The Harvest Day of Dosi-D!

in #budporn2 years ago

Another gal, which got the chop recently, was Dosi-D. From the looks of her she was practically a straight Face Off OG

She was a typical OG plant with lanky stems, little leaf and very frosty buds, that gave off a fuel/pine smell with a hint of eucalyptus and cookie sweetness - not very loud, but complex and peculiar. If she smokes as good as she looks, that shouldn't have been a waste of time.


And the whole plant.


Let me also show you two furry trimmers, who helped me take her down.


💨 💨 💨

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Aww your stoner kitties are cute. Those plants look healthy and the nugs look really dank.

Looking great conradino23!

Great looking plant and cats. Our cat would be eating those lower leaves if we let her anywhere near the plant without or supervision.

Yeah that’s the problem with them. They’ll eat the whole plant if you let them anywhere nearby :)

Yeah my Tahoo og x Og bud structure is sparsely and sometimes I think it’s my light, but I forget that is the typical of Og kush. It’s all about quality over quantity in my book. As always you got sone textbook plants bro!

Yeah it’s the structure. OGs have a hell of calyx-to-leaf ratio and great resin production, so everybody loves them. But I rarely see any that are really world class plants. It’s not so easy to grow one to perfection.

I bet if I got my cut of Tahoo in your hands it would be world class!

You could grow it yourself with the right tools :)

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