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RE: Auto Daily Payout of 43.8% APR for Steem Power Delegations starting from 100 SP Only...(Partly used to fund open-source projects)

in #budget4 years ago

I just sent you 4.00 steem after checking the bot tracker in the last 5 minutes And oly got maybe 1.50 upvote !?!?!? Please refund my money !! Heres my link :


It all depends on the bidding round. After your bid, some guy transferred a higher amount which resulted that particular round not being profitable. I will add a round limit feature soon enough to the bot which will guarantee a profitable bid or atleast breakeven to all bidders. Till then, that's the way all the bid bots work. Please don't comment on posts. You can contact me on discord for any further issues.

I only have problems useing discord , but thanks for the info .this seems to happen all the time with all the bots they always drop below 0 in the last 5 or 2 minutes so none get anything .

You have your delegators and bidders in mind. Respect!
Delegating to fund open source projects is a sure plus.