The First YouTube Ad for Steemit in 2018!

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Hi Steemit Community,

5 Months ago I made the decision to join this amazing community


In the beginning it was difficult.

It was hard to build a following and most of my posts would go unnoticed.


But with a little hard work, faith, and persistence, my posts started doing better!


Since then I have continue to invest, re-invest, and share my talents with this community.

Today I have never been more excited about the opportunity we have here on Steemit.

This excitement has lead me to sharing Steemit with friends, co-workers, and even my family! My sister @sondraparys joined steemed just a few weeks ago!


Now, I am sure many of you can relate when it say it can be difficult explaining Steemit to friends and family.

This is what has lead me to creating this short introduction video:

Today I am humbled to ask (with your support and the support of the Steemit Budget Proposal System) to advertise this video on YouTube!

The Steemit Budget Proposal System helps grow our community and bring awareness to Steemit!

Check out the original article posted by @jerrybanfield here:

My Steemit Video Course on is the bestselling course on the platform and has more than 7,000 students enrolled! Each and everyday more people are signing up for the course and joining Steemit!

With the help of @budgets and @jerrybanfield we have reached thousands of new users from all around the world. Our collective advertising efforts have helped Steemit reach new heights!



I am seeking $5,000 as an advertisement budget with the help of @jerrybanfield to spend it through the existing ad budget which will eliminate the need for me to make the ads and target them.

Our goal is to reach more people, share our community, and get people excited about the amazing and unique opportunity Steeimit offers.

How will this video directly help you and our community?

-Increased awareness will lead to more people joining Steemit, more investors, and more engagement than ever before.
-More users and engagement will lead to the rise in Steem the Cryptocurrency
-More users can lead to more followers, bigger reward pools, and better development for the whole community

Thank you for all of your support!

Every upvote of this post will go directly back into our amazing community

If you enjoyed this post would you please give it an upvote, like, and follow me @joeparys

Thanks for watching :)

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Facebook: (



Great add. I am looking to delegate most of my steem power to Jerry Banfield. I love the APR and I love the fact that it also helps to fund projects to grow steem.

Are there other accounts that give better APR than @jerrybanfield? I am looking to put 25% of my steem power in the best place possible.

I don’t even know what that means but that shits sounds good af!

Awesome @marc99 thank you for your comment and upvote! I am not sure that is an excellent question... I know there are a few others who have voting bots but not sure what their APR is. Jerry's is at 60% which is amazing!

@marc99 we often feel the best about combing a return with doing some good and giving back which is the intention of the system we have setup with the budget proposals and voting bot. Other bots at may provide a higher return by giving back most of the earnings directly to the delegator. I believe @boomerang gives back 100% of the delegated earnings plus some of the curation rewards as well.

Thank you Jerry, will delegate to you right now!

I join steemit to raise money to put up school in my community
Children have to walked miles to access education

Hey what does it do for you if you give him all your Steem ?

realy steemit is a great platfrom for us.i love steemit and also steemains.

Hopefully bringing in a lot of new blood will make it even better. I think increasing the number of content consumers will help a lot instead of being primarily a community of only bloggers.

How’s does steem the blockchain make money? It seems unsustainable if they keep giving millions of dollars in rewards daily

I love this campaign - and I am sure it will work. Its sort of funny anyway to use Facebook to advertise what might hopefully do a lot of harm to Facebook in the end...

you have my upvote,

we really need more exposure

That is great.

Hi Joe. You are doing terrific work here. Its awesome to see how you started and how you have grown by surrounding yourself with people like Jerry. Thats one of the core priciples I teach about making a living online. Congrats and keep up the good work. I just followed you and would really appreciate the follow back. So one more person for your followers. Also if its any inspiration I started with zero twitter followers and with in a couple of months of consistantly positing, I was able to grow it to about 5k. So if this Dingbat Marketer in Ohio can do it, you can crush it.

Thank you @robertnevin for your support and comment! Really appreciate it! Just followed you as well.

Ok Awesome. I look forward to see more great info. I also followed you on YT as well.

This is so empowering to read your success story - thanks a lot! Besides the monetary benefit, I really have learnt so much over the past 3 weeks being here - not only about cryptocurrency and how Steemit works, but on so many levels. The more I spend time here, the less time I spend on other social media - Facebook now seems kind of foreign to me and shallow compared to here. I guess, I´m already in love! :)

I agree! Steem > FB for sure 😀 and Steemit will continue to adopt more and more I think!

yhh!!! you are right and in a recent interview of Mark Zuckerberg, he told that they are also thinking about cryptocurrency may be soon FB will also come across such an that that will seek more people attention...

I will follow all users who comment here, anyone who is interested in promoting steemit is somebody I want to be friends with :)

Awesome! Thank you for your support!!

Hi Joe
Love your enthusiasm, it is so great. I am here on Steemit only for a few days. I still make mistakes but I Will watch your video and hope to do well.
Have a great weekend !

Thank you and welcome!!

I want to learn steemit from you

amazing and motivational. sorry before i have resteem your post without permission. @joeparys

you don't need permission to resteem / peace

You may resteem thank you 😊

This is great for Steem. Thank you for all the work you do for Steem

amazing and motivational , thank youu my friend

How are you optimizing your CPM for Facebook Ads on this campaign?

@joeparys we need a maximum impact video under 10 seconds to use in offsite campaigns! Many thanks for your promotion of the platform! Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 10.46.07 PM.png

Love this ad and hopefully we see it in the future

Great work mate. Steem will be in the top 10 pretty soon.

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing sir.

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nice to follow you sir

this is a great initiative to help steemit, upvoted 👍

glad to see you working so hard on this platform. As soon as I gt a few more fires put out and moved to new location, yes I am selling my house and moving to the beach, I hope to do much better on steemit. Keep up the good work.

스팀잇 전도사 멋져요 ^^

je suis débutante mais j’avance petit a petit

Its awesome your doing this - you have my full support.


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Wow this is awesome! Your efforts are much appreciated man!

Awesome! Upped and Resteemed! Steem on and produce more of such courses and helpful content!

congrats on your success thus far!:)

great @joeparys what a nice journey you had.. I hope to get there someday.. Soon I will launch the classroom challenge with funding from @jerrybanfield. It's also amazing what he does for Steem.. keep going

Your post is really good

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 14.35% vote... I was summoned by @joeparys! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Great Video and Superb Motivation Life is all about making good decisions at the right time and this is the right time to take this Decision Good Luck!!

honestly steemit is the best platform ever thank you for you wonderful post

Joe I love your video with the animations, scripting, and presentation of your journey on Steem! We all are likely to benefit a lot from advertising it and @budgets will be funding this campaign directly from

joeparys!! Thank you, your Post.

2018 is the year of #steemit !

Highly rEsteemed!


I am a sociologist, but I work as a market researcher. I study, among other things, how to best promote things to specific types of people.

I would love to do market research to study how to best promote steemit to people.

My introduction post, which I made three days ago (so very easy to find in my blog if you are truly interested) talks about my work. I am trying to fund market research for groups that advance new economic paradigms. I think that this would certainly qualify. I would love to discuss this with you further. I do not know what the protocol for being in touch with people met on steemit is though (will you see this message??).

Upvoting you because I think you have a great idea.

Can you help me? I would like to know,how it is sold SBD to EURO.
Do you have any video?

You have really join the best social media network around

Great work dear
you and @jerrybanfield are really doing good job
If not the two of you guys , like i wouldnt be on steemit .
Thanks for the good works

I like to see your post about steemit & its a nice platform for all of us.

You are doing Great Job @joeparys

This is great news, for you, me and every other steemian out there!! This will largely benefit the community that is being built upon each and every day for the better!! I love what you are doing for the platform and the initiatives which you are partaking in will be so impactful, I can't wait to see the drastic influx of users from this attention that you are spreading for steemit through your ads, etc.!! Awesome stuff @joeparys

Much respect from @conradsuperb

I've only have 5 and 1/2 days on steemit; I'm going to enroll in your Udemy course @joeparys. The real excitement is there's a very good chance to fund projects and subsidize buying equipment on Steemit.

Joe I just submitted the video to Google AdWords for video now to advertise it on YouTube!

You should invest into some lighting buddy - a couple LED Fluorescent tubes on Amazon will help fix those gnarly white balance problems you're experiencing in your video and putting up some curtains will help a ton with the echo absorption. Another alternative would be to download a plugin like De-Verberate which can help you remove a ton of echo for your promo video.


welcome to Steemit joeparys enjoy the ride!

@joeparys great post
your efforts are amazing for steemit community
I salute you.

Great campaign

You got a 10.30% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @joeparys!

I am new to Steemit, Thanks

Hi! I'm new here. Really need help. Please vote My articles. I vote for yours. They are very good. Thank You!

Oh dam! I’m surprised somebody else hasn’t done it yet promoting their Steem

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