you to today’s curators: @juvyjabian and @bethalea!

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Our fears are our illusion

Author: @kalinka
Curator: @juvyjabian

-=- Fear is not real, it's just an illusion. An illusions that manipulates all our lives not to do the things we love and drives us to bury human's great power from within. This post from @kalinka talks about this fear which is responsible for missing a lot about the good things and opportunities we had in life. According to this post, most of the time a person thinks of fear first even the action is not done yet, resulting to suppressing ourselves and trap from within.

Wanna know how to fight fear? Check this post and learn it for yourself that you are responsible for your own fear. -=-


Water in Space: What Would Happen If You Pour Liquid Water Into Space?

Author: @nitesh9
Curator: @juvyjabian

-=- Earth's surface has a huge body of water, in fact, water covers 70% of the earth's surface. But this post from @nitesh9 will not be talking about the extensive body of water on earth. Have you wonder what will happen to a water if it will be brought to the outer space? Water on earth can be transform into three states, boiled, iced, and vapor and these states passes a different processes which science had already shown us when we were still at school.

But bringing water to the outer space is something different because as we all know, space is a huge space, a vacant where there is no pressure. The question is will the water freeze or boil? Read this post and you will find out that water in space will transform to both boil and freeze. -=-



Author: @princeso
Curator: @juvyjabian

-=- We are all living in a world with different thoughts, beliefs and interests. And sometimes this differences will result to hurting, disagreement and disappointing people, and might wonder, how will I going to live my life then in order to please them all. You can't. It is impossible for a single person to place all the people around him. And if you're going to live you life finding ways and means to please them, then you are depriving yourself of freedom. Instead of worrying about this, a person should learn how to forgive. After all we are all living in a free world.

This post from @princeso talks about the secret of living which is to forgive each other, because when we have forgiveness, we are setting ourselves free. -=-


:beer: Tangarine Wheat With Lunch - Hop Gun For BEERLAND - Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge - Week 23

Author: @isteemithard
Curator: @bethalea

-=- I am a big fan of beer and found this post by this author refreshingly brisk with a wonderful hoppy afterburn. ;)

It’s a well written review of a local beer in Florida, complete with appropriate food pairings. I especially liked the fact the author looked closely enough at his subject to notice what is either a mistake on the can or the fact that there may be another spelling to the city the beer is brewed in!

Fun read, thank you @isteemithard! -=-


STEEM Is Under Clear Accumulation

Author: @cryptographic
Curator: @bethalea

-=- This is a great analysis and explanation of STEEM price and it’s recent market fluctuation. I truly appreciate this information as it can be difficult, if one isn’t well versed in market behaviors, to undersdand what others are saying or even be able to read the charts themselves.

I would wholly recommend reading this post if you are interested in STEEM (which you should be! We are all investors here!!) and understanding the value we are investing in!

Thank you @cryptographic! -=-


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Thank you

Imformative post
Thank you for share

Thank you so much for selecting my post and featuring it here. I am really thankful for all the support and appreciation.

I am motivated now to write an other piece. :)

Hello @nitesh9 , I hope you are enjoying Steemit!

This is a great place with a great community -- glad to have you around!
follow @gauravgpt60 for future steemit instructions to get much better results.

Very informative...

Could please someone tell me how this works so that i can get upvoted with this bot? I really appreciate your time! <3


Here you go.

It is simply, sending 1+ SBD to @buildawhale with the post you want to promote in the memo field. We vote every 2 hours 40 minutes.


Thanks i appreciate it..
when you say "we vote every 2 hours and 20 minute" what does it mean? that once i make a payment.. lets say of 1 SBD, It could take up to 2 hours and 20 minute for you to upvote me? is that it?


We only vote when we are 100% voting power. It takes 2 hours 40 minutes to recharge from 1 100% vote.

So we take bids for a portion of our 100% vote (~$170 right now) and then we sleep for 2 hours 40 minutes. While sleeping, we are taking bids for the next vote.


I completely understand now! thanks you! <3


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