BTC at ATH nearing 12 000 USD! 2018 price predictions.

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Hello guys,

The price of Bitcoin is nearing 12 000 USD with the market capitalization of almost 200 billion USD which is almost 16 x increase from where we were last year at this time.

The question you might want to ask yourself is where are we headed in 2018? 2017 has been nothing but phenomenal and the upward momentum can certainly be expected next year as well. If we were in for the same gains as this year we would be hitting the price of 192 000 per BTC. As unrealistic as it seems right now it sure is possible as we all know nothing is impossible in crypto space.

Below are the predictions of some top experts in the industry. Personally, I will go in the middle of Mike Novogratz and Tone Ways and call the price of 80 000 BTC by the end of 2018! Anything can happen, who knows, nobody has a crystal ball so take this as a pure speculation.

Would be great to hear out your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section below.


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damn... i need to stock BTC now to become rich :D


I appreciate your blind faith in Bitcoin, as will the big money investors when it comes time to close the show.

That said the sad reality is that the more attractive and lucrative Bitcoin becomes to the finance industry the more they will strive to control it. Additionally the more of a threat it becomes the more they will work to destabilize it. The illusion of Bitcoin is that it can't be killed, that it can't be controlled that it is actually decentralized and in the hands of the people.

History my friend, that is where the information on the future lies. Do you remember E-Gold? no probably not, that was actually the first digital currency.. Bitcoin is really just an improvement on that concept. That said, the US Government crushed E-Gold into the dust when it saw fit. Think your Bitcoins are in the hands of the people and beyond manipulation? Nope, your Bitcoins are in the hands of the Chinese government and through them the miners that control the majority of network share there.. Look at the following articles with an open mind my friend...

Great comment and contribution to the discussion. I would not necessarily agree with your statement of ¨blind faith in Bitcoin¨. Of course, BTC can fail, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow not even talking 5 years from now on. Personally, I think that BTC should be in everyone's portfolio that is serious about cryptocurrencies. That portfolio should be well balanced so if 90 percent of it goes to dust those 10 percent will still make it worthwhile to be invested. My biggest concern about BTC right now is the power consumption which is tremendous and unsustainable in the long term. I am sure that big players in the market that are mining bitcoins will come up with better facilities in the future though, generating their own energy to run their mining operations. Who knows, only future will tell. Have a great night and keep on steeming. Tomas

I don't believe the power consumption is unsustainable when compared to global power consumption, as using that metric its nill. I do; however, think that power consumption is unsustainable in terms of cost/benefit from the perspective of the ever shrinking group of consolidated miners. In the comments of the first article I posted you will find discussion on that front, as well I summarized it here:

little to lat to stock up on those prices.....sorry to say that.... unless you have deep pockets..... For that Steem would be a much better choice.... Not an investment advice, just my humble opinion...

it already hits $12000 today, and it will go $1 million in a few years for sure ☺

Let's see, only time will tell.....

The hype and fomo around BTC lately is concerning tho.
Futures market open on Monday ( Dec 10 ) and I really do not think Wall street will "Buy the top" as the say.
We live in a very trust fragile era and BTC needs trust more than anything to keep pushing up price wise.
Buy Bitcoin , no arguing there , but do it in very little batches over some weeks.
Great article !

That's a good point. And like many other people have said before: don't buy more than you can afford to lose. BTC might end up taking a hit, or it might rise a lot, but no one can know anything for sure.

It sure is a very high risk to buy at ATH and for weak hands can be devastating to watch the fall of 20/30 or even 50 percent... we are still at the stage though that one can buy a whole BTC.... this won't be the case for the vast majority of the population next year... Those that will want to invest in BTC will be able to afford only its fractions....

There is some volatility coming up with CME Bitcoin. I doubt it will be THAT fast!

I am sure with all the upcoming derivate BTC trading will come a huge level of volatility.... What's coming won't be for faint-hearted....

like Mike Novagratz...40k by end of 2018

I like that guy but he is always on a conservative side:)....

this is very informative blog for us

brother, please don't do this. I'm asking it for your own good - trust me.

Wont it be profitable to convert crypto into some currency with lower market capacity????????? bitcoins are making so mucg progress right now all for what coz it has only 21 million market cap max... if u invest into something into even lower market cap then today or tomorrow u can make way more bitcoin mining is becomng so expensive now that unfortunately people will lose interest i think investing into btc wont be the best option u hv right nw

Yeah, that would make a lot of sense, but one of the big problems is knowing which altcoin to invest into. There are so many right now, and no one can really know which one will be the next to have a huge growth.

well sir if u ask my opinion if u want to do long term investment then u should go for monero or Zcash....this currencies have lower market capacities and monero is quite a famous currency too so probability of monero is highest after bitcoin.... ones bitcoin hits a higher values people will look for alternate ways....Investing in the currency is more like investing in collectible people r buying them coz there are less of the out thr if i had alot of money i would buy something rarer than something with alot of market capacity....If ur a long term investor u should know the meaning of increasing demand thats the main thing happening in the market right now it will sure make few currencies reach top of the market.... and right now if ur looking to invest in something for fast return then invest in ethereun i can tell that it will go up and next few days ull surely get sm profit and if nt than i can tell with 90% garantee that it wont do lower than 1%

Personally, I think Monero had a huge run already so cannot be considered a small market cap anymore. It sure makes more sense to invest in small caps but out of 1300 coins it sure is hard to pick the winner, not even talking about getting scammed by some dodgy ICO's... I do not think we have to go that far though.... Battle tested, a working platform with a huge potential - STEEMIT - loading up on STEEM is what I believe in among others... Neverthelles, portfolio should be diverse so if one fails you get recovered by others....

yup so true bcoz of steemit....steem got so much potential depending on ur hardwork you can earn so much....thanks for sharing ur thoughts :)

its great news For BTC holder

I feel like going with Mcafee 1m - what can be better :D

Keep in mind that his prediction is at the end of 2020, not 2018 :)

If Almighty Allah let me live by then - seeing that will be awesome :D

Yeah, that will be an incredible milestone!

indeed :) :)

Very interesting

It will absolutely be interesting to see where we are in a year! Hope the rise keeps on going :D

Good post, I am still studying.

Definitely makes sense to hold in Bitcoin, the price will go up and down in short term but its the dominant force now. Only way is up in the long term!

where this will stop now going insane

where this will stop now going insane........

Good post! Visit our blog and see the latest news and the best tops :D Greetings

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